Metabolic Syndrome (so-called)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Metabolic Syndrome:  a ‘mysterious’ list of medically related symptoms that include: cardiovascular issues, diabetes, kidney problems, abdominal obesity, high serum triglicerides, elevated blood pressure (hypertension) and low HDL cholesterol.

Notice, these symptoms are common complaints of what plagues many people, and the list is usually doctor’s focus and justification for tests and more tests forever in search of answers behind the medical mysteries.

Medical diagnosis rarely includes the words, METABOLIC SYNDROME, so few patients understand the forces at work behind their suffering.


The word SYNDROME is official admission that the medical experts don’t have a clue about the nature and etiology (cause) of the patients dilemma.

Dysfunction of regulatory mechanism says it all and behind dysfunction you will always find “terrain issues!'”

Young Again Club protocols focus on TERRAIN Issues because when you address the underlying causes of suffering and so-called disease, the symptoms go, bye, bye.

Metabolic syndrome is nothing more than a collection of autoimmune symptoms of unknown origin (medically speaking) with progressive degeneration of the general state of health of affected individuals.

Metabolic syndrome is a TERRAIN ISSUE first and foremost, resulting from the following contributing factors: iodine, selenium and magnesium ion insufficiency, poor digestion, leaky gut, intestinal inflammation, bowel issues, poor liver function, insulin, leptin and adrenaline resistance combined with elevated endotoxin and mycotoxin levels an, a compromised immune system and loss of Primal Immunity.  [Ask for guidance.]

Medically, there is NO KNOWN CURE for metabolic syndrome and there never will be.  The reason is exactly the same reason that there is NO KNOWN CURE for cancer and never will be.  The point is: both are collections of symptoms; neither are diseases and neither can be corrected until the terrain and Primal Immunity are restored.

Metabolic syndrome is a classic case of systemic low-grade inflammation and hormone imbalance from mycotoxin dominance.

The reason is because all of the effects and symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome are autoimmune driven terrain issues that occur in particular patterns. Examples: Joe has colon cancer and Susie has fibromyalgia, George has prostatitis and Carol has irritable bowel.

Autoimmune issues manifest in hundreds of ways. The pattern by which terrain issues present varies widely from one individual to another.  Treatment of symptoms is a futile approach and why sick-care is an endless circle of suffering and misery.  [Ask for guidance.]


Know that the very BEST way to address metabolic syndrome is by restoration of the terrain and settling of the variables that drive it.

Anyone seeking answers and results should adopt Young Again Club principles and  lifestyle.

Poor circulation and dietary intake of sugar, sweets, fruit and carbohydrates feed the development of this ugly condition especially in the face of much stress and anxiety.

Know, you can abuse yourself and ‘kind of’ get away with it when you are under age 35, but as you get older, your body will rebel and eventually collapse from abusive.  When that time arrives, you will either get your act together or you will grow old and suffer unnecessarily.

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  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

Also, it would be very useful for the reader to review concepts related to Terrain and Autoimmune by clicking Glossary link below.

If you need help and guidance, ask.

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