Vision Protocol

Degenerative vision issues are the product of neglect where the body is given no alternative for maintaining healthy eyes.

All degenerative eye problems involve ‘inflammation’ which is autoimmune in nature, meaning the body attacks itself. This state is called the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.

Open the blood supply and eliminate inflammation and the eyes will take care of themselves. This idea applies to conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinitis.

Poor diet and inability to digest food are a huge factor in degenerative visions problems. Sweets and fruit consumption seriously inflame the structures of the eyes and the tissues that service them.

As people age, blood and lymphatic supply and drainage to the head and vital organs (eyes, ears and brain) diminishes due to obstructed arteries and blocked capillary beds that feed and service these vital organs. Formation of plaque and scar tissue are at the very core of serious vision problems.

Blood and lymph circulation are critical to helping the body reverse serious vision issues.  So-called dis-eases of the eyes are not genetic and have nothing to do with family histories.

How fast the body responds depends on many factors, such as: how damaged and for how long has the condition existed; age, sex, bowel history, digestion condition of the liver, autoimmune driven inflammation, etc.

Ask for guidance.