Iodine (ion)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Iodine: a gaseous elemental mineral with potential therapeutic characteristics if available to the body in bio-active form.

Ion: the active elemental form of a substance [an element looking to react and bond or share electrons with another element], as opposed to an inactive elemental form [energetically bound form] whose electrical valence is complete, and where activity is not possible.


Iodine is an essential element with limitless therapeutic applications, if made available daily in sufficient quantity and bio-active form.

Iodine metabolism is DEPENDENT upon adequate and available supplies of selenium and zinc both of which must also be in bioactive form and in liquid state.

The Young Again Club Iodine/thyroid protocol calls for simultaneous use of iodine, selenium and zinc taken together in water twice daily.  [Here is more information on the YAC Thyroid Protocol.]

Potassium-iodide (Pi) is the most common form of over-the-counter, “BOUND” supplemental iodine.  Pi is a tightly-bonded, molecule requiring substantial effort and multiple pathways to have beneficial effect. Pi is commonly available in both tablet and liquid forms.

Common liquid forms of potassium iodide are called Lugol’s Solution.  Pill forms of Lugol’s solution are salt crystal compounds with limited biologic activity.

Because Pi is a compound [a molecule composed of iodine and potassium atoms, as opposed to single atom solution of freely available iodine], the body is required to break-down Pi through multiple pathways for Pi to be of benefit.

To get around the difficulties associated with potassium iodide and to enhance absorption and physiologic response, Young Again Club offers iodine in stabilized, liquid, single-atom, form [called, RIO].

RIO contains free iodine and is readily taken-up by organ and easily converted into T-3 active hormone rather than T-4 storage form.  RIO is available for immediate absorption if YAC selenium and zinc formulas are taken at the same time in water twice daily.

Iodine is absolutely essential for normal growth and development, as well as hormone balance and digestion.  The body stores iodine is the thyroid, breasts, ovaries, testicles and prostate.

Recommended daily value (dose) for iodine is meaningless because it focuses on goiter prevention while IGNORING conversion and utilization issues needed for repair, maintenance and growth whether goiter is present or not.

Women need more iodine than males, which partially explains why hypo and hyper thyroid dysfunction is far more prevalent in females.

Shortage of available iodine leads to Hashimoto’s, Grave’s and goiter, along with breast, ovarian, testicular and prostate cancer.

Iodine deficiencies present in hundreds of ways and are generally misunderstood or ignored by mainstream medicine.

Testing of TSH, T-3 and T-4 are NOT definitive and almost always end in women being put on some type of thyroid medication, natural or synthetic.  Nodules on the thyroid is confirmation of severe iodine deficiency accompanied by selenium and zinc deficiency.

Miscellaneous Information

Iodine is a gaseous, acidic elemental gas whose valence shell is missing one electron to stabilize; hence, it readily bonds with potassium which has extra electrons in its valence shell that it can share with iodine.

Potassium is an alkaline earth metal; iodine is an unstable, acidic gas.  When their valence shells bond, they form a salt crystal in the form of potassium iodide.

Iodine, a halogen gas, has great therapeutic value.  Other halogens, such as fluorine and  bromine ATTACH and OCCUPY receptor sites if there is insufficient iodine in the body.  Iodine is critical for healthy, normal metabolism.

Iodine is the heaviest and largest of halogen atoms giving it the ability to DISLODGE the toxic halogens [halides] fluorine, bromine from body receptors. When iodine occupies the body’s receptor sites, toxic halides are unable to attach.

If iodine ions are supplied daily in bio-active form and in sufficient quantity, hostile take-over of regulatory receptors is prevented.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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