Breast Cancer & Osteoporosis Truth, Lies & Medical Myths Kabuki Theater Part 1 – The Real Issues

This Special Insight analyses breast cancer, osteoporosis and calcium overload.  Serious problems these, and epidemic, too, and all because of fraudulent medical myths!  To learn more, read on.

Kabuki Theater: an illusionary portrayal by words and trickery; a purposeful mockery!  The sick-care system has much in common with kabuki fiction.  Here is Part I of the breast cancer and osteoporosis story without pretense or kabuki style fiction.  Part II will be published in July, 2018.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled and they are in very short supply!  The medical system is rigged, and corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Overview Of Osteoporosis

Bone density tests classify osteoporosis as advanced or normal [for your age.]  Advanced speaks for itself and normal is kabuki for not yet, advanced.  Both categories mislead, neither is desirable and you do not want to be normal [for your age!]

Osteoporosis is a condition not a disease.  It is a self-imposed condition where the body steals minerals from bone to offset acidity in the SOFT TISSUES.  In the process, the body fails to build healthy, new bone to replace fragile, old bone. Officially, osteoporosis means loss of bone density, but slow-motion aging says it better.  The official definition describes the effect; we are interested in cause(s).

Osteoporosis occurs in women 10 years ahead of men and both need to KNOW WHY!  Neither age nor sex causes osteoporosis; yet, it is measurable in females over age 35 and males over age 45.  [Page 100 of Young Again! shows what progressive, spinal osteoporosis looks like.  See here to download the book.]

Loss of minerals from bone, and failure to build new bone, are problems that involve acidification of the soft tissues and systemic, low-grade, inflammation.  These problems affect everyone in the population over age 35.  However, osteoporosis is a terrain issue, not an aging issue.

Loss of bone density is a past tense concept.  Meaning, the problem has already occurred!  Osteoporosis has little to do with lack of calcium and everything to do with abnormal chemistry, inflammation, hormone imbalance and dysfunctional osteocalcin metabolism.  Behind these problems is invasion of the body and DNA by mold and fungus and dysregulation of the immune system.

You can prevent osteoporosis and you can reverse osteoporosis, but you can do neither unless you understand the physiology involved and throw-out commonly held medical myths.

Given no choice, the body steals minerals from bone to neutralize acid waste circulating in the system.  The word corrosive describes the eroding effect of acid waste on soft tissue, bone and teeth.  Demineralization is how osteoporosis is portrayed, when failure to build new bone is the actual problem.

Given no choice, the body stores acid waste it cannot release via the bowels and kidneys.  Storage of waste reduces circulating acids, but increases acids stored in soft tissue.  Acidity [as used here] refers to waste STORED IN SOFT TISSUE as opposed to waste circulating in body fluids, such as urine, lymph, spinal fluid and saliva.  [pH is not the same as tissue acidity, but they are closely related.]

Tissue acidity is not measurable, but urine pH provides a snapshot of body chemistry relative to the effects of diet and lifestyle choices.  pH should NOT be confused with tissue acidity.

Acidity is problem regardless of how you eat or care for yourself.  Tissue acidity is the side-effect of neglect and abuse, and it is a major driving force in aging and disease.

On The Horizon, Everything Is Rising…

Over the past 25 years, I have known many individuals who seemed to do everything, right.  And then one day, the phone rings and the caller is in serious trouble! The point is: quietly, long before trouble erupts, acidity is rising, calcium levels are rising, mycotoxin levels are rising, and hormones are rising.

Rising numbers have meaning.  Acidity and pH affect metabolism and the body needs buffers [such as magnesium and bicarbonate] to neutralize and process acid waste.  Magnesium ions are extremely important for maintenance of good health, but magnesium’s ability to neutralize acid waste pales compared to bicarbonate, as noted by the Terrain pH Protocol which is FREE for everyone.  Check it out.

Calcium and magnesium are alkaline earth metals that perform different regulatory functions in the body.  For example, calcium triggers muscle contraction where magnesium relaxes muscle.

Charley-horse occurs for lack of biologically active magnesium ions to offset calcium excess.  If you suffer charley-horse or leg cramps, know that your available magnesium ion levels are low, regardless if you take magnesium pill [which are very, poorly absorbed.  [Magnesium regulates 4,000 receptor sites.]

Medical theory says, sodium [an electrolyte] drives heart disease.  Fact is, sodium-driven heart disease and cholesterol and saturated fat theories are medical fictions fabricated by Big-Pharma.

Pharma promotes medical myths to doctors and patients to draw-away attention from the killing effects of their medications.  Their game is to make sure heart disease IS THREAT # 1, and the surest way to make it happen is elimination of magnesium ions, saturated fat and sodium.

Calcium overload is a condition of unopposed calcium dominance.  When calcium dominates the system low-grade inflammation dominates muscles, arteries, heart, organs and joints, regardless of diet, exercise or lifestyle.  Add mycotoxin poisoning from resident fungal yeast and you have the makings for degenerative disease in general, and BREAST CANCER for certain!

“When is aging and suffering justifiable?”  NEVER!  All aging is premature because the body has the ability to regenerate if given the opportunity.  Regeneration is a Young Again Club, core concept. Officialdom does NOT serve the individual’s best interest.

Spurs, Stones and Stenosis  

Absorption of magnesium [in pill form] pales compared to ion absorption through the skin.  R/MgO Spray with boron provides up to 95% uptake of magnesium ions by the blood capillary beds of the skin.

Few people realize that activated magnesium ions DISSOLVE EXCESS CALCIUM DEPOSITS related to spurs, stones, fibroids, carpel tunnel, spinal stenosis, brain plaques and hardened arteries.  Bio-active magnesium eases suffering and improves health better than medications, especially when implemented with the Terrain pH Protocol which is FREE to everyone.

The Terrain pH Protocol utilizes urine pH [as a guide] because urine is the best fluid pH indicator.  Healthy urine pH cycles between 6.0 and 8.0. At pH 7.5-8.0, the body releases bound acids from soft tissue if bicarbonates are available to transport the acids from the system.

Bicarbonate temporarily raises urine pH, but as waste is released from soft tissue, pH falls.  Up and down, up and down, pH goes up and down. The Acid/Alkaline Cycle is ongoing from birth to death, unless bicarbonate levels become, exhausted.  Then, tissues turn acidic and aging progresses.

Diet affects both pH and acidity.  Sweets, fruit, alcohol and carbohydrates drag pH down and increase acidity.  Excess protein [over 10% of caloric intake] converts to sugar whether of animal or plant origin.  Protein and carbohydrates are acid forming where things GREEN have the opposite effect.

Mycotoxins have a powerful effect on body chemistry.  Fungal poisons control the Acid/Alkaline Cycle REGARDLESS of a healthy diet.  And, when you combine poor diet, abusive lifestyle and yeast infestation, it is easy to understand why the body grows progressively acidic with age and why degenerative disease eventually haunts everyone, unless we intervene and stop the process.

Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Alcohol is a notable exception to the above comments.  ALCOHOL IS PURE MYCOTOXIN made by fungus in commercial breweries and distilleries.  It effects are like gasoline on a fire.

Alcohol can also be manufactured in the body from sugars and putrefying proteins by fungal yeast that take-root in the intestinal tract following use of antibiotics at any time in one’s life, including pre-birth.  The process is called auto-brewery syndrome.

Alcohol acidifies tissues and disrupts hormone balance, especially in females.  Wine is the most pervasive culprit, followed by rum and tequila. Note: all three are fruit sugar derived, alcohol.

Alcoholics are forever recovering because their bodies are acidic, their pH is low, their hormones are upside down and YEAST and auto brewery syndrome dominate body metabolism.  Traditional alcoholism only affects about 5% of the population. Auto-brewery syndrome affects the other 95%.

Exercise moderates the progress of osteoporosis because it boosts circulation of waste.  Exercise, however, does not offset poor diet, abusive lifestyle or takeover by fungal yeast from use of antibiotics, birth control pills and steroidal medications which take their toll on regulatory hormones, primal immunity and metabolism.

Fluoride is ubiquitous and HIGHLY ACIDIC!  It makes bones brittle and accelerates osteoporosis because it is the most reactive halogen on the Periodic Table.  Worse, fluoride locks-up brain receptors that regulate metabolism, speeding the onset of vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Fluoroquinolone medications are the absolute worst, but you will NEVER hear this on from doctor.]

Few people realize that teeth are BONE and fluoride weakens bone.  Fluoride is behind the broken hip epidemic haunting millions of seniors.  Avoid fluoridated drinking water and tooth paste and use the Ion Trio to DISLODGE fluoride from your regulatory receptors and restore your metabolism.  [Fluoride removal resurrects thyroid function, especially when combined with the Mold & Fungus Protocol.

Antibiotics, Gallbladder, Low “T” & Hormone Metabolism

Exposure to antibiotics is unavoidable.  Antibiotics promote osteoporosis because they cause fungus to grow and secrete metabolic acids called, mycotoxins.  The food chain is laced with antibiotics, and it only takes is ONE EXPOSURE for the fungus/yeast cycle to seize control of metabolism and hormone regulation.  Multiple lifetime exposures is a moot point. Read, Jill’s Story here.

Birth control pills and steroidal medications cause serious, long-term problems for the body because they cause fungal yeast to grow exponentially!  Add sugar, juice, soft drinks, alcohol and stress, and dysfunctional immunity and rollercoaster hormones become reality.

Mycotoxin control of hormones is the Missing Diagnosis behind most cognitive, brain disorders.  Brain fog affects women more than men because women are more hormonal.  Medicine has NEVER explained or cared about this issue because the concept is beyond the medical model.  {FYI: practitioners are NOT trained in mycology; the pubic must fend for themselves.]

The word hormone, as used here, refers to thyroid, adrenal and sexual hormones.  If you have hormone issues and want to experience “normal,” follow the Mold & Fungus Protocol and ask for guidance.  The protocol allows the body to self-manage its hormones without the risk associated with medications.

It is interesting to see men scrambling to boost their low-T levels when women have tolerated medical neglect and abuse forever!  Men don’t understand that hormone and erectile dysfunction issues derive from a yeast infested prostate/bladder and upside-down hormone metabolism.

Swollen testicles [literally, not euphemistically speaking] are becoming a problem for men.  Doctor’s solution is either antibiotics or removal, or both. Doctor never mentions YEAST in male diagnosis, but it is THE ISSUE!  Like women, men have little choice but to suffer or seek guidance on their own.

Medical Tests, Insulin & Hormone Management

Tests for fungus infestation and mycotoxin dominance were NEVER developed because mycology [the formal, in-depth study of yeast and fungus] was removed from medical curriculums in 1950.  Doctors are NOT trained in mycology, so assume that you are infested with yeast because you are!

Poor digestion influences osteoporosis.  Protein digestion requires lots of HCL [hydrochloric acid], where fat absorption requires lots of bio-active, bile.  By age 35, digestive capability diminishes, and the older we get, the more digestion falters.  [Hydrochloric acid should not be confused with urine pH.]

Sodium bicarbonate [used in the Terrain pH Protocol] provides carbon needed for transport of waste via urine.  The bicarbonate anion makes, HCL. [Young Again Club offers activated digestive aids.]

Yearly, over 50,000 people lose their gallbladder, and 90% of them are women.  Gallbladder surgery is big business and fatty food usually triggers the so-called, attack.  After surgery, however, people discover their symptoms return and their health suffers because it was fungal mycotoxins that inflamed their livers and caused the pain.  [See the Tissue & Liver Protocol here.]

Gall stones are blamed for gallbladder attack 99.9% of the time, but stones are rarely the culprit unless a stone lodges in the bile duct, and this only occurs in a small percentage of patients.  If a stone is lodged in the bile duct, death within 24 hours is predictable. [If you are female and wish to know why women suffer gallbladder attack 10:1 over men, contact John Thomas.]

The body needs dietary fat to make hormones and coconut oil is the premier saturated fat.  Use it to reduce acidity, increase energy and help bone formation.  ReSet capsules are a convenient way to obtain dietary fat when on the run or away from home.  Use them to ease food cravings, manage brain fog and lose weight the healthy way.

The body needs bio-active iodine and selenium ions to make thyroid hormone and pill forms of iodine and selenium do NOT do the job.  Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are fungal-driven, female issues because women’s bodies need more thyroid.  Clinicians do not understand thyroid metabolism and women suffer accordingly based on worthless tests and bogus interpretation.  [See Eat Fats To Be Healthy & Happy, and Bio-Friendly Ion Trio.]

Neither doctor nor patients realize that hormones [including bio-identical hormones] fuel the growth of yeast which skillfully manipulate insulin, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid and adrenal hormones to control metabolism [so they can complete their lifecycle in the human body.]  This explains why women, who seem to do everything right suffer from rollercoaster hormones and unstable metabolism.  Fungal yeast is every woman’s nightmare and every man’s boogeyman.

[FYI: yeast alter immune function to AVOID DETECTION as they manipulate the system for their own benefit.  They are resident trojan horses that control the hormones. Dysfunctional metabolism is exactly what people experience in their thirties and beyond.  Today, teens are experiencing symptoms early.

The hormone dilemma faced by both sexes begins when antibiotics trigger the merger of fungal and human DNA and creation of a hybrid human beings.  Merger OVERRIDES immune defenses and allows growth of fungus to go undetected; meaning, the body cannot detect nor identify yeast as the foreign invader.  Instead, the immune system sees merged DNA as normal and okay. [Read more here.]

Excess body fat is perhaps the most obvious side-effect of yeast infestation.  Over 60% of the population is officially obese, regardless of age or sex.  Know, the MORE FAT YOU CARRY, THE MORE ESTROGEN YOU MAKE! Cellulite is a good example of abnormal tissue that is loaded with highly-toxic, highly-acidic, metabolic waste.  [To learn what you can do about the cellulite dilemma, contact John Thomas.]

Estrogen is considered a female hormone, but men also produce it.  Estrogen is one reason over-weight men grow modified breasts and suffer prostate enlargement, and why women put on weight and suffer breast enlargement as they age.  Estrogen also plays a big part in pre-diabetes and insulin dysfunction.

Breast Cancer & The Calcium Connection

The more excessive your calcium levels and the more unbalanced your hormones, the more likely you will develop cancer and especially, breast cancer.

The term calcification [as used here] refers to deposition of calcium where it does NOT belong, as in artery walls, liver, kidneys, feet, hands, joints, breasts and prostate.  Calcification is a marker condition and a major contributor to heart and degenerative disease.

Excess calcium [in the face of insufficient magnesium] is called unopposed calcium dominance.  The condition often occurs simultaneous with unopposed estrogen dominance.  Both conditions indicate lack of an opposing element or factor that is needed for balance.  Both osteoporosis and breast cancer are conditions of imbalance.

Yeast infestation [candidiasis] sweets and alcohol disrupt female metabolism.  Cancer research is a never-ending fraud looking for justification; escalating occurrence of breast cancer is proof.  Women are NOT told the truth about breast cancer and doctor will never tell them the truth because sick-care is about tests, misdiagnosis and pink ribbons, NOT solving the problem.

Not surprisingly, cancer loses its power when knowledge of human physiology replaces fear and ignorance.  Obviously, medicine does not understand and does not want to understand. [BTW: when faced with a serious diagnosis, your best defense is to play your GOD CARD and get out of there before irrational fear takes hold of your faculties and bad decisions result!]

Conventional and alternative cancer treatment is a mix of cut, burn and poison.  People go along with the charade partly out of fear, but mostly because they THINK cancer is a disease and the tumor is the problem.  Neither idea is valid and both ideas are false. Nothing good comes from fear and ignorance!

Women are told they need calcium to avoid osteoporosis when exactly the OPPOSITE is true.  Fact is, the procedure called mammogram looks for CALCIUM DEPOSITS in breast tissue by measuring heat radiating from calcium hot spots.  Question. “What causes calcium to deposit in breast tissue?”  Answer.  hormones and body chemistry are upside-down and yeast mycotoxins control metabolism.

Interestingly, after 20 years of subjecting women to medieval torture, experts now admit mammograms DO NOT prevent breast cancer and the procedure a sham because it is based on FALSE science.  Add false positives, unnecessary biopsies, outrageous stress, radiation and chemotherapy and the word mammogram is spelled, tragedy!  [You don’t see men standing in line to have their testicles mashed!  Mammogram is scam, and cancer is NOT a disease.  There are better options available.]

Magnesium ions will help you avoid heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and calcification of the breasts, ovaries and uterus.  Without bio-available ions of magnesium, iodine and selenium, risk of hormone dysregulation is predictable.  Sadly, the public embraces irrational stories about family predisposition of things they don’t understand because of fear and ignorance.  [Read about the Ion Trio here.]

IMPORTANT!  December 2017, England: woman FORCED to undergo breast cancer surgery after doctor decides she is MENTALLY UNFIT to make an informed decision.  Avoid seeing doctor for brain fog and cognitive issues to avoid establishing a profile that could be used to deprive you of your independence.  Understand, cognitive issues are strongly rooted in pre-diabetes, iron overload of the brain and fungal manipulation of regulatory hormones.  [First, it was forced vaccination of self and children.  Now, its forced surgery. Your GOD CARD is your only safe response under medical duress.  Stay away!]

Autoimmunity, Inflammation & Poor Sleep

Leaky-gut is an autoimmune disorder resulting from perforation of the intestinal wall by fungal hypha.  Gluten intolerance, irritable bowel, GERD [gastroesophageal reflux disease,] gas, bloat and constipation are all autoimmune symptoms.  Regeneration of the intestinal wall and resurrection of primal immunity is how you control and reverse ALL THINGS autoimmune.  [See the Immune Protocol, here.]

Inflammation and poor sleep are twin issues.  Detoxification is supposed to occur during deep sleep and without deep sleep, soft tissues grow progressively acidic and inflamed.  Snoring, tossing and turning are about yeast, acidity, congestion and inflammation!  [You will discover the solution for poor sleep in the Terrain pH Protocol, Immune Protocol and the Mold & Fungus Protocol.]

Do not blame your bed for depriving you of deep sleep.  Recognize, that medications increase inflammation. FYI: John Thomas sleeps on a two-inch thick pad on a hard floor at age 73.  He can do this because he has zero inflammation in his body. Babies and children sleep anywhere, anytime because they are not inflamed.  By the way, CPAP breathing machines are 100% confirmation of inflammation on a systemic level. [Address the causes behind the inflammation and you will not need a CPAP device.]

Now, a wrap-up on YEAST.  Despite good intensions by decent, caring practitioners and endless books and articles on mold and yeast, fungal infestation continues to plague the population.

Practitioners have ZERO formal training in mycology and ZERO understanding of fungal yeast.  They TALK yeast, but THINK bacteria and viruses because that is what they were taught in school.  Fungus are radically different in every way.

Young Again Club protocols effectively address fungal yeast invasion, manipulation of hormones and takeover of immune function and DNA.  Ask for a FREE consultation today. You will be glad you did!

Conclusion & Solutions

Osteoporosis, breast [and prostate] cancer, inflammation and obesity involve defective osteocalcin metabolism, mineral ion imbalance, fungal infestation, mycotoxin dominance of regulatory hormones and dysfunctional immunity.  The following protocols are useful remedies: Mold & Fungus Protocol, Immune Protocol, Ion Trio and MetaBolic Complex.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

If you have issues and suffer poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available without cost!  Ask for guidance.

Click here to read Part II.

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