Prostate & Prostate Biopsy

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas


Prostate: a walnut sized, male reproductive gland, adjoining and located immediately below the bladder; the organ that stores semen and sperm and through which the urethra (urinary tube) passes for urination.

Biopsy: UNNECESSARY intervention to assess a problem that doctor cannot fix and has no idea of the etiology behind why the patient suffers. [see more, below].


Male problems are like female problems.  If you fail to understand the causes of your misery, you will perpetuate your suffering and things will not end well.  Ask for help, early on.

The prostate is the reservoir for male semen; and it makes contact with the wall of the sigmoid colon and is subject to bacterial invasion from waste in the lower bowel.  Therefore, sluggish bowels [meaning, fewer than 3 bowel movements/day] contribute to problems with the prostate.

Problem #1:  as men age, the prostate gland becomes EXHAUSTED and loses its mineral ion stores of iodine, selenium and zinc.  These MUST be replenished if men want to avoid or restore their prostates.  Supplementation is done 2x/daily [am and pm.]  Men should also take one teaspoon of coconut oil with each meal.

The male body stores its reservers of iodine, selenium and zinc in the thyroid gland, testicles and prostate, which should tell any thinking person that male problems [like female problems] are directly related to the body reserve capacity of these critical mineral  Ions.

To be biologically effective, ions MUST be in bio-active, liquid form [NOT PILL FORM] and should be taken TOGETHER in water morning and evening, away from meals.

Problem #2: by age 40, men’s prostates are invaded by fungal yeast that produce swelling and infection, urinary urgency, and sometimes swelling of the testicles.  Prostate cancer is a FUNGAL ISSUE that has nothing to do with your genes, family history, and which CANNOT be corrected with antibiotics!  Read about the Mold & FungusProtocol, here.

The prostate  becomes every man’s nightmare once it becomes inflamed, swollen, and denies the bladder the ability to release urine.  Prostate issues begin early and are common after age 50.  Prostate risk rises exponentially with age and every man MUST learn how to prevent and care for himself because the sick-care system does not have answers and does not understand the genesis of the problem.

When urine backs-up and cannot release because of an inflamed and swollen prostate,  severe damage to the kidneys can occur in as little as 24 hours leading to death if medical intervention does not occur. Also, men need to empty semen from their prostate several times a week to avoid inflammation and hardening.

The prostate  gland is generally ignored and taken for granted by men until trouble announces itself.   PREVENTION is the only practicable approach for men to avoid serious trouble.

The Enema Protocol provides relief to men who have or want to avoid prostate issues.  Until about 30 years ago, some doctors would ‘milk’ men’s prostates to ease pain and discomfort, increase blood flow and drain semen. This procedure is no longer done.  Instead, high risk medications are prescribed.  [There is no way for a man to milk his own prostate.]

Consumption of alcohol is a BIG no, no for men because it feeds fungal infestation of the prostate and production of mycotoxins that mess with your thyroid gland and testicles, and aggravate sexual issues.  Wine is the very worst beverage to drink.  Avoid it, men!  Click this hyperlink t learn more.

Young Again Club offers men a way to HELP THEMSELVES AT HOME!

Prostate surgery has a sordid history and should be avoided!  the outcome is UNPREDICTABLE and RISK IS HIGH despite assurances to the contrary.  [The only exception is emergency surgery for a locked up bladder and potential death from collapse of kidney function.]

Men are often PUSHED into having prostate biopsies as a preventative measure based on age or symptoms, but MOST commonly based on worthless, misleading PSA lab scores.

PSA is a totally invalid and unproven metric and men should avoid biopsy at all cost. The procedure is primitive and does serious damage to the prostate.  Many men never recover.

Men tricked into a biopsy tell horror stories about how ‘painless’ the procedure was and the suffering that never goes away.

The prostate is the perfect venue for discovering the meaning of hell on earth!

Ask John Thomas for help before trouble announces itself.

Woe unto the man who goes along to get along, meaning it’s what doctor/nurse fails to tell you that is more important than the lies they do tell you.  Informed consent is a joke!


Ask for guidance before allowing anyone to tamper with nature, and if you are smart, before you develop prostate issues.

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