Autoimmune (autoimmune response)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Autoimmune (response): traditional medical thinking says an autoimmune response  as an organism’s attack against its very own cells and tissues; i.e. you become your own enemy!

However, the body does NOT attack itself.  What actually occurs is that molds and fungi take over the body and produce poisons, called mycotoxins, which are used to control and orchestrate body functions and organ activity. Special Insights Cause Unknown discusses these issues. To access, click hyperlink or use Archive Link above.


An autoimmune response is a confused response where the body is unable to identify the source and reason of inflammatory mycotoxins, as well as the leakage of foreign proteins into the blood stream through a leaky-gut wall created by the roots [hyphae] of vegetative forms of molds.  Autoimmune responses often involve systemic, low-grade inflammation of the body because of insulin/leptin/adrenaline resistance.

Please read Special Insights, Premature Aging & Premature Diabetes to fully understand the implications of hormone resistance regardless if you are officially diabetic or not.  Note: if you are not diabetic, you are pre-diabetic.  Count on it!

Poor dietary choices, incomplete digestion and leakage of foreign proteins through the gut wall into the blood stream, and hormone resistance, trigger autoimmune responses and systemic low-grade inflammation.

A common denominator to all things autoimmune is iodine ion insufficiency.  To learn more, read Special Insights, Bio-Friendly Iodine & Perpetual Health in the Archive Link above/below.

Vaccination overload is a classic example of voluntary/forced, purposeful admission of a foreign antigens into blood and tissues.  Systemic inflammation and self-attack of the body on itself is the product of misguided foolishness based on faulty understanding and a defective medical model.  To better understand these concepts, see Germ Theory of Disease by clicking hyperlink.

For women who are having hormonal difficulties, particularly menopausal and post menopausal issues, it is important to understand that both the adrenals and thyroid influence hormonal balance, sweats, hot flashes and sleep which in turn drive autoimmune responses.

It should be noted, that insulin and leptin resistance is a CORE factor in adrenal and thyroid issues; so much so, that if resistance issues are not resolved, hypothyroid, obesity, premature aging and systemic inflammation, (particularly in women) can be expected.

Lastly, there is STRONG evidence that cognitive issues from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to vascular dimentia, brain fog, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s and autism are directly related to low-grade inflammation in the brain and adrenaline resistance which feed autoimmune stress of the body’s terrain.

Autoimmune responses are symptomatic of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle and the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle actively in motion within the body’s terrain.  Click hyperlinks to learn more.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

Please read, Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life.

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