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Whether overweight or slim and trim, inflammation plays a part in everyone’s life!  Now, there is a way to manage your waistline, reduce inflammation and improve well-being all at the same time.  Here’s the story.

Inches & Pounds is a unique product offering and the centerpiece of the MicroBiota Protocol.  It contains activated oligosacchrides that help mucin-producing bacteria thicken the PROTECTIVE lining of the intestinal wall and reduce inflammation in the body.  Inches & Pounds is unique in every way.

Inches & Pounds helps build the intestinal mucosa.  Excess weight and belly fat are side-effects of a perturbed mucosa.  So are autoimmune problems, brain and memory issues.  Mucous PROTECTS the gut from becoming perturbed, a condition called dysbacteriosis.  Production of protective mucous helps everything.

Inches & Pounds is a WINNER and you will appreciate what it will do for you!  When used with the Immune Protocol, you can create primal immunity while you reduce excess fat and manage bowel and bloat issues.  Inches & Pounds is a novel approach in the endless search for peak health.  And, it’s easy to use, too!

When the intestinal mucosa becomes perturbed, bacteria such as C. difficile [C-diff], Klebsiella and MRSA [Staph aureus], MORPH into virulent strains!  Proof is 100,000 dead and 1,000,000 infections per year in the USA, alone!  Healthy mucous PREVENTS INFECTION.  It is the exact opposite of waste mucous.  Do not confuse them!

Mucin-forming bacteria make mucous when fed nutrients in the form of activated oligosaccharides.  A healthy layer of mucous ENDS leaky-gut syndrome, a condition affecting EVERYONE because of universal use antibiotics!  When the intestinal wall is breached, you will hear ugly words like Crohn’s, celiac, diabetes, asthma, psoriasis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease!  Never, ever do you want to hear any of these words from doctor!

Pathogenic organisms reside in humans and cause no trouble until we come under STRESS or use ANTIBIOTICS.  Then, they turn virulent!  Hospitals are known for virulence, and fungal yeast set the stage for bacterial outbreaks.  A healthy mucous lining PROTECTS AGAINST INFECTION!  Do you understand?

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia have their origins in a perturbed mucosa that TALKS WITH YOUR BRAIN 24/7/365!  Other examples are: gluten intolerance, allergy, poor memory, autism, chronic fatigue, rosacea, lupus and eczema.  A healthy layer of mucous PROTECTS your gut and your brain!  Do you understand?

Sick-care is known for: misleading lab tests, medications and misdiagnosis.  Now, you can avoid all three and improve your health, at home, no matter your age!  Get you FREE BOTTLE of Inches & Pounds, today!


  • Helps commensal bacteria make mucous.
  • A welcome solution for intestinal disorders.
  • Reduces inflammation in the body.
  • Helps bladder and prostate issues.
  • Promotes deep, wonderful sleep.
  • Sharpens memory & eases brain fog.
  • Calms moodiness & hyperactivity.
  • Helps blood sugar & insulin resistance.
  • Capsules can be opened &mixed w/liquids.
  • Helps female/male hormones & thyroid.
  • Aids liver function and eases gas & bloat.
  • Naturally compatible with everything.

 Inches & Pounds is now available!  Ask about your FREE BOTTLE with introductory offer.                       

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