Chronology Of John Thomas’ Medical History

John Thomas’ Personal Health Journey

Below is a chronology of my personal medical history that provides good examples of the body’s amazing power to heal and regenerate, despite ignorance and abuse.

1950: John Thomas [age 6] began usage of antibiotics at least once, yearly; ate lots of sweets.

1958: John Thomas [age 14] thrown through car window at 65 MPH; badly beat-up, 10 stitches to back of head, lots of antibiotics; slow recovery.

1963: John Thomas [age 19] liver damage, severe mononucleosis, heavy, on-going antibiotics, long [two years], slow recovery.

1967: John Thomas [age 23, US Army] tumor removed from pelvis, antibiotics, slow recovery.

1981: John Thomas [age 37] knee surgery with IV antibiotics, suferd 25 years before discovering how to dissolve scar tissue and regenerate knee.  [2006, full recovery.]

1985: John Thomas [age 41] blinded 3 days from battery acid in both eyes; slow recovery.

1989: John Thomas [age 45] right inguinal hernia surgery with IV antibiotics, very slow recovery.

1993: John Thomas grows a full head of genuine, natural colored hair and writes Young Again!

1994: John Thomas [age 50] follows the early version of the Tissue and Liver Protocol, seeing his eye color switch from life-long, dark brown to light green and caramel.  Regeneration continues for twelve years by implementation of Young Again Club Principles.

2006, John Thomas [age 63] suffers injury to hand in garden.  The story: microbes enter his left hand, ring finger.  Incubation period: one week, then football-sized hand and fire-red color up the forearm.  Medical prognosis: loss of hand or death.  Official diagnosis: septicemia [blood poisoning, but no idea of cause] followed by emergency surgery and heavy, broad spectrum IV antibiotics.  Official Cause: no clue!  John Thomas’ unofficial self-diagnosis:  fungal sepsis and immune system collapse from fungal growth and gross production of mycotoxin.]  Post prognosis:  surgeon: “Too old; hand can’t recover; hang-it-up and be glad you are alive!”  Three months later: normal hand function!  One year later: complete recovery; scar on palm for proof!

2012, John Thomas [age 68] undergoes repair of a 20 year inguinal hernia [left side.]  FYI: once torn, the muscle sheath covering visceral [belly] organs must be surgically repaired; it does not regenerate.  Incubation period following massive dose of surgical I.V. antibiotics. Four months later, July 4, trouble erupts followed by loss of 50 lbs. by late October: severe debilitation.  Official diagnosis: “Nothing wrong; your tests are perfect!”  John Thomas’ unofficial self-diagnosis: Epstein Barre (Landry’s Paralysis) caused by systemic mold/fungal takeover and collapse of immune function from broad spectrum I.V. antibiotics].  Early November status: John Thomas turns old man [WHITE HAIR] and prepares to die [literally!]  Eight months later: complete recovery [normal function, normal weight, good muscle tone and natural hair color i.e. no shoe polish!]

At risk of redundancy, if the above things can happen to John Thomas, they can happen to you.  Taking care of yourself is a never ending process that pays off big in time of crisis.

Introducing New Dynamics!
The sequence of events, products and protocols enumerated below came in the aftermath of the above crisis.  Each was identified and developed to assist John Thomas address his health horizon.  [FYI: dynamics change after age 40 and each additional ten years brings new issues.  To maintain your health and avoid entanglement in the sick-care system, ask for guidance.]

2013: John Thomas introduces ReStore [which was followed by ReSet] for restoring intestinal health, boosting of immune function and settling of autoimmune challenges.  [John Thomas developed ReStore & ReSet to address gut issues left over from his 2012 crisis.  ReStore & ReSet should not be confused with PROBIOTICS; they are NOT the same.  Great for gas/bloat and bowel issues and very popular.]  Read about them, here and here.

2015: John Thomas [age 71] loses his footing, falls off six-foot brick wall into street injuring two ribs while doing construction work.  Sixty days later, full recovery of strength and mobility.  [FYI: the same ribs were injured 25 years earlier (at age 46), requiring one year with limited recovery!]

2016: John Thomas introduces Dynamic Circulation Therapy for vibrational stimulation of good health and for personal, at-home-intervention by the individual.  [DCT was instrumental in John Thomas speedy healing follow the indent mentioned immediately above and his continued progress.  At age 71, thorough, speedy healing is difficult to achieve.]

2016:  John Thomas introduces ReVive for natural blood sugar management and improvement of memory and cognitive function.  [This protocol helped John Thomas sharpen his wits and boost his energy, energy and trim his waistline.]  Read About it, here.

2016: John Thomas introduces ReMove to assist reduction of excess ferritin iron and other heavy metals that drive inflammation in the body.  [John Thomas used ReMove to reduce excess ferritin iron without the hassle of blood donations.  Many people cannot donate blood for because of age, fear of needles, medications, etc.  Read about the protocol, here.]

2016: John Thomas introduces Ion Trio for better health and greater longevity.  [The Trio helped John Thomas improve his health in ways otherwise, unavailable.  Read about it, here.]

2017: John Thomas makes the Terrain pH Protocol available to everyone for FREE.  [This protocol boosts bicarbonate reserves and reduces terrain acidity; both prerequisites for maintaining good health and avoiding deterioration of so-called, normal aging.]  Read about John Thomas’ personal experiences with the protocol, here and here.

2017: John Thomas introduces exciting new product, ReCharge for boosting oxygen delivery and improving energy.  [ReCharge allowed John Thomas boost his overall health by increasing metabolism and blood delivery.]  Read about ReCharge, here.

2017: John Thomas introduces Mold & Fungus Protocols [I & 2]; the most recent discovery and offering from Young Again Club.  The dynamics of the protocol are central to all health challenges and symptoms, no matter what the official story may be. Read about them, here.

2017: John Thomas posts new teaching platform on Young Again website called, Missing Diagnosis Series. [The new platform profiles individual health histories so people can understand cause and effect, as well as how to reverse the aging process.]

2017: John Thomas is approaching age 73, and as the ad says: “Like it never even happened!”

2018: John Thomas begins [use of] and phased introduction of Essential Elements Protocol for restoration of vital organ function and reversal of symptoms associated with health in general and premature aging, particularly.  Elements initially offered were three followed by two more and eventually all 12 Essential Elements in 2019.  In 2020 three additional elements were made available.  The elements became the foundational fixture for creation of Plan-B for boosting metabolism and providing a natural means of protection against COVID-19 and mRNA vaccinations that are invading humanity under cover of ‘crisis!’

2020:  Crisis strikes on my birthday [December 8, 2020] and here is the story.

John Thomas has a confession to make.  “I have been haunted by old-man-veins in my right leg since 2015 and I was NOT happy about it!”  Engorged leg veins DO NOT go-away on their own, and they haunt men more because males suffer ongoing, systemic low-grade inflammation after age forty.  John Thomas needed a solution and he got it, too!  Here are the details of his story.

Physical movement was the only thing that kept my leg problem in-check, that is, until December 8 [my 76th birthday] when all hell let loose!

Every dog has its day, and that day while writing Special Insights, the inside of my right calf suffered burning pain, followed by blood blemish on the skin.  These issues persisted until December 20 when my right foot and calf suddenly SWELLED with fluid and turned rock-hard.

Knowing I was in trouble but UNWILLING to go to the ER or get involved in sick-care medicine, I called my deep-tissue massage Rolfer to assist with what seemed to be a severely knotted calf muscle and inflamed tendons in the knee and ankle.  Wrong!  But wait, there is more!

After the session, I applied ice therapy to the swollen leg with a block of  REAL ICE [not a cold pack] for 30 minutes, 3x/day until December 23.  [During this time, I cleared heavy snow and put my root-cellar to bed; vigorous activity for a guy with a dysfunctional leg.]

From the time the problem erupted, I loaded with PLAQUE FORMULA [dissolves fatty plaques] and applied liquid magnesium with boron followed by liquid DMSO.  [DMSO does what no other substance can do.  It supplies oxygen, boosts circulation, reduces inflammation and supplies bio-active sulfur and methyl molecules to angry tissue.]   I also took 1 tsp. of DMSO in water 3x/day and followed the YAC terrain pH protocol.

Also, I loaded my body with bio-active magnesium ions at the rate of 1,000 mg/day.  I am speaking of bio-active magnesium ions that are 100% assimilated by cells and mitochondria, NOT pill-bottle numbers on a label that provide 3-12% absorption near zero, assimilation.  Assimilation is key.

December 23: I began using my rebounder [mini-trampoline] for 20 minutes 3x/day; gentle up/down motion with feet on the mat [never any running or jumping].  Finally, my leg responded!

December 26: the pain and swelling in my leg eased by 90 %.  The calf softened and, miracle of miracles, the old-man-varicose-vein on the shin bone DISAPPEARED for the first time in six years.  The next day the leg started itching [a sign of healing and blood/nerve innervation].

TODAY is December 28, 2020 and my leg problem resolved itself.  People said, “Oh! You have a blood clot, get to the ER before you die!”  I said, “Baloney!”  Others said, “Get on aspirin, Aleve and/or ibuprofen immediately to ease the pain, reduce inflammation and thin your blood!”  I said, “No way!”

If you wish assistance, call John Thomas.