Terrain Infection Protocol

This Protocol offers a natural and effective way to ‘clear’ your system of infectious agents feeding and living on your body’s energy terrain.

It matters not if the agents attacking your system are viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic.

If you change the ‘terrain’ (a Young Again Club core concept) and create a hostile environment where infectious agents cannot survive, the agents attacking your terrain disappear.

The only exception to the above comments is this:  Molds and fungi have the ability to merge their DNA with human DNA and create a hybrid creature, as in YOU & ME!   Please refer to the MOLD & FUNGUS PROTOCOL for full details on how to remedy this phenomena and resurrect the immune function of your terrain.  [You will find the protocol listed under Resources Tab and then under Programs & Protocols.]

Unlike antibiotics and hard core medications, this Young Again Club Protocol provides a way for you to take control of your health and life without doing serious damage to your small intestinal wall.

Specifics of the Infection Protocol vary according to each individual’s needs.

For help, ask John Thomas for guidance and a personal call.  There is not cost for this service.