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Anecdotal Observations by John Thomas

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Nightmare: unpleasant dream produced by internal stress/inflammation.


Contrary to myth and urban legend, nightmare(s) are directly related to the state of the body’s terrain, and particularly, the bowel (full, inflamed, toxic, backed-up, etc.) and the bladder during the sleep cycle.

Nightmares occur during the sleep cycle anytime, but predictably after 4-5 am in the morning.  This is the time when the body, and the liver in particular, are dumping waste into the intestinal tract activating the nerves running between the intestinal wall and the brain.

Since nightmares are a bowel/terrain issue, it should be obvious that if the terrain issues associated with that part of the body is addressed so will be nightmares; and they are!


Know, sugar, sweets and fruit inflame the bladder and disturbs the sleep cycle, particularly when eaten in the evening.

It is important to learn and perform the Enema Protocol which only requires 2-3 minutes to perform and begin doing enemas THREE times a day, every day.  Click hyperlink to to learn how easy it is to perform.  It will CHANGE your life!

For most people, a morning bowel movement is common and predictable.  A mid day movement and evening movement not so much.  Before bed, usually NOT!

If you go to bed with a full bowel, you will not sleep well, you will forfeit deep sleep and will eventually develop sleep apnea because of the build-up of waste in your system. And you will suffer nightmares which is a symptomatic side effect of full/inflamed bowel and bladder.

You should drink a glass of water with activated sea mineral electrolytes BEFORE you go to bed so your body is sufficiently hydrated to dump and release waste during the sleep cycle.

Drinking water before retiring is NOT the source of frequent male or female urination calls during the night.  This problem is an inflammatory response due to dietary sweets and fruit, and an inflamed, compromised intestinal gut wall and takeover by unfriendly microbes, especially yeast.

Bladder and prostate infections, so-called, are not what they appear, but they most certainly are linked to digestion, bowel and gut inflammatory responses.

Know if you are over age 35, you are NOT digesting you food like you did at age 20; and poor digestion is a key component of an active bowel and elimination of nightmares.

Sleep should be pleasant and deep.  See Special Insights, Sleep Apnea & Poor Sleep – Common Misconceptions by clicking hyperlink.

Also see Dynamic Circulation Therapy for more insight into issues affecting sleep.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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