Ultra-Blue [Super -Food] Supplement

Nucleic Acids & Cyan-Blue Pigments

The Ultimate 21st Century Super-Food

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

The dilemma of sick-food is upon us!  Nutrient deficient and genetically altered food is undermining people’s health.  Fake food is slow-motion-poison.  Fake food violates the meaning of food.  Real food sustains life.  Real food cures dis-ease and rids the body of symptoms patients and practitioners mislabel as disease.

This report is about the new super-food Ultra-Blue that is named for benefits that come from cyan-blue pigments and bioactive nucleic acids.  Ultra-Blue adds meaning to food supplementation.

Ultra-Blue is a timely offering considering the miserable state of the food chain.  Ultra-Blue supplies energy frequencies common supplements and organic foods lack.  Ultra-Blue manages waste and protects against environmental toxins and  downstream effects of vaxx mania.  To learn more, read on.

Ultra-Blue is a perfect super supplement; a potent formulation of cyan-blue pigments and nucleic-acids the body needs.  Below is a review of Ultra-Blue benefits that make it a cornerstone of every dietary regimen.  [BTW: readers can get a FREE BOTTLE of Ultra-Blue with this limited-time BOGO OFFER.  Details below.]

Nucleic Acids & Cyan-Blue Pigments

The colors of the rainbow ARE the visible light spectrum.  Cyan-blue is particularly important because it vibrates at 490-570 nanometers wavelength; the frequencies where photosynthesis transforms sunlight into nucleotides we need for health and longevity.  Cyan-blue is about lifeforce!

Cyan-blue is in the band-width of light spectrum where nucleic acids form living proteins that compete against spike proteins associated with so-called viruses and mRNA vaxxes.  Nucleic acids promote healthy blood-oxygen levels to defend against spike-protein-driven capillary clotting and low-grade inflammation that accompanies chimeric DNA alterations of body physiology.  [Cross-specie hybridization of human physiology is scary stuff!]

mRNA vaxxes and monoclonal antibody drugs contain cross-specie proteins that alter DNA and corrupt God’s handiwork!  Worse, they create trans-humans.  Trans-specie proteins antagonize common comorbidities and provoke autoimmune reactions!  Use Ultra-Blue to defend against chimeric modification, limit corruption of DNA and lessen susceptibility to dis-ease variants, VED [vaxx-enhanced dis-ease] and shedding to others.

Ultra-Blue is the ultimate super-food of the 21st Century!

Promotes vibrant metabolism.                          

Supports healthy innate immune system expression.

Protects against effects of 5-G radiation.             

Protects against spike-protein, chimeric dis-ease.

Provides nucleic acids for regeneration.             

Boosts lifeforce & the perfect real-food supplement.

Fuels mitochondrial output of ATP.                 

Promotes healthy liver and blood-oxygen levels.

Provides cyan-blue related energy.                 

Unlimited shelf-life & the perfect super-food supplement.

Contains no inflammatory oxalates.                

Crisis nourishment for both good times and bad.

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