Selenium, Iodine & Magnesium Ion Trio Bio-Active Ions For Better Health

Young Again Club now offers a TRIO of liquid, bio-active selenium, Iodine and Magnesium ions.

Selenium: Critically Important Element.

Selenium ions boost hemoglobin’s ability to carry more oxygen; it also boosts mitochondrial production of ATP, the body’s energy molecule.  When combined with bio-active magnesium, ATP changes to its active form called, Mg-ATP.  More Mg-ATP means more available energy and better health. 

Selenium ions convert [inactive] T-4 thyroid hormone into your own [active] T-3 hormone.  Insufficient, T-3 thyroid hormone is a problem for many people, especially women.

Selenium ions transport heavy metals [lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.] out of the body.  Selenium is taken in water with bio-friendly iodine ions twice daily.  [Pill forms are poorly absorbed!]  Selenium needs both iodine and magnesium ions to remove existing heavy metals.  Read about the heavy metal protocol, here.

Iodine: Thyroid Problems Are Iodine Deficiency Problems in Disguise.

Iodine and thyroid are forever linked; meaning, iodine ions [and selenium ions] are absolutely necessary for healthy metabolism, even where the thyroid gland has been surgically removed or irradiated.

The thyroid is the body’s gas pedal.  Thyroid affects metabolic rate and brain function.  Failure to provide the body with bio-friendly iodine ions causes metabolism to slow and aging to accelerate.

Issues of obesity and brain deterioration are symptoms of iodine ion insufficiency.  Thyroid medications DO NOT address cause of hypothyroid disorder and Grave’s!  [You will not hear these things from clinicians!]

[Selenium ions are taken in water with iodine ions.  Magnesium ions are applied to skin.  See below.]

Magnesium: Liquid Magnesium Ions With BORON

The body’s need for magnesium ions is HUGE, and it is impossible to get enough from food.  [Pill supplements DO NOT get the job done; absorption, regardless of brand, is poor.]  The best way to raise magnesium levels is with liquid, bio-active magnesium ions with BORON applied directly to skin for up to 95% absorption. 

Magnesium ions moderate the need for risky medications!  Magnesium ions help the body naturally settle-down and normalize, regardless of health issue or age.  The results are impressive!  Everything from better sleep and pain relief to improved mobility and performance says, this magnesium ion story is a winner!


Heart attack, stroke and hundreds of health challenges DO NOT come knocking when the ION TRIO is used daily.  And, trauma and post-surgical recovery is better and faster, too!  Here is the report 

Order Ion Trio from Young Again Club, today.  Ask about the introductory offer.

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