Sugar/Alcohol Cycle

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The Sugar/Alcohol Cycle is a terrain cycle; meaning, when the body’s terrain is OUT OF BALANCE and becomes dependent on incoming dietary sugars and carbohydrates for creation of fast-burn, short-life energy production.

The S/A Cycle burdens the body with dirty-burning carbs and waste, causing dependency. Hence, the “cycle!”


One aspect of the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle that MUST be understood is the role of mold and fungi in takeover of the body’s organs and hormones.

Know that mold DNA and human DNA can “merge” creating a HYBRID being and a hybrid existence.

DNA merger allows mold and fungi to go undetected by the body’s immune system so it can grow and spread using the host’s body as the vehicle to complete its life cycle.  During the process, mold mycotoxins create an endless array of symptoms people associate with dis-ease and suffering.

Cancer is a classic misdiagnosis that has nothing to do with genes and normal human DNA or invading bacteria and viruses, and everything to do with systemic invasion of the body by fungi.

Cancer is called a disease, but it is NOT a disease; rather, an example of complete, systemic take-over of the human body, its vital organs and functions.

Implied here is the idea that if you can reverse mold’s control of the body by way of mycotoxin production, cancer loses control of body and vital organ functions, and simply, goes away.

For more information read Special Insights, Cause Unknown! 

To understand more on issues involving fungal infestation of human DNA, read Special Insights, The Missing Diagnosis and the Mold & Fungus Protocol.

The Sugar /Alcohol Cycle is an artificially created cycle involving poor dietary choices and lifestyle habits.  It plays a major part in the destruction of the gut microbiome and the destruction of the intestinal gut wall affecting health and personality of the individual.

The Sugar/Alcohol Cycle as a sub-cycle within the greater Autoimmune Attack Cycle which you can read about by clicking the hyperlink.

Terrain restoration requires carbohydrate dependence (the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle) be broken, the diet changed and digestion issues addressed.  The Sugar/Alcohol Cycle always involves a poorly functioning liver and sluggish bowels.  The most effective and direct way to restore optimum liver efficiency is by following the Tissue & Liver Protocol.  Click hyperlink to read about it.

Contributing factors of these cycles are: insufficient available ions of Selenium, iodine and magnesium.  These ions must be supplied daily and in liquid form; pills will not get the job done.  To learn more, read both of these links:


Antibiotics play a big role in destruction of friendly bacteria and the destruction of the intestinal microbiome setting the stage for the Sugar Alcohol Cycle to perpetuate itself.

Sweets of all types, and particularly fruit and fruit juices, negatively modify the gut environment every bit as much or more than imbibing alcoholic drinks.

Stress plays havoc with the gut and immune system. Traumatic stress as well as ongoing, long term stress has pronounced effects also.  Food cravings are one symptom of the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle as are gas and bloating and sluggish bowels.

Additional symptoms of the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle include: rapid sneezing after meals (up to 2 hours after), nasal mucous, hearing loss, macular degeneration, brain fog, glaucoma, sinus congestion, sleep apnea (so called), snoring and arthritis.

The key to understanding the pervasiveness of the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle is the word: inflammation which is a given after age 35 and progressively more as the years increase.

Lastly, hormonal resistance is 100% prevalent after age 35.  To read more about this universal aging factor, click this link: Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life! Restoring Your Body’s Hormonal Rhythms


  1. Change your lifestyle and diet.
  2. Follow Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for guidance and be open to new ideas.

See the terms: Inflammation and Terrain in Glossary by clicking link below.

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