Prostate & Prostate Biopsy

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas


Prostate: is a walnut sized, male reproductive gland, adjoining and located immediately below the bladder, through which the urethra (urninary tube) passes for urination.


The prostate is the reservoir for male semen; it makes contact with the sigmoid colon and is subject to bacterial invasion from waste in the lower bowel.

The prostate eventually becomes every man’s challenge when it becomes inflamed and hardens denying the bladder the ability to release fully.

Prostate issues begin as early as age 40 and are common after age 50.  Prostate risk rises exponentially with age and every man MUST learn how to prevent and care for himself.

When urine backs-up and cannot release because of an inflamed and swollen prostate,  damage to the kidneys can occur in as little as 24 hours leading to death if intervention does not occur.

The prostate  gland is generally ignored and taken for granted by men until trouble announces itself.   PREVENTION is the only practicable approach for men to avoid serious trouble.

Men need to empty semen from their prostate several times a week to avoid the stagnation and hardening. Prostate inflammation is a side effect of the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle. You can read about by clicking hyperlinks.

The Enema Protocol provides relief to men who suffer prostate and bowel issues; and they always go together! Until about 30 years ago, some doctors would ‘milk’ men’s prostates to ease pain and discomfort. Today, medications are prescribed with very poor results and side effects men seldom discuss.

Young Again Club offers men a way to help themselves at home by stimulating blood and nerve energy flow and reduction of inflammation. Prostate surgery has a sordid history and is best avoided because the outcome is unpredictable despite assurances to the contrary.

Men are often ‘scared’ into having prostate biopsies as a preventative measure based on age or symptoms, but MOST commonly based on PSA lab test numbers.

PSA is a totally invalid and unproven metric and men should avoid biopsies at all cost. The procedure is primitive and does serious damage to the prostate, and many men never recover.

Men tricked into a biopsy tell horror stories about how ‘painless’ was the procedure and the suffering that never goes away. The prostate is the perfect venue for discovering the meaning of hell on earth! Instead, ask John Thomas for help before trouble announces itself.

Contributing Factors & Comments

Foods that antagonize and inflame the prostate are: alcohol, wine, sweets in general, and fruit and juices in particular, especially when eaten in the evening.  These foods feed the growth of yeast (candida Albicans) and production of potent toxins that attack the prostate.

Inflammation drives frequent urination in BOTH sexes, especially during the night. Men mistakenly think the need to urinate or the inability to hold the bladder is caused by their prostate.  These symptoms are inflammatory responses by the bladder and prostate, but do not necessarily reflect a hardened prostate blocking urine flow.

Diet and poor digestion play a big part in male prostate issues. To learn more about the connection between hormone imbalance and prostate inflammation, read Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life. Insulin and leptin are regulatory hormones with serious implications for men (and women)!

It takes about 2 weeks to get sweets out of the system (and settle things down) once after they are eliminated from the diet. Men that have bladder or prostate issues also have yeast issues. Yeast feeds on sweets and poisons the terrain and drives systemic inflammation.

Loss of sex drive and poor ability to ejaculate semen or even become aroused are early clues of prostate and terrain problems in the making.

The prostate is the primary sexual nerve center and source of male climax and ejaculation. Men need to empty their prostates through intercourse or masturbation at least three times a week after age 35 if they wish to maintain a healthy prostate.

Men need to mechanically ‘milk’ their prostate gland to avoid hardening and stimulate blood and nerve flow. Sluggish bowel leads to prostate infections commonly called, prostatitis. Prostatitis is the side effect of the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle. Inflammatory flare-ups in men and bladder infections in women are autoimmune in nature.

Bowel activity should be 3 times a day. If you go less than 3 times a day, you have bowel issues, you suffer from poor digestion and you have an inflamed, poorly functioning liver. To learn how to remedy these issues, click this hyperlink and read about the Tissue & Liver Protocol. This program is how you renew your system and get out of jail!

Low Enema Therapy is of utmost importance for male health and ability to maintain sexual function as men get older, starting age 35 and above.

Like colon cancer, prostate cancer is totally avoidable;

PSA tests are meaningless; they have sent many men to their grave looking for a problem that did not exist.  Ignorance has a price; become educated, men!

Woe unto the man who goes along to get along, meaning it’s what they fail to tell you that is more important than the lies they tell you.  Informed consent is a joke!


Change your lifestyle and learn how to care for yourself. Avoiding a problem is smarter than trying to correct it after it happens.

Ask guidance before allowing anyone to tamper with nature.

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