BioCarbon Complex Release Heavy Metals & Old Medications

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CARBON is the building block of life, and when we deplete the body of bioactive CARBON, we grow weak, sick and old.  Now, there is an exciting, new way to restore health, eliminate unnecessary supplements and save a pile of money in the process!  To learn more, read on.

BioCarbon Complex boosts your CARBON LEVELS!  Carbon is vital to health and survival in today’s toxic world, and BioCarbon Complex supplies it!  BioCarbon Complex does NOT conflict with medications and can be used by itself or in combination with Icelandic Magic [as discussed in last month’s, Special Insights.]

Q.  Is there a way to sequester environmental chemicals and poisons like glyphosate [Roundup!] and clear your body of toxins and excess medications using CARBON as the transport mechanism?  [There is, now!]

Q.  Is there a way to raise your body’s CARBON LEVELS, restore health and experience good results in 30 days, instead of years?  [There is, now!]

BioCarbon Complex safely shuttles heavy metals out of the body and brain.  Please think in terms of micronized aluminum, beryllium and mercury from vaccinations and contrails in the air we are forced to breathe. 

BioCarbon Complex is BIODYNAMIC CARBON IN PILL FORM.  Use it to restore your health in the same way biodynamic carbon restores degraded, polluted soil.  You will want to experience it for yourself!  Restore your CARBON RESERVES and health-related issues take care of themselves! 

Now, for the first time ever, you can avoid carbon depletion from CELLPHONE AND MICROWAVE RADIATION as well as neuter the word, cancer; especially the colon variety!  Take BioCarbon along with Icelandic Magic and you can FERMENT FOOD in your colon and make your own vitamins for a powerful, whole body effect. 

Carbon Paves The Way For Better Health

BioCarbon Complex BOOSTS BOWEL VOLUME, thus replacing laxatives, herbals and probiotics!  Use it to REDUCE SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION and chelates toxic substances buried in your tissues!

BioCarbon Complex IMPROVES everything.  Carbon is nature’s answer to degenerative disease and autoimmune issues.  Carbon is life!  [See Chapter twenty-one in Young Again!]  Now, after 25 years, BioCarbon is available.]

Biodynamic Carbon Is Unique In Every Way!

Bio Carbon Complex supplies bio-active, bio-dynamic carbon and SBO cofactors the body needs to function.  Bio-Carbon has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH CHARCOAL which is dead carbon and should be avoided. 

BioCarbon draws-out toxic chemicals such as RoundUp [glyphosate] now everywhere in the food chain along with heavy metals.  The benefits are CUMULATIVE!  [BTW: Icelandic Magic lets you make your own vitamins!]

Q. What’s in BioCarbon ComplexA. Biodynamic carbon and SBO cofactors.  Q. How do you use it?  A. Take one capsule 2x/day with or without food.  [Capsules can be opened and mixed with water or juice.] 

One bottle of BioCarbon is a two-month supply!  Order three bottles and save big!  BioCarbon Complex [and Icelandic Magic] are revolutionizing human nutrition.  Here are a few benefits: more energy, deeper sleep, better bowel activity, less inflammation, less drug residues, better digestion, smoother cardiovascular activity and improved brain function and making your own, vitamins!

BioCarbon Complex is the path to new, vitality!

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