Metabolic Syndrome Pre-Diabetes & Insulin-Resistance Inflammatory Disorders That Promote Obesity, Sexual Dysfunction & Degenerative Aging

Health without challenges is impossible unless you understand the role of insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes in degenerative aging.  Onset of diabetes, cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disorders are NOT inevitable.   To learn more, read on.

What is taught and believed about diabetes, obesity, blood sugar, sexual dysfunction, prostate problems and inflammation is not accurate.  Today, you get the rest of the story with suggestions to help you avoid and reverse the misery of inflammatory aging.

Both practitioners and patients recognize that inflammation has a role in disease and aging.  However, the physiology behind inflammation is not so obvious.  Today’s Special Insight focuses on the role that insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes play in inflammatory aging.

[Excess body weight says metabolism is dysfunctional and essential elements are depleted.]

Inflammation is a symptom of metabolic dysfunction!  Meaning, the body’s metabolism is out of balance, chemistry is upside-down, vital organs aren’t communicating with each other and hormones can’t] do the job they were designed to do. 

If you have been diagnosed with any kind of inflammatory disorder, chances are very good that you have been misdiagnosed!  Symptoms are not disease and inflammation are effect, never cause.  Inflammation is the human condition because our bodies are in a state of metabolic revolt.

Central to inflammatory aging is depletion of the essential elements, dysfunctional insulin metabolism, fungal yeast invasion and pre-diabetes.  Examples are diabetes, irritable bowel, gluten intolerance, glaucoma, macular degeneration, asthma, COPD, sepsis, arthritis, psoriasis, MRSA, tinnitus, neuropathy, fatty liver, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer and all things cardiovascular.

Inflammation is NOT what it appears, and it is terribly misunderstood!  Arthritis is a classic example of systemic, low-grade, insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes; that’s why it is so universal.  Sexual dysfunction [prostate, orgasm and low libido] are inflammatory disorders wrongly blamed on low ‘T’ and low ‘E’. 

Medicine claims inflammation is causative when it’s, effect.  Medicine perpetuates this falsity because medicine is clueless about the physiology of inflammation, and because medicine needs a boogeyman to blame.  Behind inflammation is dysfunctional metabolism and pre-diabetic insulin-resistance.

[Pre-diabetic insulin-resistance is a low-level symptom of systemic inflammation!]

Medical misdiagnosis is common.  What doctor calls disease isn’t disease, but misinterpreted symptoms and misunderstood physiology used to justify medical intervention and medications.

Doctor never mentions that medications destroy vital organ function and lifeforce while increasing, inflammation.  Doctor doesn’t tell you medications deplete your reserves of cellular magnesium and interfere with magnesium ion transport across cell membranes.  Doctor never discusses the role magnesium ions play in production of the energy molecule, ATP by the mitochondria in our cells. 

[Cellular magnesium accounts for 99% of our nitrogen; blood tests only measure, 1%.]

Do you know why doctor doesn’t discuss these things? [Hint! Because doctor was never taught these things!  Besides, doctor DARES NOT step outside the standard of care.  Truth cannot be allowed to interfere with the practice of medicine; the patient be damned!

For example, statin drugs CAUSE non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that now affects 80% of the population regardless of age!  Did you know neurologic brain disorders [dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s] are MEDICALLY INDUCED PHENOMENA and statin drugs are the cause of the epidemic. 

Did you know insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes cause weight gain, obesity and degenerative aging?  Did you know that belly fat that is haunting millions of people is the side-effect of dysfunctional, insulin metabolism and glycated brain receptors?

Inflammatory Aging

  1. Inflammation is a side-effect of insulin-resistance.
  2. insulin-resistance is a side-effect of dysfunctional leptin metabolism and pre-diabetes.
  3. Dysfunctional leptin metabolism is a side-effect of blood glucose levels over 90.
  4. Pre-diabetic insulin-resistance is a side-effect of depleted essential elements.
  5. Insulin-resistance precedes onset of clinical disease and inflammatory aging.
  6. Pre-diabetes and dysfunctional insulin metabolism perpetuate systemic inflammation.
  7. Insulin-resistance is an inflammatory response to dysfunctional metabolism.
  8. Elevated blood glucose

is a pathological response to low-grade insulin-resistance.

  • Metabolic syndrome [and its symptoms] are confirmation of upside-down metabolism.
  • Metabolic syndrome precedes cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disease by years.
  • Degenerative disease, regardless of diagnosis, says dysfunctional metabolism is in-play.
  • Health and vitality are the exact opposite of dysfunctional metabolism.

The pre-diabetic pancreas makes excess insulin which fuels, INFLAMMATION!  Once leptin receptors [in the brain] become glycated, cells will not allow glucose passage across the cell membrane. THIS IS CALLED, INSULIN-RESISTANCE!  [FYI: A1c blood sugar tests MISLEAD; they do NOT identify, cause.]

[Elevated blood sugar and pre-diabetic Insulin-resistance

are shadows of metabolic syndrome in the making.]

Reduction of blood glucose softens the effect of diabetic related symptoms without explaining the etiology of the problem.  Medicine’s understanding of diabetes is shameful and primitive!  Did you know there has been NO MEANINGFUL ADVANCE in understanding of diabetes since insulin was discovered in 1922?  Behind medical ignorance is faulty physiology and pharma manipulation of practitioners.

Medicine’s definition of cure is alleviation of signs and symptoms [without determination of cause.]  Palliation is another way of saying the same thing.  Proof is the outrageous growth of diabetes types I and II in the past 100 years; ditto for medicine’s pathetic failure to address the spread of cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disorders despite so-called advances in medical science. 

[Inflammation, degenerative disease and metabolic syndrome are parallel disorders.]

Progress on cancer is embarrassing considering the BILLIONS of dollars that have been WASTED on “Finding the cure!”  Q.  How do you find the cure when you don’t understand the cause?

Medicine and pharma parse symptoms and fuel a never-ending charade of promising medications, but it can’t deliver meaningful, cures!  We see advances in surgical intervention, but ZERO advances in understanding of causative factors that drive inflammatory aging.  Cancer is the most blatant example. 

Drugs band-aid symptoms, but their side-effects are legion.  Did you know drugs DEPLETE your magnesium ions as well as essential elements that are vital for health and homeostasis?  Medications kill your mitochondria.  Kill enough of them and you, die.  Medications are slow-motion suicide that fuel inflammation and further compromise the patient’s health.  Don’t forget it!

[Compromised bodies need 90-days to settle before regeneration begins.]

Do you know your magnesium, burn-rate?  Do you care?  You should!  To keep things simple, assume your burn-rate is HIGH and your cellular and mitochondrial levels of magnesium ions is depleted and LOW, because they are!  [Here is what you can do about it.]

Low-grade inflammation is a MAJOR side-effect of excess insulin.  Cellular refusal to allow blood glucose passage across cell membranes adds additional inflammation.  Leptin receptors in the brain are supposed to control insulin and glucose levels, but INFLAMMATION is what actually destroys the kidneys, thyroid, heart, liver, brain, joints and eyes.  Ongoing, low-grade inflammation drives degenerative aging! 

The root of low-grade inflammation is dysfunctional insulin-metabolism and pre-diabetes.  Ultimately, infection and inflammation are BOTH terrain issues.  Infection is NOT caused by microorganisms, but by depletion of essential elements and fungal mycotoxins.  Doctor says inflammation causes disease.  Wrong!  Its caused by insulin-resistance and epigenetics!  [The terrain concept is the basis of Young Again Club protocols and the antithesis of the Germ Theory of Disease.]

[Resolve insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes and you will have no need for pain killers!]

If brain receptors don’t respond to leptin signals, appetite satiation fails and overproduction of insulin and inflammation result.  Leptin is made by fat cells.  Leptin is a satiety hormone whose job is to CURB appetite, STOP overeating, PREVENT overproduction of insulin.  Leptin and insulin interact, constantly!

Elevated blood glucose [90 and above] causes brain receptors to glycate [i.e. glaze over; become sugar-coated and dysfunctional].  Caramelization of sautéed onions in a skillet is called, caramelization.  Caramelization of brain receptors is called, glycation.  [A1c blood sugar tests measure glycation of red blood cells but ignore receptor glycation and prediabetic insulin-resistance.]

Glycation occurs over years, which explains why inflammatory disorders proliferate as people get into their forties and beyond.  Glycation and insulin-resistance limit blood flow to the genitals and are behind sexual dysfunction, bladder/prostate issues and fungal yeast invasion with their mycotoxins.

[The creation of Icelandic Magic was inspired by Iceland’s 1,000 Year history

of superb health through fermentation of food in the colon.]

Insulin-resistance and poor digestion are central to acid reflux.  Contrary to medical folklore and urban legend, acid reflux is NOT caused by excess stomach acid, dysfunctional stomach valve, genes or family history.  Acid reflux is reversible!  [See YAC Digestive Protocol and YAC Enema Protocol.]

[A colon that ferments food doesn’t suffer from cancer and bowel disorders.]

When endocrine and exocrine glands are depleted of their essential elements, they STOP WORKING and digestion of food and making of hormones becomes challenged.  This is what doctor calls, disease!

Refined sweets sabotage the body as reserves of essential elements in the vital organs, deplete.  As reserves deplete, insulin-resistance increases, food cravings increase, the desire for sweets increase, and the inability to metabolize carbohydrates and proteins increases as metabolism turns, dysfunctional.

Fats metabolize, differently than carbs and proteins.  Fat digestion requires bile and lots of it!  Bile is made by the liver and stored in the gallbladder.  Bile production drops after age 35 and grows worse with age.  Sterols are fat-derived and the basis of our hormones [sexual and otherwise.]  Coconut oil [actually, a fat] and grass-fed butter are important fats.  Eat them with every meal.

[Restoration of health requires essential elements and dietary fats!]

The YAC Essential Elements Protocol provides bio-active, liquid, elemental concentrations with 100% absorbability for peak metabolism and restoration from overwork, depletion and toxicity. Insulin metabolism, thyroid dysfunction and fatty liver CANNOT BE RESOLVED WITHOUT THEM.

When you hear the words: diabetes, cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular, think depletion of essential elements and EXTREME low levels of magnesium ions in the cells and mitochondria.  Belly fat and obesity are SIGNS of element depletion and slowing metabolism.  [Ask for guidance.]

[Excess insulin inflames the body and fuels the growth of fungal yeast and molds.]

Fungal yeast plays a part in inflammatory aging and sexual dysfunction.  These organisms seize control of gene expression by merging their DNA with human DNA and interfering with the regulatory hormones leptin, thyroid, adrenal and insulin, as well as female and male hormones.  

The number one cause of fungal yeast takeover of metabolism is use of ANTIBIOTICS.  DNA merger causes body physiology to morph, turning humans into hybrid creatures [part human and part fungal.] Gene expression is a function of epigenetics NOT family history.  Read Jill’s story, here.

Show me a woman who suffers from hormone imbalance and/or UTIs [urinary tract infections] and I will show you a woman who forfeited control of her endocrine and exocrine systems to fungal yeast.  Show me a man with prostate and ED issues, and I will show you a man infested with fungal yeast.  [Men: prostate issues have absolutely NOTHING to do with your, PSA!  [See Mold & Fungus Protocol here.]

Did you know elevated glucose and insulin-resistance fuels fungal yeast takeover and causes thyroid, breast, ovarian, uterine, prostate and testicular cancer?  Did you know  that Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize in medicine for discovering that CANCER IS A FUNGUS [1931]?  So, why does medicine insist cancer is genetic?  Hint!  They are fools and liars!  Cancer is purely a terrain and epigenetics problem!

Neurologic disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s are inflammatory disorders of the brain.  They are driven by glycation, gut dysbiosis and ferritin iron overload; ditto for glaucoma, macular degeneration and neuropathy.  All involve inflammation, insulin-resistance and fungal yeast.

Medicine’s infatuation with A1c blood sugar is a con, just like fasting glucose tests of the past 100 years!  Your A1c test score doesn’t mean what you think it means.  A perfect A1c score will NOT protect you from diabetes!  A1c is a con just like tests for arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular issues.  Lab tests mislead and medicine has ZERO understanding of cause!  [More about your A1c test score, here.]

Blood glucose between 90-120 make you both pre-diabetic and insulin-resistant!

Doctor will tell you 90-120 glucose is fine.  It’s not, fine!  Pre-diabetes is early-stage pathogenesis.  Blood sugar [when maintained above 90] fuels insulin-resistance, inflammation and dysfunctional metabolism.    

Excess weight [EVEN TEN POUNDS!] says your metabolism is burdened and there are issues of low-grade inflammation.  Weight comes-off easily when metabolism is efficient; so does belly fat and cellulite.

Inability to make insulin says that the beta cells of the pancreas are EXTREMELY dysfunctional and synthetic insulin and medications are required.  Q. Is insulin-dependence reversible? Can a dysfunctional pancreas become, normal?  Yes, and yes!  Metabolism becomes a two-way street when essential elements are available to the vital organs on a daily basis.  [This is a forever concept!]

[Discover your body-mass index, here.]

Childhood diabetes is now called, insulin-dependent diabetes, type I.  Sadly, this post-vaccination, phenomenon is 100%, MEDICALLY-INDUCED!  Vaccination insanity caused this once rare condition to literally explode among children, teens and adults.  Vaccination avoidance makes  sense considering that  resurrection after-the-fact is challenging, and you will have no idea until after it occurs!

There is STRONG connection between vaccinations and onset of diabetes; ditto for slow deterioration of health among adults and particularly among, seniors.  [Terrain physiology DETERMINES how humans respond to forced invasion by pathogenic organisms and poisons contained in vaccines. Don’t forget it!]

There is a HUGE physiologic difference between PROVOKED immune response and response to natural exposure.  Forced exposure provokes physiologic revolt related to insulin metabolism and the pancreas.

Subclinical illness follows vaccination-induced trauma for those with compromised immune systems.  The DETERMINING FACTOR is depletion of the essential elements.

Vaccination blowback can be slow or immediate and violent!  For most, effects manifest as progressive weakening of life-force and loss of vital organ function over months and years.  Children who die in their mother’s arms, speaks for itself!  NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM VACCINATIONS! 

Practitioners are held hostage by pharma and their license and the public through ignorance and fear.  When possible, avoid any involvement in sick-care medicine by learning physiology and how to care for yourself.  Ignore medical websites; they are electronic extensions of sick-care insanity.  [Accurate physiology and one-on-one guidance is paramount at

[Innocence and ignorance cause people to lose their health and their lives!]

Senior vaccinations are a fear-driven, medical disaster.  Contrary to medical myth, vaccinations DO NOT PROVIDE IMMUNITY against pneumonia, flu, herpes, shingles or anything else, but they most certainly set the devil free to ravage and compromise the bodies of the elderly and those over age 35!

Routine medical check-ups serve three purposes: instill fear, create allegiance to the sick-care medical model and gather data on patients.  Non-cooperative patients are noted on national data bases.  If check-ups are your thing, wear a smile, appear cooperative and have enough sense to play your God Card!

Did you know vaccine makers have legislative legal immunity from product liability?  Worse, pharma and the media are complicit!  [Here is a very thoughtful analysis of forced vaccination and the vaccine racket.]

To cover their tracks, ease guilt and salve broken hearts of families with dead and disabled children, the revolving door of government, pharma and regulatory medicine established a slush fund that pays-out millions of taxpayer dollars annually while the culprits make BILLIONS perpetrating and perpetuating genocide of the innocent.  Self-protection BEFORE vaccination is critical.  [You will need guidance!]

Pharma’s advertising is highly effective because fear and ignorance are fertile soil for pharma’s lies.  Ads with smiling faces and cute critters conceal pharma’s agenda.  [Read Dr. Mary’s Monkey and discover what “Ask your doctor if it’s right for you!” and “See if xxx is your kind of cure!” is really about.]

[Blood glucose, if maintained above 90, results in pre-diabetes and Insulin-resistance.]

When blood glucose cannot traverse cell and mitochondrial membranes, glucose levels rise and inflammation and insulin-resistance result.  A similar phenomenon prevents passage of magnesium ions across cell and mitochondrial membranes.  Its why people have low energy and magnesium deficiency.

Everyone is deficient in cellular magnesium for reasons discussed, herein.  Mitochondrial disease is rampant and medicine has ZERO idea, why.  Magnesium supplements are overrated because ions aren’t there and can’t traverse both mitochondrial membranes where ATP energy is made.  [Learn more, here.]

[Excess weight & belly fat are about insulin, inflammation and glycation, NOT exercise.]

Everyone suffers from pre-diabetic insulin-resistance without symptoms of clinical, diabetes.  Pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance are prerequisites of inflammatory aging.

Diabetes type III is medically UNRECOGNIZED, but rampant!  Diabetes of the brain says it best.  Readers know it as: dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  All of these disorders  involve inflammation driven by dysfunctional insulin-metabolism and fungal yeast.  Now you know why!  Please don’t ignore it!

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth for their personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is compromised, and you will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is your only, safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by standard of care and held hostage by big pharma.  Virtual medicine and virtual practitioners are turning sick-care ever more sterile.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to the Glossary and Protocols sections of website for clear understanding of topics under discussion.  The blue underlined words are hyperlinks.  Click on them anytime you wish to know more.

[Healthy insulin metabolism grows muscle and bone and sheds excess fat!]

Excess insulin is EXTREMELY INFLAMMATORY, and at 140 glucose you will be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, type II.  Ideal glucose is 75-85, but most of us live as pre-diabetics between 90-130 with low-grade, systemic inflammation that quietly attacks vital organs in slow-motion fashion over many years.

Lab reports and physicals, [even when “Good!”] are false security!  Delusion ends when doctor announces diagnosis of disease.  Instead, learn to read your symptoms before trouble comes, knocking!

People think they are hypoglycemic if they suffer from inconsistent energy, brain fog and light-headedness.  Practitioners WRONGLY tell patients to eat often to keep their blood sugar, up!  Problem is, eating more than every six hours DESTROYS the pancreas!  Pre-diabetes, insulin-resistance PRECEDE onset of cancer, arthritis and heart/stroke; that is, if full blown diabetes doesn’t get you first!

[Ketosis and ketogenic dietary habits are powerful tools if used properly!]

Dietary FAT is a wonderful source of energy, if you can process it!  That’s why fats are a focus of ketogenic diets.  In ketosis, you are operating on long burn, slow release, ketone-derived energy vs. fast burn, quick release, carbohydrate-derived energy.  [The dietary food pyramid continues to harm millions of people, worldwide since its introduction in 1972.  What are those mal-educated idiots thinking?]

Success of the ketogenic diet DEPENDS ON your level of pre-diabetic insulin-resistance, fungal yeast dominance and essential element depletion.  These factors explain the obesity epidemic better than lack of exercise or blaming our genes.   [See the ReVive/ReNew Dietary Protocol.]

It’s fine to eat complex carbohydrates, but over-indulgence causes dependence and glycation of brain receptors that monitor leptin levels.  Carbs burn dirty, raise glucose levels and reduce red blood cell transport of oxygen.  [A1c blood sugar tests measure glycated hemoglobin, NOT insulin-resistance.]

Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells.  Leptin increases appetite and signals brain receptors to turn the pancreas OFF and stop making, insulin.  If brain receptors can’t respond, the pancreas keeps making insulin and pre-diabetic, insulin-resistance and systemic inflammation becomes the norm.  Eventually, you will be diagnosed with clinical diabetes type II, while inflammation slowly destroys your vital organs.

[Want in on a John Thomas FREEBEE to boost your metabolism?  Ask!]

Most people suffer from leptin-resistance and insulin-resistance [at the same time] without any awareness of essential element depletion.  Obesity and belly are undeniable SIGNS of trouble in the making.  Trouble’s name is metabolic syndrome!

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome haunts the world and medicine has no idea, why.  Metabolic syndrome is a COLLECTION OF SYMPTOMS that includes cardiovascular disease, insulin dysfunction, diabetes, kidney problems, obesity, belly fat, high triglycerides, elevated blood pressure and low HDL cholesterol. 

Behind metabolic syndrome is pre-diabetic, insulin/leptin-resistance and serious shortfalls of magnesium ions and essential elements.  Metabolic syndrome is a metabolic crisis.  Food can’t supply what soils don’t contain, so you must either supplement your diet or forfeit your health.

Metabolic syndrome is 100% AVOIDABLE and 100% REVERSIBLE!  It’s a metabolism problem NOT a disease!  The following factors antagonize metabolic syndrome: sluggish bowels, poor digestion, bad diet, inadequate sleep, insufficient water, adrenal overload, thyroid dysfunction, mold and fungal infestation, acidic terrain and compromised mitochondria in the cells of the vital organs.

[What doctor calls ‘disease’ is inflammation and metabolic syndrome.]

Contrary to medical myth, genetics and family history have absolutely NOTHING to do with aging and disease.  There is NO SUCH THING as genetic predisposition, but there is something called, epigenetics!   

Gene expression is orchestrated by epigenetics diet, environmental factors and stores of essential elements that genes and DNA need to manage homeostasis.   

If you suffer from inflammation, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and/or sexual dysfunction, insulin-resistance is CENTRAL TO YOUR STORY regardless of your A1c test score.  As blood glucose levels rise, insulin and inflammation rise.  Clinical diabetes follows as predictably as day and night.

Protein plays a role in pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance.  Did you know protein in excess of 6% of diet CONVERTS TO GLUCOSE by a process called, gluconeogenesis?  It’s why overweight people on high protein diets eventually get into trouble.  Did you know undigested protein putrefies in the intestines and poisons the body?  Limit your intake of protein and follow the YAC Digestive Protocol to ensure the food you eat works in your favor vs. against you.  Ask for guidance.

Summary & Review

Poor health doesn’t occur for no reason and CAUSE always precedes degeneration and disease.  Few people can correctly identify the causative factors behind their suffering.  Working knowledge of physiology and the life sciences is required.  Sick-care labors under a faulty, medical model and defective, physiology.  If you wish to end suffering and resurrect your health, you will need guidance.

[Practitioners can’t save themselves; so, how are they going to save you?]

Disease has many symptoms and an accurate assessment of actual physiology is the appropriate place to initiate guidance.  Personal responsibility andconsistency of lifestyle are prerequisites of health and misleading lab tests always end with the missing diagnosis and unrealistic expectations.

Self-care involves little risk compared to sick-care’s smorgasbord of conjured diseases, misdiagnoses and medications that are “Not right for you!

Remedies For Metabolic Syndrome & Related Complaints

  1. Use Sugar Blues to manage pre-diabetic, insulin-resistance.  [Read more, here.]
  2. Use Youthing Formula to get magnesium ions across cell and mitochondrial membranes.
  3. Use YAC Sea Mineral Sulfates [liquid or tablets] as your exclusive source of magnesium ions.
  4. Follow the YAC Digestive Protocol to ensure food works for you vs. against you.
  5. Restore life-force to your vital organs with the YAC, bioactive, Essential Elements Protocol.
  6. Ask for guidance.  It’s a FREE service of John Thomas and

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