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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Powerful New Product!


The Promise of Bio-Active Magnesium Ions

Bio-active magnesium offers outstanding promise for anyone wishing improved health and energy.

R/MgO Spray contains biologically-active magnesium ions with BORON, for absorption via the skin. 

Massage 10 sprays/20 drops of R/MgO two (or more) times/day into skin of: buttocks, breasts calves, belly, chest, thighs and arms.  For example, do leg(s) in am and belly in pm; next day, do buttocks and arms. 

Your skin is the VERY BEST MEDIUM for magnesium ion absorption, providing up to 95% absorption with the help of Boron.  Oral use is much less; ABSORPTION is the issue.  To experience the full benefits biologically-friendly magnesium offers, please make the effort!   You can shower or remove residue after 15 minutes!

Rotate skin application sites for best absorption.  R/MgO spray is highly concentrated and may cause some tingling/itching at first, which a GOOD sign; the effect will ease with use.  Know, the greater the skin response, the more magnesium deficient your system.  Load you system, and you can forget about heart attack/stroke!

Oral use of R/MgO is NOT a substitute for skin application.  Oral use offers different benefits.  Generally, it is best to do 30 days of skin application BEFORE taking R/MgO orally in water. 

The FULL BENEFITS that magnesium ion ‘LOADING’ offers, comes through your SKIN, not orally!

Iodine, selenium and magnesium ions depend on each other, and each MUST to be present in bio-active form to receive full benefits each has to offer.  [For those concerned about heart attack/stroke, click here.]

R/MgO, RIO & R/S Selenium applications: cardiovascular, kidney, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, cancer, difficult  periods, fibroids/ovarian cysts, vision and memory challenges, tinnitus, yeast, systemic inflammation, arthritis, neuropathy, menopause/andropause, [men: ED!] and regrowth of hair.  The list is endless.

  • Excellent for regeneration of system.
  • Boosts energy & metabolism naturally.
  • Improves circulation to brain & limbs.
  • Addresses neuropathy complaints.
  • Reduces systemic inflammation.
  • Curbs food cravings & reduces appetite.
  • Eases brain fog; sharpens memory.
  • Promotes deep sleep; helps sleep apnea.
  • Helps dissolve & prevent cellular biofilm.
  • Super for bladder & yeast issues.
  • Warms cold bodies, naturally.
  • Helps blood sugar management.
  • Eases digestion, gas and bloat.
  • Helps manage blood sugar issues.
  • Addresses insulin & leptin resistance.
  • Promotes female & male health.
  • Useful for metabolic syndrome.
  • Helps moodiness and depression.
  • Boosts mitochondrial regeneration.
  • Useful for ADD & ADHD issues.
  • Promotes healthy eyes and ears.
  • Eases intestinal and bowel challenges.

R/MgO is now available.  One order lasts two months!  Ask about introductory offer.

John Thomas, Author (509) 465-4154 or (509) 466-8103 fax or email.  


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  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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