Enema (Low & High Enema Therapy)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Enema: a simple procedure using water to stimulate, break-up and lubricate the bowel for a more complete bowel movement without pain or dyscomfort.


The word enema is used here to signify ‘low’ enema therapy as used in the book Young Again! as opposed to ‘high’ enema therapy.

An enema is nothing more than filling the lower, sigmoid colon with tepid, tap water for about 15 seconds for release of waste. The very inserting of the tip into the anus ‘stimulates’ nerve flow and causes the entire intestinal track both lower (colon) and upper (gut) plus the liver to relax and release. The procedure is CORE principle of the Young Again Club Protocols.

Enemas produce wonderful, long term results for people who are sickly, who have terrible health histories and for those who wish to slow and reverse ‘aging’.

Enemas are not a popular subject, and certainly are not one to share with friends and acquaintances at the dinner table.

Enema enthusiasts know the value, and those who suffer with hemorrhoids will find major relief by learning how to use this wonderful procedure.

Special and specific instructions are provided with the YAC enema kit. Please do not assume that a water bottle with a hose connected as commonly found in your local corner drug store is correct equipment; it is NOT. The same goes for ‘fleet’ enemas. Neither provides the convenience and benefits of proper enema procedure.

When your mood is ‘down’ or in an energy ‘slump’, a simple, quick enema dynamically stimulates energy flow and you come right out of your slump. In the old days, country doctors knew that when someone suffered blacked–out, collapsed etc. a ‘goose’ in the butt with the finger would snap the person back to the world of the living;

This less than socially acceptable procedure long ago lost it usefulness, as did ‘milking’ an old man’s prostate has not been practiced for many, many years; to be replaced with damnable, dangerous drugs. However, Young Again Club now offers men who would like to hang onto their health and sexuality, a simple, self-applied method to avoid and remedy prostate problems (Ask for help, men!).

During deep sleep is when the body heals, repairs and regenerates. As people age and the metabolism slows, so does their ability to get a good, deep, night’s sleep. One of the primary benefits of enema therapy is reduction of waste driven inflammation throughout the bio-electric body.

People who perform enemas soon discover that it was not their ‘mattress’ that was preventing good sleep. The discover that it was the inflammation in their body as a result of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle and Sugar/Alcohol Cycle that took over every aspect of  life and health.

Some people use coffee for enemas, but the practice is only useful with ‘deep’ enema therapy (colonic irrigation).  Low enemas use small amounts of fluid that enters and exits in about 30 seconds to one minute. When done correctly, an enema should not take more than three (3) minutes start to finish.

The procedure is done ‘sitting’ on the toilet in normal position. Many people have ‘anal’ attitudes on this subject, particularly men. However, once they ‘get it’, they become big time converts when they realize that sexual function depends on a healthy bowel and prostate, both of which go downhill after age 40 and beyond.

Women (both menstrual and menopausal) who learn to do enemas come to realize that their suffering and misery can be eased and eliminated by adopting this simple Young Again Club principle.

Contrary to popular urban myth, many people will not even consider doing enemas.  Those who refuse to incorporate enemas into their daily routine commonly rely on objections, such as these: enemas are not normal; enemas ‘rob’ your body of friendly bacteria; none of which is true.

The above comments apply particularly to physicians, natureopaths and chiropractors who ‘don’t get it’ and who also suffer and age and die prematurely because they have hang-ups on this subject.

Interestingly, professional people who practice enema therapy are terrified that their peers will discover that they recommend and do enemas because they KNOW they will be ridiculed unmercifully.  Please avoid becoming a victim of backward thinking.

Ask for guidance on this topic if you are open; and if your are not open, I feel sorry for you because you are forfeiting your future and blocking your body’s ability to reverse your past sins and poor choices.

See Enema Protocol in Protocol Link below.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

For further understanding of low and high enema protocol,  see the 6th edition of the book, Young Again!

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