Probiotics & Prebiotics

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Probiotics: microorganisms whose BY-PRODUCTS provide health benefits,  improve digestion and maintain and restore health in people with healthy and compromised intestinal tracts..


Probiotics are generally supplied in supplemental form or they are supplied in naturally fermented foods such as, sauerkraut, kombucha tea and kefir.

Unfortunately, and contrary to urban myth and health industry propaganda, probiotic organisms DO NOT survive healthy stomach acid levels because they are NOT SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE.  High stomach acid kills and breaks-down ALL incoming organisms; it is the way the system was designed.

Otherwise, pathogenic organisms survive,  set-up shop in the the intestinal tract and take-over the microbiome in the face of missing master bacteria that are responsible for gut maintenance and orchestration of primal immunity.

Probiotic bacteria DO NOT and CANNOT repair and regenerate the intestinal gut wall that is responsible for the condition known as, leaky-gut.

Furthermore, probiotics DO NOT contain endospheric, MASTER bacteria which are ultimately responsible for maintenance and restoration of Primal Immunity.

We are born with endospheric bacteria and we lose them the first time we use antibiotics, and with the loss, we forfeit primal immunity , as well as, the ability to frestore it.  Once it is lost, we lose the ability to manage the human microbiome and immunity suffers.

Restoration of Primal Immunity is accomplished with the YAC Immune Protocol.

The protocol breaks-down fungal mycotoxins.  Only then can the body and immune system recover and regenerate.

Fungal yeast produce and use their mycotoxins to control and manage human metabolism in an effort to complete their lifecycle by using the human body as a substrate for its own purposes.  To learn more, see the YAC Mold & Fungus Protocol.

Probiotic bacteria contained in supplements are a waste of time and money, and they always have been.  Lack of survivability and lack of endospheric master bacteria are the issues.

Supplemental probiotics have been around for over 30 years, and they have not worked.

Antibiotics are the antithesis of master bacteria primal immunity. They are the single most damaging drugs commonly used. NSAIDS (non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs) also do damage to the gut wall and destroy the microbiome, in general, and the intestinal tract, specifically.

Constipation and bowel disorders are red flags of an unbalanced gut environment. Alcohol (including wine), sugar, sweets and excess carbohydrates fuel a hostile environment for friendly bacteria while creating the perfect environment for hostile, pathogenic organisms and parasites.

Stress and anxiety are VERY destructive to the intestinal wall and account for at least 50% of gut wall damage under normal conditions.  Use of antibiotics is anything but, NORMAL!

Without a balanced microbiome and a healthy, non-porous gut wall, the body’s immune system ceases to function as designed.

The word AUTOIMMUNE is popularly defined as a state where the body attacks itself.  However, this is not true.  What is actually going on is mold and fungal yeast and their mycotoxins CONTROL and ORCHESTRATE the body’s vital organs, hormones and regulatory functions such that it CEASES to function as intended.  Symptoms of illness and disease are the effects.

Also, see the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle, the Autoimmune Attack Cycle and auto-brewery syndrome.  These Cycles are extremely prevalent in the population, regardless of age.

Another very big factor affecting the gut wall and microbiome is hormonal resistance to leptin and insulin, both of which are regulatory hormones that regulate the body. Read Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life by clicking hyperlink.


Prebiotics are NOT prebiotics; they are food substrates that provide an energy supply for healthy bacteria.  YAC offers a TRUE PREBIOTIC that was discovered by the Russians about 40 years ago.

Prebiotics can be used with probiotics and a ‘sticker’ agent to keep them in contact with an inflamed and compromised intestinal wall.  Another very useful approach is use of galacto, oligo saccharide mannans [called ReStore] to help the gut repair and restore itself.

True prebiotics produce the EXACT OPPOSITE effects commonly seen in people with autoimmune symptoms, autoimmune responses and so-called, autoimmune diseases.


Probiotics are NOT a valid approach for maintenance and restoration of health.   Understanding of the concepts outlined herein are beyond conventional medicine, as well as, among alternative practitioners as evidenced by the fact that they themselves age and suffer along with their patients.

Young Again Club principals and protocols go far beyond common medical understanding because they are NOT based on the Germ Theory of Disease.

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