Plaque (amyloid, scar tissue)

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Anecdotal Observations by John Thomas


Plaque: is non-soluble, fibrous, protein aggregates that participate in the aging process and degeneration of the body’s terrain.


Amyloid structures and plaques are unnatural, non-functional tissue structures that morbid in nature when severe.

Scar tissue and amyloid structures are structural waste proteins that obstruct and limit blood and lymph flows and provide friendly breeding grounds for pathogenic organisms and systemic inflammation within the terrain.

Cellular waste proteins are initially ‘soluble’, but when they cannot exit the body’s ‘terrain’ using the lymphatic system and liver, they morph into structure waste in the body and lose their solubility i.e. they cannot exit the system because they are no longer in soluble waste form.

Plaque and scar tissue must be ‘dissolved’ before they can circulate out of the body by way of the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems. The liver is the gateway out of the body for all circulating waste, that is, if it is not scarred and clogged.

The word ‘fibrosis’ describes the effect of excess waste formation and inflammation associated with aging and degenerative dis-ease. Fibrosis of the lungs and liver are good examples of degenerative breakdown of two vital organs because of inflammation, amyloid and scar tissue formation.

Scarring and amyloid plaque leads to loss of hearing, senility and serious vision problems because it blocks and slows blood and oxygen flow into and out of the head which leads to inflammation and degeneration.

Aging is predictable, but it is NOT necessary, unless you choose to ignore the signs and symptoms giving you warning.  Diabetes, cardiovascular, liver issues, gout, cognitive issues, loss of energy and slowing of metabolism are the EFFECTS of system inflammation and slow down of vital organ functions. All of these issues are avoidable and most are reversible.

Hormonal imbalance between regulatory hormones insulin and leptin is a PRIMARY driver of degenerative dis-ease, plaque and scar tissue. Please read Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life by clicking hyperlink.


Change your habits and lifestyle.

If you are aging or suffering, know that amyloid plaque, scar tissue and inflammation are causing you to FORFEIT your health and your future. You must choose!

The body has the ability and capacity to reverse aging if you help it. If you wish to see it happen in your life, you must seek non conventional guidance. The sick-care system is useless.

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Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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