Amyloid Plaque (scar tissue)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Plaque (Scar Tissue): Non-soluble, fibrous, sugar-based, protein aggregates that form in the body tissues in response to: lack of circulating sulfates, INFLAMMAtioN, accumulation of waste, elevated acidity, leptin/insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, poor diet, poor digestion, a poorly functioning liver and sluggish bowels.


Amyloid structures and plaques are unnatural, non-functional fibrous tissue structures that do NOT break-down on their own without direct, intervention by the individual.

Scar tissue and plaque formation are closely related and can be corrected by the same the body if it is given the opportunity to dissolve these structural deposits.

Plaques are morbid in nature, meaning, unnatural and not healthy.  Blastomas [cancerous brain tumor formation] involves accumulation of amyloid proteins.  Icelandic peradox [HCAA] involves abnormal invasion of heart and brain tissue by blood capillaries that form fibrous, growth.

Plaques limit blood and both blood and lymph flows and provide friendly breeding grounds for pathogenic organisms from yeast and fungi to bacteria and parasites.

Cellular waste proteins are initially ‘soluble’, but if not circulated out of the body’s ‘terrain’, they morph and form structures [tissue masses] and lose their solubility.

Plaques and scar tissue must be ‘dissolved’ before they can be circulated out of the body by the lymph, cerebral spinal fluid and blood circulatory systems.  This PROCESS that takes time, and requires guidance and use of proteolitic compounds to dissolve them.

The liver is the primary gateway out of the body for 90% of all waste; the kidneys process the remaining 10%. [See the Tissue & Liver Protocol for a clear understanding of the process by which liver function can be restored and excess waste can be eliminated from the body.]

The word ‘fibrosis’ describes pathological changes in tissue.

Amyloid plaque formation leads to: brain tumors, loss of hearing, senility and vision problems because it interferes with blood and oxygen flow into inflamed tissues and organs and limits lymph flow of waste and carbon dioxide out of inflamed tissues.

Poor capillary circulation of blood and oxygen into the brain is obviously a HUGE factor in degradation of all things related to the head: ears, eyes and brain!

Acidification of the body terrain is a HUGE COMPONENT in the formation and progress of amyloid plaque.  [Click hyperlink to read about the TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL and its implications for everyone, regardless of age, but especially for those beyond age 35.]

If you are aging or suffering, know that sub-clinical inflammation is causing you to forfeit your health and age prematurely.

Aging reversal is within everyone’s reach, but you will need guidance.  Ask.

Unfortunately, common healthy lifestyle ideas [eating good food, avoiding junk food, exercise and active bowels] will NOT reverse the damage inflicted upon the body terrain.

Amyloid plaque is the real-time expression of poor dietary choices and lifestyle.

Ask for guidance.

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Also, read, Icelandic Phenomenon, here for a more complete understanding of sulfates.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

See Scar Tissue and Inflammation in glossary link below.

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