Virtual Doctors & Virtual Medicine Will It Be: The Red Pill Or Blue Pill?

Hello, Readers!  Thanks for the feedback you provide.  In helps refine my thought process, and when combined with hundreds of live conversations each week, I am able to measure the pulse of what is really going on out there.  Read on to learn more.

[The red pill vs. blue pill reference (above) comes from the sci-fi movie, The Matrix; a futuristic movie about a world caught-up in delusion.  The main character, Neo, is given the choice of swallowing the red pill, whereupon he would wake-up, know truth and never again experience delusion; or the blue pill that would allow Neo to live in delusion and never know, truth. The idea that sick-care and health care are the same thing is today’s delusion.]

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails; and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled and the medical system is rigged and corrupt!  Virtual medicine is coming and you are not going to like it.  In the near future, personal knowledge and guidance will serve you well.  Prepare to care for yourself and your loved ones.

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Managing Your Medical Future

The sick-care industry has changed dramatically over the past 25 years since my book, Young Again! first appeared.  But during the most recent six years, the fundamental nature of medical care has been gutted!  The doctor patient relationship of today lacks substance and all things medical now carry substantial risk.

For example, people willingly take drugs to prevent disease based on delusional beliefs and genetic flimflam.  Drugs do NOT prevent or cure disease.  Drugs are very, bad band-aids.

Drugs are counterproductive because they prevent the body from self-assessment and healing itself.  Based on pharmaceutical ads on TV, there is a drug for everything and diagnostic labels are conjured to maintain, medical pretense.  The Matrix is real!

[Sidebar!  Brother Bob, called to tell me what he heard recently as he passed by the pharmacy department of a major chain store.  “Next victim, please step up!”  After customers left, Bob asked the clerk about his novel summons and got the following response.  “Drugs cure nothing and eventually they kill you.  ‘Next victim!’ says what people already know, but they return for more out of fear. They fear the devil they don’t know more than the devil they do know!”]

Arthritis is now called achy-body disease and dry eyes, dry-eye disease.  Arrhythmia, A-fib and hypertension are symptoms of fungal invasion and magnesium ion deficit, not cardiovascular disease.  Leaky-gut is called Irritable bowel disease and gluten intolerance is wrongly blamed.  Celiac and Crohn’s are neither genetic nor diseases.  Conditioning controls the public.

Fibromyalgia [an autoimmune condition that medicine denied for over 30 years!] has been elevated to disease status, but only because Big-Pharma claims to have a pharmaceutical answer. Hearing and vision/eye problems are not diseases, either.  Most things worsen with age, but NOT because of age.  Systemic inflammation is central to every medical problem.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia are portrayed as mysterious, genetic, neurological diseases instead of calling them what they are: Type 3 Diabetes [a non-disease of iron overload, elevated “normal” blood sugar over 90 and unbridled, mycotoxin toxicity.]  Why is cancer called disease when there is NO SUCH THING as cancer?  And what of COPD and mesothelioma?  Asbestos and smoking are NOT the origin of these so-called diseases, either.

My Disease!  My Doctor!  My Medication!

The charade called sick-care depends on mental conditioning and misleading medical tests to perpetuate racketeering.  Sick-care says: if you have a problem, then you have a disease [and Big-Pharma just happens to have a magic drug.]  Welcome to medicine, version 2018.

I write much about issues of health and longevity, and I have been warning readers for a very long time that sick-care is NOT what it appears and there is no reason to suffer needlessly or live in fear.  Instead, GIVE THANKS you have access to knowledge and can protect yourself.

Time spent between doctor and patient is evaporating, fast!  A typical office visit is now ten minutes.  Tests are scheduled, data is collected and maybe a quick go-over with little eye contact.  Doctor’s job is data collection, selecting a diagnosis and prescribing drugs.  That’s it!

SOON, your will wear a device connected to the internet to monitor your vitals.  Then, your virtual doctor will issue a virtual diagnosis and your virtual prescription(s) will await you at a virtual, pharmacy.  “Next victim, please!”

Virtual medicine is just around the corner and you are NOT going to like it.  Why forfeit your future and chase alternative band-aids when you can identify the causes behind your ailments and solve your own problems?  Why lose your privacy to the electronic medical record system?

“Are you ready for virtual sick-care?”  If not, ask for guidance and learn to care for yourself so you don’t need sick-care, or yearly physicals, or medications or a doctor for that matter.  In the very near future, life without a virtual doctor will be as good as it gets!

Why accept medical fictions and streams of misinformation and non-existent diseases spiked with fear?  Instead, learn to correctly interpret your symptoms and avoid entrapment.  The internet is a huge source of confusion. Personal guidance will help you separate fact from fiction.

[BTW:  Sick-care is not doctor’s fault.  Rather, it is an orchestrated charade where Big-Pharma influences and controls both doctor and patient.  The Matrix is real!

Self-Care & Primal Immunity

The terrain is central to all Young Again Club Protocols.   Terrain management is key to health and avoidance of disease.  Terrain management is the ultimate, personal insurance policy and very often THE determining factor during and after medical emergencies and surgeries.  [Immune function and full spectrum, nano-scaled, mineral ions are additional key elements.]

Threats from opportunistic, pathogenic bacteria and viruses is a terrain issue, NOT a microbe issue.  How the body responds to exposure depends 100% on the state of your terrain and the degree your immune system is compromised i.e. loss of PRIMAL IMMUNMITY.

Restoration of PRIMAL IMMUNITY, closing of the intestinal wall and putting an end to autoimmune reactions is what the Young Again Club Immune Protocol is about.  Please realize, 99.9% of all health issues and so-called diseases are autoimmune in nature.  To better understand autoimmunity, read about the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.

Just because you don’t get sick does not mean your immune system is fine.  Those who suffer occasional illness are often better off than those who rarely get sick and must eventually battle for their lives; few are mentally prepared.  [Overestimating resolve when your life is on the line and underestimating the power of sick-care system orchestrated fear, creates vulnerability.]

To avoid suffering and medical tragedy, it is necessary to proactively neutralize threats before they become unmanageable and before doctor instills, FEAR!  If you suffer chronic illness or simply don’t feel well, know your immune system is dysfunctional and you need guidance.  Restoration of primal immunity cannot be over emphasized.  Here’s how you make it happen.

You don’t need a PHD in the sciences to understand physiology, microbiology and biochemistry, but you will need guidance.  How the body actually works vs. how you think it works makes all the difference.  Prevention is a different concept than management of symptoms.

Few if any professionals, allopathic or alternative] understand mycology [the in-depth study of molds, fungus and yeast.]  Mycology has NOT been a part of medical curriculums for almost 70 years.  The public harbors the false notion that doctor knows; when doctor does NOT KNOW!

Daily, I hear from people who thought they were taking care of themselves only to discover problems that had been festering under the horizon for years!  How can this be, they ask?  From where did my problems come?  Please answer the following question, dear reader.

How can you be diabetic, obese, have thyroid problems, prostate issues, cancer, cardiovascular symptoms, hearing issues, vision disorders, dental problems, arthritis, skin irregularities, suffer from poor sleep, peripheral neuropathy, joint pain, gout, brain fog, sexual issues, hair loss/thinning, etc. and proclaim you know how to care for yourself?  Something is missing here!

I ask the above question to help callers identify and confront faulty thinking, and to determine caller sincerity and willingness to address their dilemma, head-on, WITHOUT need for approval by authority, family and/or friends.  [Self-preservation is THE foremost issue.]

Neglect and abuse take their toll, but given the opportunity, the body regenerates and immunity resurrects.  Autoimmune issues are reversible with guidance and patience.

Blue Pill Ingredients: Fear and Conditioning

Unrealistic expectations must be identified so that myopic thinking does not color attitude nor curtail willingness to initiate YAC protocols and stay the course.  Those who are willing to do their part receive FREE guidance along the way, regardless of circumstance.

Fear has no place in self-care; fear is a component of sick-care.  How you spell your imaginary medical condition does not matter.  Your symptoms are your clues.  The red pill identifies your Missing Diagnosis; the blue pill blocks progress and hides truth.  HEALING REQUIRES TIME AND PATIENCE.  MOMENTUM REVERSAL IS A PROCESS.

Most allopathic and many alternative approaches are inappropriate and misguided because they are based on the same faulty, medical model called: The Germ Theory of Disease.  Rare is the practitioner who rises above their conditioning and who is free to guide and protect patients.

Soon, virtual medicine will eliminate caring practitioners.  Big brother and Big-Pharma will surveil and discipline recalcitrant doctors who refuse to follow Standards of Care [and non-compliant patients who refuse to cooperate as directed.]  Suzanne Humphries, M.D. described the evil of electronic medical records [and loss of medical privacy] in her book, Rising From The Dead.  In the future, self-care, personal knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

Sick-care is about Big-Pharma’s agenda, not the patient’s best interest.  Don’t believe me?  How else do you explain the $4,000,000,000 [BILLION] vaccination racket?  Dysfunctional thinking and fraudulent medical models sustained by fear and blue pill mentality control the public.

So, why do people call doctor instead of caring for themselves?  Can you say, FEAR and CONDITIONING? 

Resurrection Of Your Terrain

Health issues are terrain issues in disguise.  Your terrain is a reflection of your diet, the degree of infestation by fungal yeast and their mycotoxins, alcohol consumption and exposure to antibiotics, birth control pills and steroidal medications.  [Once mold and yeast seize control the terrain, PRIMAL IMMUNITY is forfeited and we become prisoners unto ourselves.]

Autoimmune issues are gut issues in disguise.  No one is free of autoimmune influences, and contrary to popular myth, intestinal integrity CANNOT be restored with probiotics regardless of brand.  It takes endospheric, master bacteria to restore a dysfunctional immune system.

Before the discovery of endospheric immunity [and a means to break-down endotoxins and mycotoxins] it was NOT possible to restore primal immunity.  This is a story of great importance for those who want control over their health and future.  Read about it, here.

Before the Mold & Fungus Protocol, there was no way to stop fungal invasion and DNA merger, and no way to reverse yeast dominance of hormones and organ function.  Now, all is possible with individual commitment and personal guidance.  Read about it, here.

Simple Suggestions For Better Health

Healthy Diet.  Daily, people ask me, “What should I eat?”  My answer is always the same, “Eat good food, avoid junk food, prepared and packaged foods, protein bars and drinks, and of course, sugar and alcohol [including, wine!]”

Every meal should include something GREEN!  Whole plant food is another name for fresh [or frozen] green foods such as spinach, green beans, kale and chard simmered lightly in water and taken with a bit of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, healthy salt and pepper.

Meat and egg intake should be modest and ORGANIC to minimize exposure to food chain antibiotics and glyphosate [Roundup].  Nuts are staples and a spoonful of coconut oil preceding meals is important.  Butter and olive oil are fine.  Dairy [milk products] are best avoided.  See Special Insight Food Cravings, The Other Side of the Alcohol Story to better understand digestion and food metabolism as it relates to health, energy and weight.

Meals should be spaced six hours apart with no snacking in between.  Two meals/day is ideal.  Eating often exhausts the pancreas and leads to pre-diabetes, and blood sugar over 90 is a recipe for dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  [Here is how to avoid premature, mental aging.]

Water intake should be three quarts/day; upon rising and each time urination occurs.  Water and tooth paste must be chemical free and liberal amounts of nano-scaled mineral ions should be added to every glass of water.  [Activated mineral ions are critical to good health and management of the nervous system and terrain.  Everyone should be using them.]

Enemas, Gut, pH & Acidity.  For some, enemas are a turn-off, but if your life is on the line, you will change your tune.  Your bowels should move three times/day without effort and gas and bloat will settle down if your gut and immune system are healthy and leaky-gut does not rule.

Accumulation of acid waste is everyone’s problem!  Acidity is about stored acid, not pH. Use the Terrain pH Protocol [it’s FREE!] to transport stored waste from your body.  Excess calcium and yeast toxins drive: breast cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular symptoms, bone spurs, sciatica and stenosis.  As waste accumulates, the body stiffens and organs malfunction.]

Leaky-gut affects 99.9% of the population because of antibiotic use [it only takes, once!] at one time or another.  Assume you suffer from the condition because all of us do, sooner or later.

Have you noticed how many people suffer irritable bowel, constipation, celiac, Crohn’s and gluten intolerance?  Do you realize that gas and bloat are confirmations of yeast infestation and a severely compromised gut and immune system?  Do you realize, mycotoxin dominance is central to both systemic inflammation and acidity? Do you realize acidity is not the same as pH?

Stress & Sleep.  Nothing impacts health more than poor sleep, and stress affects sleep.  To experience deep sleep, use full-spectrum, nano-scaled, mineral ions.  [FYI: the body repairs itself and releases acid waste from the tissues during the sleep cycle.  Poor sleep has more to do with systemic inflammation and lack of mineral ions, than your bed or your pillow.  Babies and young people sleep anywhere, anytime; adults cannot.  If you suffer, ask for guidance.]

Hormones.  Your hormones [thyroid, adrenal and sexual] play key roles in maintenance and regeneration.  Hormone issues, female and male, are symptoms of mycotoxin dominance and fungal infestation.  If you have hormones issues, you need help.

Ferritin Iron.  Do you know your ferritin iron score?  Life insurance actuaries [people who assess risk] use ferritin levels to predict early death.  If you are a male over age 40, or a female over age 55, you have an iron problem and the solution is FREE!  Read about ferritin iron, here.

Osteoporosis & Breast Cancer. Contrary to medical folklore, dietary calcium has little to do with osteoporosis and everything to do with unopposed calcium dominance.  Breast cancer is a fungus/yeast and calcium issue, NOT a hormone issue.  Ditto for prostate problems.  Osteoporosis haunts women over age 35 and men over age 50.  To learn what you can do about it, click here.


So, what’s it going to be, dear reader?  The red pill or the blue pill?

The Mold & Fungus Protocol is crucial to slowing and reversing premature aging. The Young Again Club Immune Protocol is how you resurrect and restore your immune system.  Both are Young Again Club exclusives.  Check them out.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

If you have issues and suffer poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available for FREE!

Ask for guidance.

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