Exciting Announcement! Jurassic MagicTM Nature’s Gift From Earth’s Primeval Past A Superior Pathway To 21st Century Health

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Two-hundred million years ago, nature created a unique way to boost health, remove heavy metals, neutralize food contaminants [glyphosate] and protect against the corrosive effects of wi-fi radiation. 

The remedy for health challenges of the 21st Century come from earth’s geologic past, and it comes at a time people are severely burdened by stress, environmental pollution, and glyphosate contaminated food, including organic food.  Round-up is in everything.  To learn more about Jurassic Magic, read on.

Background Story

During the Jurassic Period, Earth was lush and plants grew to the sky.  Atmospheric carbon dioxide was high and earth’s crust was rich in mineral elements. For fifty-million years, life proliferated and dinosaurs roamed a pollution-free planet, setting-the-stage for the creation of JURASSIC MAGIC (TM).

During the Jurassic Era, plants extracted carbon from air and bonded it with mineral ions in Earth’s crust.  Additionally, earth’s magnetic field was strong, boosting the footprint of the carbon deposits that were forming.  Over eons, lifeforms died and contributed amino-acids to carbon deposits that are the basis of JURASSIC MAGIC (TM).  Lifeforce, long dormant in this unique carbon, is now available to everyone.

Overcoming Challenges & 27 Years

The first challenge for creation of JURASSIC MAGIC (TM) was cleaving the bonds of the carbon/ion/amino-acid molecules of the deposits. The second challenge was stabilization of the energy footprint. The third challenge was amplification of the energy footprint necessary so healing and regeneration can occur.  The final challenge was preservation of binary terrahydrites that makeup the lifeforce and character of primal carbon.  JURASSIC MAGICä took 27 years to comprehend and create.

Bio-hydrolysisä cleaves Jurassic carbon bonds.  Creative  Vortexä stabilizes, amplifies and preserves the energy footprint.  Specific gravity and pH are addressed.  This breakthrough offering from is appropriately named, JURASSIC MAGIC (TM).

Just seven drops of JURASSIC MAGIC (TM) in water or juice [twice daily] provides multiple benefits; long-term, cumulative benefits that are 100% natural to healthy, carbon-based, bodies.  JURASSIC MAGIC (TM) is also about reducing toxicity risk and boosting efficacy of food supplements and dietary protocols.

Carbon and Essential Element depletion drives premature aging, dis-ease and misery. Heavy metal accumulation [mercury, lead, aluminum and iron] antagonize and cripple vital organ function, and glyphosate accumulation devastates digestion [see Digestion Trio], and metabolism.  Medications, vaxxes, and food contain heavy metals.  Get them OUT of your body, now!  [BTW: Jurassic carbon has absolutely NOTHING to do with charcoal.  Charcoal is toxic; avoid it!]

Environmental pollution, heavy metals and wi-fi radiation are devasting people’s health, and they are not going away!  JURASSIC MAGIC (TM) protects and neutralizes the risks these modern-day uglies impose on body and mind!  The long-term benefits are amazing.  JURASSIC MAGIC (TM)comes in four-ounce, easy-to-use, dripper bottles;; add to water or juice and drink.

Jurassic Magic (TM) Introductory Offer

Order 2 Bottles and get a third bottle free: $279

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