Cardiovascular Prevention Protocol

Heart and blood circulatory health issues should be discussed in future tense; meaning, AVOIDANCE!

Heart related problems (HRP) are ‘default’ conditions that can easily be avoided if people understood that when their regulatory systems overload and the liver is unable to do its job and remove toxic waste from the system, HRP’s will occur 90% of the time and kidneys issues the other 10% of the time.

HRP’s are ‘terrain’ issues plain and simple and there is absolutely no reason for HRP’s to be the number one killer of 32% of deaths worldwide.  HRP’s are the result of  abuse and neglect.

The same can be said for the other big three:  diabetes, arthritis and cancer.  All are conditions of default where the body is left no choice but to rob Peter to pay Paul i.e. to buy time vs. repairing itself and regenerating the terrain of the bio-electric body.

Heart attack is NOT about thrombosis, ischemia, blood flow or clots.  Heart attack is about elemental ions.  When you hear heart attack, think ion-deficient cells and charley-horse of the heart muscle.

Fact is HALF of heart attacks occur for lack of bio-available ions and inability to transport those ions into heart-muscle cells so mitochondria can generate ATP.  Ditto for symptoms of arrythmia, atrial fibrillation and hypertension.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATION.  Don’t forget it!

Fact is HALF of diagnosed cardiovascular events are subclinical gallbladder and liver attacks that spike blood proteins.  Doctors and labs falsely report heart attack when NO SUCH THING happened!  By-pass surgery survivors and family believe the story and myths perpetuate!   Don’t forget it!

Heart attacks are seldom the result of occluded coronary arteries, low blood-oxygen levels or cholesterol and clots.  These myths keep cattle lines full and patients living in ignorance and fear of the unknown.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATION.  Don’t forget it!

Your body is capable of regenerating itself if given the opportunity and support it needs.  What is most interesting is that the SAME THINGS THAT HELP THE BODY REVERSE MAJOR HEALTH ISSUES ARE THE SAME THINGS THAT PREVENT THESE PROBLEMS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

The key is to not wait until you are fighting for your life.  Wait too long and the medical system will have their hooks into you and you will  have no choice but to do as  your are told for the balance of your life.

Central to HRP’s is the liver, bowels, diet, digestion, accumulation of scar tissue and amyloid plaque, consumption of sweets, fruit and fruit sugar and alcohol, water issues, sleep deterioration, systemic, low-grade inflammation, the Autoimmune Attack Cycle, lack of exercise and stress and anxiety issues.  None of these things cause HRP, but all of them play a part.

This discussion is best left to the arena of a ONE-ON-ONE conversation focus on the individual’s age, issues and circumstance.

If you would like assistance, please ask.

Please read the following article as it applies to the Cardiovascular Prevention Protocol

​Vitality For Sake Of Vitality

The Sodium pH Mystery Finally Solved

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

After age 35, sodium naturally invades the cells and sets-the-stage for degenerative dis-ease. Sodium invasion is universal to everyone REGARDLESS of lifestyle or diet as discussed below.

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Sodium invasion Of Cells

The report is about sodium invasion of cells and what you can do about it.  It’s also about restoration of terrain pH and de-acidification of body tissues as measured by urine pH.

Sodium invasion is about accumulation of acid waste, low terrain pH and loss of essential elemental ions.  Sodium invasion is a DEFAULT CONDITION that accelerates after age thirty-five.

Baking soda [aka: sodium bicarbonate] is a powerful, natural remedy for reduction of acid waste as measured by urine pH.  Unfortunately, baking soda contains 65% sodium and causes edema in people who suffer from element depletion.  Sodium is one component of the invasion issue.

Edema refers to retention of excess fluid in the tissues and cardiovascular system.  Practitioners treat edema with diuretics and compound sodium invasion of cells and shut-down of mitochondria.

Diuretics upset the electrical grid surrounding cells.  Diuretics turn body physiology upside-down, particularly in people whose terrains are already a mess.  [And, so do statin drugs and monoclonal-antibodies, blood thinners, beta blockers and proton-pump inhibitors.]

Elevated sodium in body fluids with ion depletion ALLOWS SODIUM TO INVADE CELLS.  The problem is made worse by lack of bioactive potassium ions and bicarbonate INSIDE cells, a condition common to the general populace.  [Lab tests do not measure these critical factors.]

Jekyll & Hyde Sodium

Sodium is the body’s primary electrolyte; it CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY in blood and extracellular fluids.  Extracellular fluid refers to fluids outside cell membranes in the interstitial spaces BETWEEN cells.  [Extracellular fluid is NOT the same as lymphatic fluid; do not assume they are the same thing.]

Sodium’s dual personality shifts the electrical state of cells.   For example, heat stroke occurs when there is insufficient sodium in extracellular body fluids and insufficient potassium and trace ions, while excess sodium INSIDE cells shuts-down mitochondrial production of ATP and creates metabolic chaos and loss of cellular energy.

When deficient in Essential Elements, sodium invasion is predictable.  This is the public’s general state of health.  Sodium is critical for transmission of electrical impulses.  Lack of essential ions and excess sodium causes cell membranes to lose their electrical shield that KEEPS EXCESS SODIUM OUT OF CELLS.  Excess sodium inside cell membranes kills promotes cancer and mitochondria dis-ease.

When excess sodium invades cells, ATP energy production collapses!  Lack of cellular energy sets-the-stage for CANCER.  Excess cellular sodium fuels cell apoptosis and increases acid-waste burden on tissues and organs.  DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER IS CONFIRMATION of disturbed, aerobic respiration, that the terrain is acidic and glycolysis inhibits ATP production by cellular mitochondria.]

FYI: sodium ions line the outside of cell membranes and potassium ions line the inside of cell membranes, creating an electrical differential of competing charges that prevents invasion of excess sodium.  As bioactive potassium ions deplete, the electrical shield against sodium invasion collapses.

pH, Lab Tests & Germ Theory

A pH of 7.0 is neutral and nothing much is going on.  Raise pH to 8.0 cellular activity takes-off and tissues release acid-bound waste.  Bicarbonates in baking soda neutralize acid waste.  [FYI: blood pH is extremely stable; urine pH, however, rises and falls according to circulating waste levels.

Normal morning pH should be pH 6.5 [+ -].  ANYTIME  pH is in the 5’s or 4’s, ugly things are in-progress.  Ongoing low pH precedes onset of MAJOR dis-ease and miseries.  If you suffer from chronic or degenerative dis-ease, it’s time to rid your body of acid waste and restore healthy pH.

Forget lab tests and sick-care approaches to pH.  Fact is practitioners  suffer from the same issues as their patients.  Their problem is mal-training, Germ Theory, ignorance of mycology, failure to listen, phony labs tests, professional incompetence and the rules of Standard of Care.

Rare is the practitioner who does not believe in the Germ Theory of Disease.  Virology is a Germ Theory knockoff and the basis of the fraudulent Corona virus theory currently in progress.

pH management is a powerful tool for keeping health at peak levels and avoiding dis-ease.  Healthy cells DO NOT admit excess sodium because the electrical grid protecting cell membranes prevents sodium invasion across cell membranes.  pH response to soda requires vitamin-C at the same time.

Vitamin-C does NOT function as vitamin-C when taken with baking soda.  It’s job is to react with soda and release carbon dioxide to blood so red blood corpuscles [RBCs] can TRANSPORT MORE OXYGEN.  [Corona patients die for LACK OF OXYGEN, highly acidic terrains overrun by fungal-molds, latent-tuberculosis spores and undiagnosed scurvy.  Sepsis is the final symptom, but NOT cause of death.

Without enough oxygen and with an acidic pH, immune function collapses.  Read it again!

NOW, you can avoid sodium invasion, drive excess sodium from tissues and cells and restore terrain pH all at the same time.  The new offering is called, Vitality!

Vitality! For The Sake of Vitality

Vitality! is easy to use.  Just two caps 2x/day with each dose of baking soda and vitamin-C when urine pH test strips show pH is below 7.0.  [Details about the Terrain pH Protocol].

Vitality! is about avoiding sodium invasion and making more cellular ATP energy.  If you are sickly or old YOU WILL NEED LOTS OF ENERGY TO RESTORE YOUR HEALTH AND VITALITY.  If you simply want to feel better and boost energy levels, Vitality! is the ticket!

Vitality! is a formulation of hydrogen, bicarbonate, silica and chloride.  Mitochondria need free hydrogen to make ATP.  Hydrogen is what fuels the sun; it is the most POWERFUL element on the Periodic Table of Elements and all biologic reactions require it.   Vitality!  Is John Thomas’ answer to sodium invasion of cells and loss of age-related vitality.  Try a FREE bottle and see for yourself!

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Final Thoughts

The body is made to live; it dies when we kill it!  Aging and dis-ease are avoidable and reversible!  All you need to do is make the effort and your body will make it happen.

Ask for guidance.