Bio-Friendly Iodine & Perpetual Health What You Don’t Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life!

This Special Insights is about bio-friendly iodine and how you can use it to keep yourself healthy and young.  To learn more, read on.

If you are unhappy with your present health status or you wish to avoid chronic dis-ease in the years ahead, give this report the attention you deserve.

In This Issue:

Iodine: A Brief Overview

Bio-Friendly Stabilized Iodine: WHY?

Health Applications For Bio-Friendly Iodine

Iodine’s Activity Level Depends On Selenium & Magnesium Ions

Energy Production for Wellness & Healing

John Thomas’ Brush With Death

The Iodine Black-Out & Your Future

Lack of Iodine: Everyone’s Dilemma

Recommendations & Conclusions

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth always prevails and readers deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

 Observation: Sick-care is collapsing, and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply, also!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well!

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Iodine: A Brief Overview

Iodine is EXTREMELY important, not just for what it can do for health and regeneration, but also for what it can do for neutralizing the effects of TOXIC environmental metals and chemicals.

I am NOT speaking of common potassium iodide supplements or iodine food sources, such as kelp and seaweed.  Though helpful, they are INADEQUATE for the job at hand.

Rather, I am speaking of bio-friendly, stabilized iodine from Young Again Club for anyone wishing to take control of their health and future.

IMPORTANT!  EVERYONE IS LOADED with bromine from off-gassing of insulation, fire retardants, beds, pillows, furniture, auto upholstery, auto air bags and toys.  Most things are off-gassing bromine which FEEDS illness and dis-ease.  Bio-friendly iodine is your single, best defense against ongoing exposure to the TOXIC chemical, bromine!

IMPORTANT!  Iodine ions are stored in the thyroid, breasts, ovaries, prostate and testicles for conversion into your very own, active, T-3 thyroid hormone.  The body NEEDS iodine to function, regardless if your thyroid and prostate gland(s) have been altered or removed.  Medications mask symptoms, but ignore cause; problems grow worse when cause is not addressed.

Bio-Friendly Stabilized Iodine: WHY?

Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for iodine provides just enough iodine to avoid the symptom known as, goiter.  RDA does not promote peak health of the thyroid gland; nor does RDA address maintenance of other vital organs that DEPEND on a steady supply of iodine ions.

Goiter is a hypertrophied (enlarged) thyroid gland!  Absence of goiter and so-called normal T-3 and T-4 levels imply healthy thyroid function, but neither are reliable measures.  Worse, both are they are MISLEADING and woe unto anyone who believes them.

Symptoms of sub-clinical thyroid function are extremely common in females; women’s needs for iodine ions is 10:1 over males.  Know, insufficient iodine drives aging, particularly in women.

Contrary to popular myth, iodized ‘junk’ salt is worthless, partly for the puny amount of iodide it contains, and mostly because it is LOADED with toxic chemicals.

Iodine and iodide are NOT the same.  Iodide is a potassium iodine compound containing chemically ‘bound’ iodine; where bio-friendly iodine is unbound, freely-available iodine.

Iodine dislodges and displaces toxic halides, such as: fluorine, bromine and chlorine from vital organ receptors responsible for maintenance of healthy metabolism.

Lugol’s Solution and pill forms are iodide formulations, and for millions of people with impaired metabolic pathways, it is useless!  Iodide is hard on the stomach and NOT bio-friendly!

Young Again Club offers bio-friendly, stabilized, iodine for superior absorption and better metabolism WITHOUT stomach upset.

Health Applications for Bio-Friendly Iodine

Every cell and organ in the body requires iodine to function and maintain health.

 Aging is code for, slowing metabolism! Aging is confirmation of iodine insufficiency and poor thyroid function.  So, if you are aging, your thyroid is slowing for lack of bio-available iodine.

Thyroid: is your body’s gas pedal; it is also your body’s master gland. The thyroid determines your metabolic rate which is another way of saying: the speed at which your system operates and the rate at which your body ages.  [Know, sub-clinical thyroid dysfunction in females begins at puberty and increases at ages 24. 35 and 45.  Aging and thyroid dysfunction go together.]

 Goiter: is primarily a female issue.  Women need MUCH MORE iodine to operate their systems and the prevalence of goiter and hypothyroid in women is, epidemic!  Without enough iodine ions, women age prematurely and have difficulty managing their female hormones.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: [and Grave’s Disease] are autoimmune disorders where the body attacks the thyroid gland.  Clinicians have NO IDEA WHY they occur, leaving individuals little choice, but to embrace risky medications and procedures.  Self-care makes more sense.

Males: suffer the slow motion version of dysfunctional thyroid, such as: sexual issues, prostate and bladder problems, belly fat, low energy, cardiovascular stress, kidney and diabetes type 3 [think: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.]

Pre-diabetes: is ongoing condition and another name for insulin/leptin resistance which affects 65% of the population.  Pre-diabetics suffer poorly functioning thyroid for insufficient iodine, magnesium and selenium ions.  [Translation: 65% of the population is at risk!]

Iron & Heavy Metal: accumulation affects everyone, everywhere!  Bio-friendly iodine, selenium and magnesium ions shuttle heavy metals OUT of the body, but only if each ion is simultaneously available.  To learn more about iron toxicity, click here.

Skin Disorders: from rosacea and eczema to acne and psoriasis are CONFIRMATION of intestinal inflammation, poor digestion, iodine deficient thyroid and pre-diabetes!

Obesity (Overweight): is a metabolic condition involving low thyroid, insulin/leptin resistance, poor diet and poor digestion.  Weight issues resolve themselves once people understand pre-diabetes precedes diabetes!  Both are correctible.  To learn more, click here.

Cancer: and low iodine levels have much in common with elevated halide levels [discussed below].  Cancer has little to do with DNA and genes, and everything to do with ‘dysfunctional’ thyroid metabolism and a toxic, heavy-metal-polluted, terrain.

Cold Bodies, fat bodies, low muscle bodies, and bodies suffering from restless legs, diabetes, pre-diabetes, arthritis and neuropathy suffer from iodine ion insufficiency.  Iodine increases metabolic rate so you look and feel young and healthy.

Hair: is a dependable indicator of slowing metabolism.  Slow growing hair, missing hair [eyebrows/balding/thinning] indicate poor thyroid function and lack of iodine ions.

Yeast: issues affect MORE women than men because women need WAY MORE iodine to operate their bodies.  Add stress, antibiotics and the pre-diabetic state of insulin/leptin resistance and it is easy to understand why women suffer more from gas/bloat and bladder issues.

Asthma & COPD: are issues of severe, ongoing inflammation made worse by lack of iodine, magnesium and selenium ions.  These are autoimmune conditions, plain and simple.  Add intestinal issues like leaky gut and poor digestion and you have a perfect recipe.

Insomnia & Sleep: issues haunt millions of people because their bodies suffer deficits of iodine, magnesium and selenium ions.  Provide them, and these issues settle down nicely.

Autoimmune: problems and pre-diabetes go together and always involve an inflamed gut, poor digestion and slow thyroid metabolism for lack of iodine, magnesium and selenium ions.

Iodine’s Activity Level Depends On Selenium & Magnesium Ions

The body REQUIRES iodine, magnesium and selenium ions for healthy metabolism.  These THREE ions require both of the other two to work properly and all three MUST be available simultaneously, in liquid, bio-friendly form, daily; not in pill/capsule forms.

Furthermore, the body needs a continuous, daily supply of bio-friendly mineral ions BEYOND the small amounts available from food and common supplements.

Key Points to Remember:

Iodine:  without a daily supply of bio-friendly iodine ions, magnesium and selenium cannot do their job.  Bio-friendly iodine ions are taken with selenium in water.

Magnesium: without a daily supply of bio-active magnesium ions, iodine and selenium cannot perform their job.  Bio-active magnesium ions with boron is applied to the skin for efficient uptake by blood capillaries servicing the skin.

Selenium: without a daily supply of bio-active selenium ions, iodine and magnesium cannot perform their job.  Bio-active selenium is taken in water with iodine in water.

Energy Production for Wellness & Healing

Mitochondria: are friendly bacteria within cells that provide energy for life and health.

Mitochondria are essential for energy production and healthy physiology.  Each cell contains thousands of mitochondrion; the brain, heart and vital organs are densely populated by them.

ATP is the energy currency for the body; it is made within the Kreb’s Cycle of the mitochondrion.  What is NOT commonly known is this: the mitochondria REQUIRE bio-active magnesium ions to create the functional form of ATP called, Mg-ATP.

The mitochondria make Mg-ATP from food and supplemental ions.  The more Mg-ATP you make, the more energy that is available for growth, repair and waste management.

Cellular waste turns EVERYONE’S body acidic, hampering oxygen carrying capacity and limiting hemoglobin’s ability to DELIVER oxygen.  Limited production of Mg-ATP is another huge factor.  Without bio-active iodine, magnesium and selenium ions, waste dominates the terrain.

Magnesium ions control body fluid pH which is a measure of acidificationA/G Ratio measures where you are between birth and death.  Ferritin iron level measures iron toxicity of your blood.  You will NOT HEAR THESE THINGS from sick-care providers; they DO NOT test for them and they have no idea of their meaning, either!

IMPORTANT!  Magnesium supplements are a dime a dozen!   Oral magnesium supplementation DOES NOT get the job done.  The only way to insure absorption is via skin application using boron ions as the carrier, a Young Again Club exclusive.  To learn more about the role magnesium ions play in heart attack and stroke, click here.

John Thomas’ Brush With Death [Gullian-Barre]

Use of bio-active mineral ions is a GREAT way to avoid serious health challenges, and the SIMPLEST way to manage one’s health on a daily basis.  Reliance on most medical tests is foolish, partly because they are worthless; partly because interpretations are not trustworthy.

For example, medical tests do NOT provide accurate measure of available magnesium ion levels because blood contains only 1% of the ions in the body.  Sick-care providers DO NOT HAVE meaningful tests for magnesium ion levels nor iodine nor selenium!

Better to assume you are deficient in these three elemental ions because, you are!  EVERYONE is magnesium deficient all the time, but especially when under stress and trauma.

Surgery and major events can be DEADLY when incurred in a state of magnesium ion deficiency.  Heart attack and stroke are killers; surgery is pure trauma.  BOTH exhaust the body’s limited reserves of magnesium ions which must be built-up via skin application.  Sick-care experts IGNORE all of this, leaving people to fend for themselves and suffer the consequences!

Magnesium ions prevent inflammation over-response.  To protect yourself from catastrophic, autoimmune over-response, such as Gullian-Barre, keep your system LOADED with bio-active magnesium, iodine and selenium ions.  [Read, John Thomas’ real life Gullian-Barre story!]

Very few tests are worth the bother; the good ones are unknown, ignored or misinterpreted by clinicians.  For example: most people’s A/G Ratio [where you are between birth and death] hovers around 1.5; it should be 2.32.  Those below 1.25 are in trouble.  Most people’s urine pH is between of 5-6.0; it should be 6.8.  Below urine pH 5.0 is the territory of pre-diabetes, diabetes, cancer, kidney problems, cardiovascular issues and arthritis.  For personal guidance, ask.

The body corrects pH and A/G Ratio terrain issues if given the opportunity.  Prerequisites of the process are: cooperation and guidance.  Review the Tissue & Liver Protocol, here.

The Iodine Black-Out & Your Future [UPDATED!]

In 1947, Big-Pharma controlled medical schools made sure doctors would be ignorant of iodine!

They fabricated a bogus iodine study and removed iodine physiology from medical curriculums.  Students were told iodine is toxic, and they were told use of iodine was irresponsible and maligned cohorts who used it.  They knew if students understood the truth about iodine, it would be game over and the sick-care industry of TODAY could not be, grown!  So, they schemed!

They wanted the public on toxic, risky drugs, so they imprinted skull and cross bones on iodine bottle labels to frighten people!  They knew antibiotics, vaccinations and toxic agricultural chemicals would yield a PERPETUAL FINANCIAL HARVEST!  Then, the scheming continued…

They perverted public perception of iodine with news and pictures of mushroom clouds, Japan and children suffering from RADIOACTIVE IODINE fallout from atom bombs.  They peddled fear!  [BTW: iodine prevents radioactive dyes used in medical procedures from damaging the thyroid gland, similar to the ONGOING radiation exposure from Fukushima, Japan 2012.]

What the public did not know then, and does not realize now is: bio-active iodine ions DISLODGE and PREVENT toxic halides like fluorine, bromine, chlorine and perchlorates [‘dust’ from car air bags and contaminated, drinking water!] from taking control of vital organ receptors.

Looking Back 70 Years

In the 1950s, 60s & 70’s, new ‘therapies’ for the [growing] cancer industry were in; pesticide/herbicide usage was, in; mercury amalgam dental fillings were, in; and, fluoridated everything from medications, to tooth paste and drinking water] were, in!

 The iodine black-out of 1947 morphed into the opioid pain crisis of today.  Iodine neutralizes inflammation, where opioids hide pain while ignoring cause and destroying lives.  Today, more people are addicted to opioids than smoke cigarettes!

Did you know, tumors and cysts often shrink and disappear when bio-friendly iodine ions are used daily?  And, that breast, uterine and ovarian fibroids resolve themselves?  And, that problematic menstrual cycles settle down?  And, painful, hard breasts and prostates, soften?

Did you know, balding and thinning hair is CONFIRMATION of a poorly functioning thyroid?  Did you know, bio-friendly iodine resurrects thyroid function, causing hair to grow, thicken and hair color to return?  [John Thomas did it at age 68; read my real life Gullian-Barre story!]]

Did you know, thyroid tests [TSH, T-3 and T-4] are worthless, misleading metrics?  Proof is epidemic in the female population who are medication dependent.  Women’s bodies REQUIRE far more iodine ions than men’s bodies.  [Iodine is a better solution than, pink ribbons!]

Did you know, the body stores iodine ions in the thyroid, followed by breasts, ovaries, prostate and testicles.  Without iodine, youthfulness and perpetual health are impossible!  Without iodine to help regulate thyroid metabolism, cancer grows unchecked!

Did you know, hormonal and metabolic slowdown called, menopause and andropause, accelerate in the face of iodine insufficiency?  Do you realize, loss of sex drive and male/female issues [flashes, sweats, ED and prostate] can normalize when bio-friendly iodine ions are available?

Did you know, BOTH child and adult intelligence rises and growth and repair takes-off when bio-friendly iodine is used?  Growth and regeneration are the flip-sides of aging and dis-ease.

Did you know, bio-friendly iodine works naturally without associated risk of medications [natural or synthetic] and can help avoid unnecessary surgical intervention for nodules and fibroids?  The occurrence thousands of metabolic abnormalities CONFIRM iodine ion insufficiency.

Lack of Iodine: Everyone’s Dilemma

Doctors and clinicians do NOT understand iodine nor its physiology.  Their ignorance deprives everybody of the knowledge they need to care for themselves. 

People with thyroid disorders [hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, Graves, goiter] are not told the truth of their dilemma.  Instead, patients are misled and put at risk with medications that hide cause and make matters worse!  [Think, sins of omission, commission and ignorance!]

It is no coincidence that thyroid problems skyrocketed when: bromine replaced iodine in flour and fire retardants were mandated by law.  The thyroid crisis turned epidemic in the 1970s, 80s and 90’s exactly as planned in 1947 when the iodine black-out was initiated!

Women suffered most from the iodine black-out!  Women’s iodine needs are immense and if not met, their physiology is seriously disrupted.  Bottom line, thyroid disorders are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is preached by clinicians and believed by patients.

Sluggish thyroid is the flipside of pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome; flying just under radar until ugly problems announce themselves.  These are sub-clinical conditions and all of them are epidemic and misunderstood! 

Conclusion & Suggestions

Use of bio-friendly iodine, magnesium and selenium ions allows everyone to take control of their health and future.  These three factors, promote healthy physiology and the production of Mg-ATP.  Use them for good health and longevity.

There is no justifiable reason for a lifetime of suffering and dependence on risky medications.  You must learn how to care for yourself!

Self-diagnosis using everyday observation is easier, safer and better than after-the-fact diagnoses by experts who don’t have a clue WHY your health is in deteriorating.  Self-care allows you to avoid, sick-care!

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