Arrhythmia (cadiac dysrhythmia, irregular heart beat)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Arrhythmia: is an irregular heart rhythm.


Arrythmia is a very common condition brought on by irregular energy flow and abnormal [less than healthy/ideal] electrical signals that reflect a body terrain that is out of balance i.e. toxic, overloaded, insulin/leptin/adrenaline resistant, iron toxic and a calcium dominant system in the face of magnesium insufficiency.

Arrythmias are NOT, in and of themselves, a symptom of impending crisis, although they most certainly are not good or normal.

The condition is most easily addressed with bio-active magnesium which MUST include boron.  Pill form is the LEAST MOST EFFICIENT form of magnesium due to poor absorption, regardless of type of magnesium [citrate, malate, taurate, etc.] and the problem of ‘loose bowel’.

THe most efficient approach is via skin application of bio-active, liquid magnesium with correctly ‘charged’ boron in ionic form.  The only product offered with the desired characteristics is called, R/MgO Spray from

Do NOT expect doctor to agree with this analysis.  These days, anyone with any kind cardiovascular issue [hypertension (think, high blood pressure), cholesterol, plaques, clots, etc.] are put onto various and sundry medications that carry substantial RISK!

And, once you are on ‘meds’, they own you and you lose control over your life.  You must choose how you wish to live your life.

If you wish to solve non-structural issues [defective heart valve, damage from a previous heart attacks, etc.], email or call for guidance.

Even where structural issues exist, people MUST understand that it was their own ignorance that lead to their demise.  Neglect is just a different name for abuse.

Note: there is no justifiable reason for people to develop or have to tolerate so-called ‘heart problems’ unless they are unwilling to educate themselves and self treat.

Know this: heart issues always involve: insulin/leptin resistance, iron toxicity; calcium overload and magnesium insufficiency.

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  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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