Lymph Fluid (lymphatic system)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Lymph fluid: is one of three fluid tissues of the body; the other two being blood and cerebral spinal fluid.


Blood is the tissue fluid vehicle for delivering oxygen and nutrients;  lymph fluid is the secondary vehicle for ‘returning’ fluids in the tissues back to the  body.

Approximately 40% of the blood leaving the heart is supposed to service the head i.e. brain, ears and eyes, and if this percentage drops, as it does after age 35 and beyond, the organs of the head suffer accordingly. Now you can better understand why we age from the head down.

Next, only 90% of blood leaving the heart to service the entire body returns as blood, meaning there is a 10% leak in the blood circulatory system.

The leakage is plasma protein (amyloid fluid) that is released into the extracellular/interstitial cellular spaces. The escaped fluids are the vehicle by which the body services the cells and exchanges nutrients for waste at the cellular level.

Cellular waste is acidic (corrosive) in nature and must be removed from the tissues. If left stagnant, inflammation, suffering and premature aging occur.

When waste laden tissue fluids are picked-up and absorbed into the lymphatic system, only then are they called ‘lymph’ fluids. Edema is a good example of poorly circulating waste and water and lodged in the tissues.  Edema occurs because the lymphatic system is not functioning properly and is unable to move waste laden fluids from the tissues.

In young,, active people approximately 80% of waste filled tissue fluids are absorbed by the lymphatic system, but in older, less active people fluid waste circulation levels can be as low as 25%.

The Nature of Tissue Waste

Fluids remaining in the tissue spaces are made of amyloid waste proteins that eventually morph becoming amyloid plaque and scar tissue; both of which are structural wastes that cannot circulate out of the body because of their structural form.

Breakdown of amyloid plaque and scar tissue is part of the aging reversal process and Young Again Club Protocols; lymphatic fluids rejoin the blood just prior to the subclavian vein entering the heart. Waste filled blood is processed by the liver and the waste is removed. The waste product the liver produces is called ‘bile’.

Sick, scarred, cirrhotic livers, and livers suffering from ‘fibrosis’ are highly compromised. A compromised, sick liver can be restored if the body is provided the means and opportunity.


Ask for help and be willing to cooperate.

By following Young again Club Protocols, you will help your body reverse the degenerative effects associated with poor circulation and structural waste and scar tissue.

For example, the Tissue & Liver Protocol is the quickest way to GET OUT OF JAIL and restore critical functions so the body can care for itself.  Click hyperlink to read about it.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

Also see the  Structural Waste Protocol by clicking hyperlink.

Read the 6th edition of the book, Young Again!

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