Announcement! Youthing Formula A Special Introductory Offer For Everyone!

Aging may be inevitable, but it’s also treatable—and preventable!  Magnesium at the cellular level reverses calcification of organs and joints, boosts energy and eliminates inflammation from the body. 

Youthing Formula is a marvelous new product with profound health implications for everyone, regardless of age, state of health or dependence on pharmaceutical drugs.  It’s a winner!

Youthing Formula shuttles magnesium into the cells so the mitochondria can make ATP for improved vigor and a younger metabolism.  [John Thomas knows it works.  On August 11, 2019 he swam ½ mile in 15 minutes at Deer Lake, WA.  Thomas is 75 years of age and has ZERO inflammation in his body.]

Youthing Formula helps the way you look, act and feel. 

Most people know magnesium affects hormones, brain, lungs, heart and sleep.  Few, however, realize magnesium must reach the cellular level for inflammation to ease, vital organs to regenerate and old age to reverse.  Taking” magnesium pills does NOT get the job done.  Here’s why.

Assimilation of magnesium at the CELL and MITOCHONDRIAL LEVEL requires bioactive magnesium ions and an ion transporter.  Organic food lacks essential ions because soils are depleted.  Youthing Formula helps you avoid magnesium insufficiency that haunts the entire population.  Use it for muscle cramps, heart challenges, bowel disorders, breathing issues, improved energy, brain fog, neuropathy, diabetes and low-grade inflammation.  To get magnesium ions into the mitochondria, you MUST supplement! 

Youthing Formula is NOT magnesium, but it allows magnesium to do its job.

John Thomas urges everyone to abandon use of magnesium pills and capsules because absorption is pathetic [regardless of the molecular form of the magnesium].  Instead, use LIQUID mineral ions and sulfates with Youthing Formula and get up to 100% assimilation at the mitochondrial level. 

Youthing Formula has wonderful effects on inflamed, old bodies.  Increased ATP production in the mitochondria is how the body regenerates itself.  This is a new experience you will come to appreciate.

Benefits: sleep better, feel better, more energy, help your heart and cardiovascular issues, manage blood sugar, boost lung function, end muscle cramps, ease brain fog, improve eyes and enhance hormones.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Everyone benefits from using Youthing Formula.

Stress, medications, sweets and alcohol devastate cellular magnesium, as does cell phone, router and wi-fi radiation everywhere around us.  Youthing Formula  and magnesium protect vital organs from stray radiation.  Feeling ‘youthful’ is worth whatever effort it takes to achieve it and keep it!

Introductory offer: Order one bottle of Youthing Formula

and get a FREE bottle of mineral ion sulfates!  Or, save $41.00 on three bottles [six-month supply] and also get a bottle of either ReCharge, Icelandic Magic or BioCarbon Complex for FREE!

Youthing Formula is available, now!  Try it!

Contact: John or (509) 465-4154

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