Yeast Protocol

The Yeast Protocol helps you correct your terrain and get control of candida yeast overgrowth.

For you information, yeast belongs in the body and serves useful purposes.  However, when the terrain becomes toxic and  loaded with waste, yeast spreads from the intestinal track where it belongs and grows throughout the body where it does not belong.

Yeast produces toxic waste that INFLAMES the body and produces hundreds of symptoms and side effects that mimic conditions of dis-ease.

Backwards thinking says we should KILL the yeast so the problems will go away.  Unfortuately, this is the approach that alternative practitioners have attempted for years with poor to pathetic results  The problem here is that conventional thinking says yeast is the problem instead of yeast being a reflection of the terrain and regulatory. hormonal system..

Instead, it is better to correct the terrain, flush the waste, change the diet, improve digestion and address hormonal resistance to insulin, leptin and adrenaline.  When these measures are taken, everything changes for the better.

Each individual has different needs and circumstances.  Please ask if you wish guidance, and know that while you may have yeast issues, yeast is NOT the problem.

Please be open to new ideas and thinking and be willing to follow Young Again Club Protocols.

Please use the Glossary on the website to read more about yeast; and about the body’s terrain

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