Protein (plasma protein)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas


Proteins: are biological molecules consisting of one or more long chains of amino acids held together by peptide bonds; one of three classes of food components, fats and carbohydrates being the other two.

Plasma proteins: are the pale-yellow liquid component of blood that holds the blood cells of whole blood in suspension and commonly seen around a healing wound.


Plasma proteins are a component part of extracellular fluid (tissue fluids residing outside of the cells). Plasma protein is mostly water and dissolved proteins (amino acids) as incoming nutrients and waste plasma proteins as outgoing waste.

Only AFTER plasma protein fluids are absorbed into the lymphatic system do they take on the name lymphatic fluids.

For your information, incoming chains of dietary amino acids are consumed as whole proteins. Then they are supposed to be broken down in the stomach in an extremely acid environment into amino acids.

Indigestion is a symptom of poor digestion and especially low stomach acidity, followed by inability to emulsify and assimilate dietary fats and carbohydrates.  Indigestion is also confirmation of lack of rhythm and hormonal imbalance between insulin and leptin.

When digestion fails, whole proteins find their way into the intestinal tract where they both rot and leak into the blood stream through a compromised intestinal gut wall. The process is called leaky-gut and it haunts almost everyone of all ages.

Allergies are autoimmune reactions to proteins in the blood stream that should NOT be there.  Same goes for food reactions. Read Special Insights, Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities by clicking hyperlink.

Know, autoimmune responses are the body attacking itself because foreign proteins found their way into the blood stream.

Know, gas and bloat are confirmations of poor digestion.

To understand more, see the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle by clicking hyperlinks.


  1. Change your thinking, your habits and your lifestyle.
  2. The most effective way to eliminate excess waste proteins and the structures they form (scar tissue and amyloid plaque) is to follow the Tissue & Liver Protocol. To read about it, click hyperlink.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

Also, see Foreign Proteins, Digestion, Allergy, Waste, Scar Tissue and Amyloid in Glossary using link below.

Read the 6th edition of the book, Young Again!

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