Root Canals

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas


Root Canal:  the anatomical space within the root(s) of a tooth.


Part of a naturally occurring space within a tooth, consisting of the pulp chamber, the main canal(s), and branches that may connect the root canals to each other or to the surface of the root.

At the center of every tooth is a hollow area that houses soft tissues, such as nerve, blood vessels and connective tissue. This hollow area of the tooth is called the pulp chamber. Canals run through the center of the roots, similar to the way pencil lead runs through a pencil. The pulp receives nutrition through the blood vessels, and sensory nerves carry signals to the brain.

A tooth can be relieved of pain if there is irreversible damage to the pulp, via root canal treatment.  In dentistry, root canals are offered as an alternative to pulling a tooth that has “died” or is severely infected or decayed that it cannot be saved.

Root canals present many problems for the body.  First, the tooth is DEAD and being so means the body will see it as a focus of infection and a foreign object that should not be in the body.

Second, a dead tooth “rots” over time creating a point of infection that causes the body to go into an autoimmune response, meaning the body begins to attack itself because there is toxic, foreign energy (infection/decay of the dead tooth) in the body.

Teeth that have already died or teeth that the dentist says he cannot save are ALREADY INFECTED.  The dead tooth and peiodontal ligament and the material used to fill the hollowed out root structrues (called guta-percha) creates a breeding ground for infectious bacteria.

Infection progresses from the root canaled tooth into the surrounding bone and releases a continual flow of POISONS directly into the blood stream of the mouth.  Infected blood returns DIRECTLY to the heart where it causes long term damage to the heart muscle.

Many people have root canals in their mouth.  The infection PROBLEM get noticeably worse 5 years and beyond as infection “spreads” into the bone holding adjoining teeth,  weakening other teeth while creating SYSTEMIC TOXICITY that antagonizes the immune system and activates the Autoimmune Attack Cycle. Click hyperlink to read about it.

An additional problem with both root canals and crowns that is rarely, if ever, discussed with the patient are the problems of leaving mercury in the old tooth, something commonly done where a crown is installed OVER existing mercury amalgam fillings.  Metal crowns should NEVER BE USED on a tooth.  If you must have a crown, insist on zirconium crowns only!!

Long term, root canals are very, very detrimental to your health.  In general they are a VERY BAD IDEA!  However, having a hole in your mouth where a tooth has been removed creates additional problems, such as:  teeth that oppose the missing tooth “erupt”  because there is nothing to keep the opposing tooth in place. Normally, chewing force serves to keep teeth in place i.e. not erupt and fall out.

Dental bridges have their own problems, meaning you must destroy the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth (teeth) to construct and anchor the so-called, bridge.  Bridges are VERY costly and are subject to breaking and should only be constructed of zirconium. No metal!

Dental implants are the latest rage among dentists, but here we have problems keeping mouth bacteria from following the shaft of the implant pin down into the bone that held the original tooth.

Infected root canals and infected pieces of the root and periodontal ligament create what are called CAVITATIONS. The dental industry is in TOTAL denial of that cavitations exist or are a source of focal infection.

Similarly, when a tooth is pulled, if ANY of the old root remains, a cavitation will develop and threaten the long term health of the patient. The patient MUST INSIST that the dentist use a burr and grind out the tooth socket to insure no root remains.

Dentist who tell their patients that “The got it all!” are being dishonest. They cannot get it all when pulling a tooth! Have the discussion FIRST before the tooth is pulled, and if your dentist balks, find another dentist or you will live with his mistake.

When it comes to major teeth and gum problems, every option is poor to bad.  Nothing substitutes for yearly dental check-ups and cleanings…NOTHING!

In light of every person’s dilemma and their teeth, learn to care for your TERRAIN by keeping down and releasing toxic waste. The very best way to move waste and keep your liver operating efficiently is to do the Tissue & Liver Protocol which you can read about by clicking hyperlink.

See Teeth, Gums in Glossary link below.

Also read Special Insight, Teeth & Gums in archive link this page.

Ask for guidance; this is a complicated topic and you will not get comprehensive answers from your dentist or hygienist.  They are terribly biased towards doing whatever is quick, easy and profitable.  You MUST think for yourself!

Ideally, see only holistic dentists, if you can find a real one.

To know, call and ask the receptionist, “Say, i need dental work and I know i will need fillings, but I am short on money.  Could I get “silver” fillings for now and later on get the pretty white ones?

If they say, sure, we can do silver amalgam, you have the wrong dentist!

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