Bad Breath & Body Odor The Dynamics of Wasting

Bad breath and body odor are very misunderstood symptoms, and the forces behind them are the same forces that deprive us of good health and longevity.  To learn more, read on.

If you are unhappy with your present health status or you wish to avoid chronic dis-ease in the years ahead, give this report the attention you deserve.

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Waste Management

Dynamics Of Wasting

Co-Factors Of Waste Management

Waste & Terrain Management

Suggestions & Solutions

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Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth always prevails and readers deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well!

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Waste Management

When you find yourself in a hole with a shovel, STOP DIGGING!

The point is: a toxic, polluted body is CENTRAL to aging and suffering, and bad breath and body odor are CENTRAL to acidity and waste overload.  And, the more waste you allow your body to accumulate, the deeper you dig your hole!

So, if you suffer from bad breath and body odor [or some other version of premature aging] and you wish to solve your troubles, embrace these Terrain Management Principles.

Principles of Terrain Management

Rule #1: stop accumulating waste.

Rule #2: clear-out waste already accumulated.

Rule #3: change your thinking; change your habits.

Dynamics Of Wasting

The body stores waste.  Some waste comes from without and some is generated from within.

Why The Body Stores Waste:

  1. The body stores internally-generated cellular waste when it loses the ability to neutralize and remove acid waste from the system.
  1. The body isolates chemicals and environmental poisons FORCED on it by 1) removing them from circulation and 2) storing them with cellular waste.

Cellular waste and toxic chemicals express themselves in thousands ways.  Bad breath and body odor are two symptoms; premature aging, low-grade, systemic inflammation and age-related vision and hearing problems are a few more examples of waste overload.

Symptoms of chemical and waste overload are endless!  And, the sick-care system has an endless supply of diagnostic labels that mislead patients; labels that misinterpret waste-related symptoms and cause patients ignorant of the facts to needlessly suffer.

But, no matter what symptoms come first [bad breath and body odor, or inflammation and dis-ease] an acidic, waste-filled terrain is CENTRAL to everyone’s story.

If you are aging and suffering and/or you are caught-up in the sick-care system, you are LOADED with acid waste and you should address the issue; it will NOT go away on its own!  Waste overload and an acidic terrain affect, EVERYTHING!

Co-Factors Of Waste Management

Pathogenic organisms [be they bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic] live on ACID WASTE, heavy metals and iron!  And, the higher your ferritin iron levels, the faster the body ages and the greater the suffering.

ACID WASTE accumulation haunts, everyone!  For example: gas/bloat, poor digestion, bowel disorders and skin issues are symptoms of acid waste overload.  Acid waste also drives the BIG FIVE: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, kidney and arthritis.

Common Co-Factors:

YEAST/CANCER: when waste overloads the system, yeast grows and produces toxins that: 1) limit mitochondrial activity, 2) decrease cellular oxygen levels, and 3) lowers body pH.  Yeast overgrowth is an inflammatory state of being affecting everyone to some degree.  Yeast infestation and cancer [which is a fungal condition of systemic acidity and elevated toxicity] are actually one in the same the SAME problem!  [Now, you know the simple truth!]

WATER: the two rules of water are 1) drink plenty throughout the day [one glass per urination], and 2) avoid unfiltered, city, tap water.   Filtered water is better; however, it is stripped of electrolytes [ions] the body needs to operate the heart, brain and nervous system.  Behind heart attack and stroke is insufficient reserves of mineral ions, NOT cholesterol and DNA as popularly taught and believed. [Bio-active ions are available from Young Again Club.  Learn more, here.]

SWEETS: sugar and carbohydrates feed the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle, disrupt blood sugar balance and promote the pre-diabetic state known as, insulin/leptin resistance.  Pre-diabetes haunts the entire population, young and old alike!  Some become diabetic; others suffer from the BIG FIVE KILLERS.  Avoid pre-diabetes and an acidic terrain and the BIG FIVE will not ring your door bell!

FOOD: you can function well on two meals a day without any form of snacking, but only if metabolism is balanced and you AVOID the pre-diabetic state.  If you snack [or if you eat more often than every 6 hours], you are either: not eating and absorbing your fats, and/or your digestion is poor or you are pre-diabetic.

DIGESTION:  poor digestion drives terrain acidity.Routine digestive aids are inadequate; everything combined into one pill does not work.  Proteins break-down in the stomach, fats require bio-active bile for absorption and transformation into hormones and energy, and carbohydrates are, problematic.  Read more about digestion, here and diet, here.

BLOOD SUGAR: so-called normal blood sugar is 20-50 points high, and NORMAL blood sugar lis what drives inflammation and premature aging.  Diabetes of the brain [diabetes type 3] is a pre-diabetic condition with side effects known as, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vascular dementia.  Sugar-based acid waste and iron deposits destroy the brain.  These neurological conditions are terrain issues, NOT diseases.  They are preventable.  Furthermore, they have NOTHING to do with family history, genes or DNA.  Click here and here to learn more.

BOWELS: that move less than 2-3 times/day cause waste to accumulate in extracellular fluids, turning the body, acidic.  Active bowels, however, are NOT the solution, either!  Point is: waste accumulates!  Waste promotes aging and blocks repair.  [BTW: cancer is a symptom of a body drowning in acid waste.  Cancer has NOTHING to do with your family, DNA or genes!]

INTESTINES: probiotics are helpful, but they DO NOT repair the intestinal wall; that is not their job!  Rare is the person not suffering from digestion and leaky gut issues.  Correct gut, diet and digestion issues and bad breath and body odor improve along with gas and bloat which is a classic example of a compromised intestinal tract.  Here is your solution.

IRON TOXICITY:  the body stores elemental iron in blood to limit damage.  Elemental iron is extremely toxic to the body, and adults [and pets] are LOADED with it.  Doctor ignores this metric! Doctor DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the meaning of ferritin iron overload!  Iron is inflammatory; it fuels free radical oxidation and provides pathogenic organisms ONE critical growth factor they require.  Ferritin iron has nothing to do with anemia.  Rare is the person with a ferritin score that is not NORMAL; yet, people age and suffer because of their so-called, NORMAL iron levels.  Few understand what to do about it.  To learn more, click here and here.

URINE pH: urine pH should be maintained at 6.8.  Those with urine pH between 5.0-6.0 age and suffer accordingly.  Those below pH 5.0 are in VERY BAD territory and must act promptly.  pH is a measure of terrain acidity; but it does NOT measure your bicarbonate levels.  That is why Young Again Club provides guidance for its members for implementation of the Terrain pH Protocol.  Here is an overview of the Protocol.  [Look for more in future issues of, Special Insights.]

BICARBONATES: people think they need more oxygen, when their problem is insufficient CO2.  Low carbon dioxide levels limit hemoglobin’s ability to carry and deliver oxygen.  Low cellular oxygen means low metabolism and rising acidity.  Symptoms are: aging and endless suffering!  Bicarbonates neutralize body acidity and BOOST metabolism.  Supplemental oxygen given in the face of insufficient CO2 increases terrain acidity for those with respiratory problems.  [Look for more in future issues of, Special Insights.]

DEEP BREATHING: shallow, rapid breathing acidifies the body!  Deep breathing lowers acidity.  Practice this easy, no cost procedure for improved health and energy!  Deep breathing and the Five Rites are POWERFUL tools.  Read Super Power Breathing by Bragg, from Amazon.

EXERCISE: move it or lose it!  Exercise is about movement of body fluids; cardio benefits are secondary.  Circulation moves waste and the best thing one can do is get out of that chair and walk, climb stairs, perform the Five Rites, do half squats, stretch, etc.

CHARGED IONS: are bio-active mineral elements.  Ions are what operate your electrical system; and, they assist outflow of waste and heavy metals from the brain, tissues and joints.  Young Again Club offers bio-active ions for improved metabolism.  Click here and here to learn more.

STRESS, ANXIETY & ANGER: drive–up terrain acidity and drive-down the body’s magnesium ion reserves!  Stress, anxiety and anger are impossible to avoid, but you can neutralize their effects with bio-active magnesium ions [with Boron] from Young Again Club.

LIVER: processes 90% of body waste and the kidneys, 10%.  Chronic health challenges always involve a compromised liver, an acid terrain, low bicarbonate levels and mitochondrial dysfunction.  Bad breath and body odor are shadows of a compromised liver!  Learn more, here.

Waste & Terrain Management

The principles outlined in this report are TERRAIN MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS.

Implementation of these concepts can ease chronic health issues, and with patience and commitment, many problems simply, go away!

Your age should not be the determining factor for taking control of your life.  You must, however, be willing to accept guidance and do your part.

Realize, doctor assigns diagnostic labels to ailments based on tests, signs and symptoms, but NEVER, cause.  Test results are often wrong, and even when accurate, they do not explain why you have the problem.  WHY, is the question?

Fear, ignorance and lack of viable alternatives cause otherwise rational people to knuckle-under and use risky medications.  And, all medications are risky!

Diagnosis does not address cause, diagnosis is about yesterday’s poor choices.  Worse, diagnosis limits tomorrow’s possibilities, particularly when patients take possession of their symptoms and diagnosis.  Symptoms are not cause.

Waste is the shadow behind people’s symptoms!

Suggestions & Solutions

Waste management and de-acidification of the terrain is highly individualistic.

Waste management is a CORE tenant of the Young Again Club.

Call or email for guidance.

There is no cost of any kind.

Click THIS LINK and THIS LINK to de-acidify your terrain, remove waste and avoid major problems.

Words Of Wisdom

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered: “Man!  Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, then dies having never really lived.”

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