Case Study #3- Brown Eyes Green Black Hair To White & Black Again


Eye color and hair color have meaning.  Both are terrain issues, neither are fixed and genetics and DNA have nothing to do with either of them.  To learn more, read on.

This edition of Special Insights pertains to everyone.  It contains your author’s health history, by crisis.  This is Number Three of the Missing Diagnosis Series for which I have personal knowledge. It should serve the reader well.  Enjoy!

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Brown Eyes Blue

Crystal Gale is famous for her song, Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.  The song’s title, a metaphor about love, emotion and eye color fits well with the Young Again Club message.  Here’s the story.

Questions?  Why do Australian aboriginal people have beautiful blue eyes in defiance of so-called laws of genetics?  Why do color anomalies appear in the iris of people’s eyes?

Questions?  Why does the brilliance of blue and green eyes dull as people age?  Why do people develop cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration beyond age 40, if not before?  Why do babies enter the world hazel-blue eyed before eye color turns brown or black?  Why indeed?

Eye Color & Hairy Questions

Science says hair color, eye color and balding are genetically determined, but science is wrong; the experts are hopelessly confused.  Learn the real story and life takes on a different color!

I knew a trucker who had Mel Gibson blue eyes until age 14 when he became deathly ill, causing his eyes to turn dark brown and his body, diabetic.  At age 48, after the Tissue & Liver Protocol, his diabetes disappeared and his eyes reverted to brilliant blue!  Why?

Body hair [and lack of it] has much in common with hair color.  Hair has everything to do with: restricted circulation, toxic terrain, poor digestion, bad diet, sluggish bowels, compromised liver, sweets, fruit and alcohol (especially wine), lack of electrolytes, bio-absorbable B-vitamins, dietary fats and the ability to process dietary fats.

Hair and eye color have NOTHING to do with your DNA and genetics and everything to do with your terrain, as does most everything about us!  

Why do some men have more body hair than others?  Why does the body grow hair on the head, and in the groin and arm pits?  Why does hair gray?  Why do men baldWhy do people gray and lose hair from the head down?  Why do the elderly lose body hair as they age?

Why do women grow hair on their nipples, upper lip and chin while head hair, thins?  Why do obese men grow modified breasts and develop hair on their noses and ears?

Why do we have hair in the groin instead of fig leavesWhy, at puberty, does the body grow pubic hair?  Why do blondes become brunettes as they age?

Why does hair texture and color change with age?  Why is the appendix, a so-called vestigial organ, located beneath pubic hair and surrounded by Peyer’s Patches?

For answers to these questions, click the links herein and consult the online 6th edition of Young Again!  The Glossary on website is heavily populated, easy to use and designed to assist acquisition of useful information by readers.

John Thomas’ Personal Medical Chronology 

Below is a chronology of my personal medical history which provides good examples of the body’s amazing power to heal and regenerate.  [My history is detailed here for smooth reading and less back and forth clicking.]

1950: John Thomas [age 6] began usage of antibiotics at least once, yearly; ate lots of sweets.

1958: John Thomas [age 14] thrown through car window at 65 MPH; badly beat-up, 10 stitches to back of head, lots of antibiotics; slow recovery.

1963: John Thomas [age 19] suffers liver damage and severe mononucleosis with heavy, on-going antibiotics and long [two year], slow recovery.

1967: John Thomas [age 23, US Army] tumor removed from pelvis, antibiotics, slow recovery.

1981: John Thomas [age 37] knee surgery with IV antibiotics and suffers 25 years before discovering how to dissolve scar tissue and regenerate his knee.  [2006, full recovery.]

1985: John Thomas [age 41] blinded 3 days from battery acid in both eyes; slow recovery.

1989: John Thomas [age 45] right inguinal hernia surgery with IV antibiotics, very slow recovery.

1993: John Thomas grows a full head of genuine, natural colored hair and writes Young Again!

1994: John Thomas [age 50] releases the Tissue and Liver Protocol and sees his eye color switch from life-long, dark brown to light green and caramel.  Further regeneration occurred for next twelve years by following Young Again Club Principles.

2006, John Thomas [age 63] suffers injury to hand in garden.  Story: microbes enter his left hand, ring finger.  Incubation period: one week, then football-sized hand and fire-red up the forearm.  Medical prognosis: loss of hand or death.  Official diagnosis: septicemia [blood poisoning, but no idea of cause] followed by emergency surgery and heavy, broad spectrum IV antibiotics.  Official Cause: no clue!  John Thomas’ unofficial self-diagnosis:  fungal sepsis and immune system collapse from fungal overgrowth and production of mycotoxin.]  Post prognosis:  surgeon: “Too old; hand can’t recover; hang-it-up and be glad you are alive!”  Three months later: normal hand function!  One year later: complete recovery; scar finger and palm for proof!

2012-13, John Thomas [age 68] undergoes repair of a 20 year inguinal hernia [left side.]  FYI: once torn, muscle sheath covering belly organs must be surgically repaired; it does not regenerate.  Incubation period following massive dose of surgical IV antibiotics: 4 months.  Onset: July 4, followed by loss of 50 lbs. by late October and severe debilitation.  Official diagnosis: “Nothing wrong; your tests are perfect!”  John Thomas’ unofficial self-diagnosis: Epstein Barre (Landry’s Paralysis) caused by systemic mold/fungal takeover and collapse of immune function from broad spectrum IV antibiotics].  Early November status: John Thomas turns old man [white hair!]and prepares to die [literally!]  Eight months later: complete recovery [normal function, normal weight, good muscle tone and natural hair color i.e. no hair dye!]

New Answers To Old Problems

The follow sequence of events, products and protocols enumerated below came in the aftermath of the above crisis.  Each was identified and developed to assist John Thomas address his health horizon.  [FYI: body physiology changes after age 40 and every five years brings new issues.  To maintain your health and avoid entanglement in the sick-care system, ask for guidance.]

2013: John Thomas introduces ReStore [followed by ReSet] for restoring intestinal health, boosting of immune function and settling of autoimmune challenges.  [John Thomas developed ReStore & ReSet to address gut issues left over from his 2012-13 crisisReStore & ReSet should not be confused with PROBIOTICS; they are NOT the same.  Great for gas/bloat and bowel issues very popular.]  Read about them, here and here.

2015, John Thomas [age 71] loses his footing, falls off six-foot brick wall into street injuring two ribs while doing construction work.  Two months later, full recovery of strength/mobility.  [FYI: the same ribs were injured 25 years earlier (at age 46), requiring one year with limited recovery!]

2016: John Thomas introduces Dynamic Circulation Therapy for vibrational stimulation of good health and for personal, at-home-intervention by the individual.  [DCT was instrumental in John Thomas speedy healing [see 2015 above] following above and his continued progress.  At age 71, speedy healing is difficult to come by.]

2016:  John Thomas introduces ReVive for natural blood sugar management and improvement of memory and cognitive function.  [This protocol helped John Thomas sharpen his wits and boost his energy, energy and trim his waistline.]  Read about it, here.

2016: John Thomas introduces ReMove to assist reduction of excess ferritin iron and other heavy metals that drive inflammation in the body.  [John Thomas used ReMove to reduce excess ferritin iron without the hassle of blood donations.  Many people cannot donate blood for because of age, fear of needles, medications, etc.  Read about the protocol, here.]

2016: John Thomas introduces Ion Trio for better health and greater longevity.  [The Trio helped John Thomas improve health boost his system in new ways.  Read about it, here.]

2017: John Thomas makes the Terrain pH Protocol available for everyone FOR FREE.  [This protocol boosts bicarbonate reserves and reduces terrain acidity [both are prerequisites for maintaining good health and avoiding deterioration that comes with so-called normal aging.]  Read about my personal experiences with the protocol, here and here.

2017: John Thomas introduces exciting new product, ReCharge for boosting oxygen delivery and improving energy.  [ReCharge helped John Thomas to boost overall health increase metabolism and blood delivery.]  Read about ReCharge, here.

2017: John Thomas introduces Mold & Fungus Protocol [I & 2]; the most recent discovery and offering from Young Again Club.  The dynamics of this protocol are central to all health challenges and symptoms, no matter what your official story may be. Read about them, here.

2017: John Thomas posts new teaching platform on Young Again website called, Missing Diagnosis Series. [The new platform profiles individual health histories so people can see and understand cause and effect and learn what to do about their issues.]

2017: John Thomas is now approaching age 73, and as the ad says: “Like it never even happened!”

For assistance, call  or email John Thomas [see bottom of page].

Factors Deserving Your Time & Consideration

Inflammation is central to hair and eye issues.  Central to inflammation is acid waste accumulation and hyphal disruption of the gut wall by mold and fungus.  Central to those is mycotoxin poisoning, poor circulation and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.

Inflammation plagues humans; we are compromised creatures.  Inflammation is a symptom, nothing more, and it comes with pain, suffering and premature aging.  Identify cause if inflammation and diagnostic labels lose their sting.  Inflamed [waste burdened] tissue is a breeding ground for pathogenic organisms.  Create a happy home and the organisms will come!

Ninety percent (90%) of cellular waste exits the body through the liver, gallbladder and intestinal tract.  Absent healthy vital organ function, the body will NOT release acids and stored waste that feeds the production of biofilms and mold and fungus mycotoxin!]

Common health cleanses are superficial, at best.  The Tissue & Liver Protocol™ clears deeply imbedded waste from the whole terrain; a kind of get out of jail card!  The Terrain pH Protocol addresses major terrain metabolic issues which CANNOT be rectified by faddish cleanses.

Good food vs. junk food makes sense, but will not free you from your self-imposed prison or reverse inflammation and degenerative dis-ease.  Healthy water is useful, but is insufficient to restore the terrain.  Exercise is important, but does not reverse years of abuse and ignorance.  If these things were effective, people would not be suffering, aging and dying.

Hormone shifts and yeast overgrowth [male and female] can be corrected IF YOU DEAL WITH FUNGAL MYCOTOXINS.  Sweets and alcohol [especially wine, ladies!] rocks hormones and emotions, creates BELLY FAT and messes with estrogen.  [BTW: excess weight and inches confirm malnourishment and fungal orchestration of hormones, both sexual and metabolic.]

Changes in thickness, texture and color of body hair accompanies changes in vision, eye color, bad breath and body odor.  These things translate poor circulation, terrain acidification, fungal take-over and the COMMON side-effect called, inflammation.   All of them are terrain issues and none of them can be corrected if your thinking is, rigid.  You must understand things, correctly.

The forces driving hair and eye problems also drive bladder and prostate problems.  Young Again Protocols™ provide solutions for those wishing to separate alternative hot air from medical myth.

Looking Back 73 Years 

John Thomas survived major health crises that could have killed or crippled him, and he came back from all of them without limitation in the face of increasing age.  The Mold & Fungus Protocol [developed in 2017] is the most effective way to experience the possibilities!

Point: the body can regenerate faster when fungal infestation and mycotoxin production is addressed.  Translation: ignore credentialed experts and their meaningless tests.  You must learn a real physiology, not what is taught and practiced.  They are defective.

Fact:  human physiology is compromised by molds and fungi.  And, once mold spores are activated in the body, they spread and are universal to all illness, dis-ease, suffering, premature aging and early death.  If you have health issues [regardless of your age or symptoms] you now know understand your dilemma.

Responsibility for understanding and reversing fungal related issues is the responsibility of the individual, NOT doctor.  [Doctor does NOT see fungi as PRIMARY AGENTS OF INFECTION AND MORBIDITY.  Doctor was taught fungi are secondary and opportunistic, but that is wrong!]

Medical curriculums do not teach mycology [the study of molds and fungi] beyond ring worm and toe nail fungus issues.  The sick-care system has no idea of the universality of the mold problem.  Sadly, definitive lab tests for fungal issues were NEVER DEVELOPED following introduction of antibiotics in 1950, so you are on your own.

It is no accident that mycology was removed from curriculums.  Big pharma NEEDED A CRISIS and a BOOGEYMAN.  The cancer epidemic arrived by 1960.  Sick-care followed.  [Big pharma used medical ignorance and disinformation to develop their thriving market!]

Fact:  everyone suffers accidents and everyone has health challenges.  When your time arrives, your terrain determines your ability to recover and heal.  Mold and Fungus is a terrain issue.

Had John Thomas developed the Mold & Fungus Protocol earlier in his career, his immune function and regenerative capability would have been better and his medical chronology would read differently.  [At age 73, John Thomas is doing well thanks to the Mold & Fungus Protocol!] 

Details Matter!

Know, SYMPTOMS are side-effects of mycotoxins made by mold and fungi.  Symptoms are NOT cause and doctor’s label is all too often a misleading, label. 

Know, your bowels should move three times a day, every day.  Train your bowels with the Enema Protocol.  Drink eight glasses of [healthy!] water throughout the day, every day.  Know, if you are over age 35, you are NOT digesting your food like you should.  Know, 80% of energy needs derive from healthy, saturated, dietary fats make food cravings disappear!

Know, you will not be able to digest food or assimilate needed fats without activated digestive supports and bio-active bile.  [These items are exclusive to Young Again Club.Know, 1,000 mg. of bio-active Vitamin-C in the blood stream twice daily [along with bio-active sulfur] is needed for growth and repair of connective tissue such as, bone, cartilage, muscle, ligaments, etc.

Know, vitamin-C absorption [through the gut wall] is problematic, at best.  It causes intestinal irritation and compounds issues of hyphal penetration of the wall.  Fungal invasion affects the general population; young and old, alike!  Unfortunately, confusion reigns and people suffer because they do not know how to care for themselves.  Know, scar tissue and amyloid plaque formation are natural consequences of neglect and abuse of the body’s terrain.  Both come with age and both must be dissolved if you wish to reverse your biological clock.  [Read Chapter, 36, Silk Worm Blues, in 6th edition of Young Again!  Available on home page of this site.]

Know, the Terrain pH Protocol neutralizes stored, acidic waste and increases blood CO2 levels for increased delivery of oxygen to cells.  ReCharge boosts vitality even more!  [The Terrain pH Protocol is FREE, but few people take it seriously.  Read about it here.]

Know, that the big four [cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and arthritis] are symptomatic complaints, NOT dis-eases.  Read Special Insights, Symptoms, Labels & Delusions.  Know, the medical model is defective and incomplete.  Clinicians suffer and age like their patients.  Change your thinking if you wish control of your health and future.

Never doubt that you are on your own…and, you are better off on your own!  Sick care is a pathetic example of life on the edge.  [Everyone should read, Confused, Desperate or Both?]

Conclusions & Solutions

Many aspects of John Thomas’ medical chronology [outlined above] are common among the population, and are good examples of The Missing Diagnosis.

Few people escape misdiagnosis because that is what sick-care is about.  Meaning, sick-care is designed to keep you SICK!  [Alleviation of signs and symptoms does not count!]  Here is the Routine: identify symptoms, select a diagnosis, then treat the symptoms.  Cause is irrelevant.

Things are seldom what they appear, especially in the health arena.  Credentialed experts and bogus tests mislead, and confusion reigns because people have little working knowledge of real body physiology.  [Read Special Insights, Cause, Unknown!]

The internet increased confusion amongst the general population regarding body physiology and disease.  Regular people seeking answers have no idea of who or what to believe.  Clinicians suffer also, but their problem is medical disinformation and hubris.

The purpose of is education and elimination of ignorance; a tall order, considering the volume of flimflam bombarding people.  Television ads, replete with managed warnings cause unsuspecting people to innocently swallow the bait.

Excess information, credential overload, back-yard experts and internet noisemakers barking from every direction is the norm these days.

To educate yourself, follow the yellow brick road [Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz!] provided by Special Insights and Young Again Club.  Otherwise, you will be forced to pull a number and get in line.  You can’t have it both ways; you are responsible for yourself.  You must choose.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  What are you willing to tolerate?

Ask for guidance.

Is anything real, today? 

Woe be unto patients who cannot discern between symptoms and cause.  Ignorance is the basis of fear, and understanding is the basis of health and happiness.

A Better Way

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