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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Re-Vive & ReNew

Bio-Active PolyFlavonoids & Metabolc Enhancers

Thank the Incas!  They inspired me to formulate ReVive and ReNew

The Incas discovered a powerful food for boosting energy and stamina for royalty and for runners who carried news and warnings between villages of their empire.  The Incas called it, “Food of the Gods!”  The Spanish named it theobroma.  I call it ReVive! 

Runners ran up to 50 miles a day and maintained the integrity of their bodies in the face of challenging circumstances.  Royalty focused on mental and spiritual issues.  Both drank the vitalizing drink daily to keep their bodies young and their minds sharp. 

ReVive Is taken with ReNew.  ReNew addresses leptin-resistance by polishing brain receptors that regulate secretion of insulin by the pancreas.   

But it was theobroma’s effects on metabolism that captured my attention!  What affected the Incas then, affects 99% of the population over age 50 today.

Insulin/leptin-resistance is rampant; it affects young and old alike.  ReVive is a bioactive polyphenol that helps fatty, insulin-resistant livers return to health.

INSULIN RESISTANCE and inflammation are twin issues of pre-diabetes that appear early in the aging process.  Insulin resistance drives all of the BIG FOUR major diseases [cardiovascular, arthritis, diabetes and cancer, and all minor health disorders.

Now, the active components of theobroma are available for everyone.  Just TWO capsules of Re-Vive and ReNew daily boosts metabolism in dozens of ways!  You will like them!  The benefits are undeniable.   

Re-Vive is a powerful formulation of bio-active polyflavonoids.  It is a natural answer for hundreds of issues, no matter your age or state of health.  Look at all the useful applications.  Very impressive!

  • Excellent for excess weight & belly fat.
  • Boosts energy & metabolism naturally.
  • Improves circulation to brain & limbs.
  • Addresses neuropathy complaints.
  • Reduction of systemic inflammation.
  • Curves food cravings & reduces appetite.
  • Eases brain fog; sharpens memory.
  • Promotes deep sleep; helps sleep apnea.
  • Helps dissolve & prevent cellular biofilm.
  • Excellent for intestine & bowels.
  • Reduces inflammation, aches and pains.
  • Great for bladder & yeast issues.
  • Warms cold bodies naturally.
  • Eases intestinal and bowel challenges.
  • Helps blood sugar management.
  • Eases digestion, gas and bloat.
  • Helps manage blood sugar issues.
  • Addresses insulin & leptin resistance.
  • Promotes female & male health.
  • Useful for metabolic syndrome.
  • Helps moodiness and depression.
  • Boosts mitochondrial regeneration.
  • Useful for ADD & ADHD issues.
  • Promotes healthy eyes and ears.

Order Re-Vive & ReNew today!  One order lasts 90 days.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for guidance and be open to new ideas.

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