Unrealistic Expectations Avoiding Disillusion & Disappointment

Question.  How do you grow old?  Answer.  At first slowly and then, all at once!

Lots of people out there asking for guidance with their health.  Some take health seriously, some are in denial, and many are just plain, confused.  Below are five, real-life case studies to help readers understand the dynamics involved in maintenance and restoration of health.  To learn more, read on.

Today, you will discover common obstacles [and unrealistic expectations] confronting those who tackle their health issues without guidance and knowledge of physiology.  These five individuals have different symptoms, but their core issues are identical.  [See if you can identify the core issues common to all five.]


Health deteriorates for a reason and degeneration is preceded by CAUSE.  Few people can identify the causative factors behind their ailments because they have poor understanding of human physiology and the sciences behind it.  Disease wears many costumes and an accurate assessment of one’s physiology is the appropriate place to initiate guidance. 

Personal responsibility andconsistency of lifestyle are prerequisites for health and longevity.  Health fads have no substance, and sick-care and patient reliance on questionable lab tests lead to missing diagnosis.  Young Again protocols target underlying terrain issues and dysfunctional physiology.

Question.  If practitioners can’t save themselves, how are they going to save you?  Medical school provides minimal training compared to what microbiologists, biochemists and evolutionary biologists undergo.  Naïve patients wrongly assume doctors know about the latest research.  Patients don’t realize medicine’s job is to diagnose disease and prescribe drugs.  Doctors are captive agents of big pharma!

Street medicine is always TWENTY YEARS behind meaningful research, leaving people desperate for knowledge and guidance.  Dedicated practitioners take DECADES to acquire understanding of physiology and advanced sciences.  Patients lack both time and background; they need guidance, now! 

Self-care involves risk, but little compared to medicine’s smorgasbord of misdiagnosed ailments and risky medications.  Personal responsibility avoids misdiagnosis and exposure to medications.

Mission: I write because modern medical theories do not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver perspective on matters of health and longevity and to provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth for their personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is compromised; people will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by standard of care; they are held hostage by big pharma.  Virtual medicine and a faceless system is turning medical care ever more, sterile.

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Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis & Treatment

When given a serious diagnosis, people panic and embrace doctor’s conclusions under the faulty assumption that the test results and diagnosis are valid, that doctor understands the etiology of the problem, and that sick-care medicine has a cure!  Rarely are these assumptions validated.

Few people trust themselves to make decisions about their health.  Most embrace sick-care medicine for lack of guidance.  Young Again Club offers a better way to assess and respond to health issues.

People take medications out of fear!  Few realize that to be classified a pharmaceutical, medications MUST BE ABLE TO KILL YOU!  Medication WARNINGS are notice of slow-motion poisoning.  Medications that kill do so by interfering with the mitochondria in the cells of the vital organs.  Medicine and pharma call this mitochondrial disease to confound patients and shift blame so they can’t identify the CAUSE of their issues.  [Hint: medications and doctors!  Genes are NOT the source of people’s issues.]

NOTE: a medical cure is defined as alleviation of signs and symptoms, but few people realize that the factors behind their so-called, disease exist in muted form BEFORE diagnosis and continue in muted form AFTER cure!  When disease returns, it usually wears a different costume with different symptoms. 

For example, cancer resides in the body for decades BEFORE diagnosis; ditto for other major health disorders.  Disease and dysfunctional mitochondria are the same issue; how you spell doctor’s diagnosis is irrelevant!  The label CANCER is far more emotionally charged than diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular, even though these lesser disorders ruin more lives and kill more people. 

Insulin-resistance is rampant in the population and fuels low-grade inflammation that accompanies aging and all degenerative disorders.  We suffer not from disease, but from mitochondrial dysfunction and ignorance of physiology.  Pre-diabetes and diabetes are examples.  [Focusing on your A1-c score is highly misleading; A1-c implies blood cell glycation, but does NOT measure, insulin-resistance.]

Your genes and family history have NOTHING to do with your health!  Genes mirror the status of the terrain and the influence of food on genetic expression.  GENES ARE NOT FIXED and practitioners who play the genetic blame game [and patients who fall for it] are grossly ignorant of how the body works.

A diagnosis of degenerative disease is medical-speak and cover for mitochondrial dysfunction.  Epigenetics is the study of factors that influence gene expression and mitochondrial metabolism.

Doctors need boogeymen to blame, and patients who believe in boogeymen are both vulnerable and ignorant of physiologyMalnutrition leads to mitochondrial dysfunction and low-grade inflammation that [over time] erodes heart, brain, pancreas, kidney, liver and thyroid function.  Inflammation is a symptom, NEVER the cause.  For example, sulfate depletion raises inflammation in the vital organs and triggers stroke and heart attack, NOT cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaque.  [FYI: statin drugs, daily aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs are driving the of dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s epidemic.]

Cancer is a SYMPTOM, but medicine [and patients] wrongly think it’s a disease!  Question.  Why do people allow doctors to destroy immune function with cut, burn and poison tactics, and expect a cure?  Answer.  Fear, ignorance of body physiology and unrealistic expectations.  Hope is NOT a strategy!

Medical intervention and sabotage makes ZERO sense once patients realize doctor has NO IDEA what causes CANCER [or diabetes or arthritis or cardiovascular disease]. That’s when smart patients, exit and ask for guidance!  The word cure loses its allure when patients understand the game called, medicine!

Emergency room medicine deserves, applaud! Sick-care medicine deserves, contempt!  Sick-care is rooted in germ theory and ignorance because medical curriculums are controlled by big pharma and the medical cartel.  [Beware of the latest medical buzz called, biologics; a potent, new version DRUG THERAPY that redefines the word, risk!  Nothing but disillusion and disappointment will come of it.]

Currently accepted theories of cancer, arthritis, diabetes, renal failure, brain dysfunctions and thyroid disorders are primitive and shameful.  Avoid practitioners who adhere to the standard of care

Young Again Club Model:

  1. Identify the causative factors behind symptoms.
  2. Teach people how to normalize their physiology and restore vital organ function.
  3. Eradicate flawed thinking and teach self-improvement for health and well-being.

Case Studies & Observations

Sylviana [age 45]:  malignant melanoma

[deadly, skin cancer]

Overview: Sylviana thinks cancer is a disease and the sun and her genes are at fault.  She suffers from dysfunctional immunity and terrain toxicity, mold and fungus invasion and merger with her DNA, compromised hormones, insulin resistance and low-grade, systemic inflammation of her terrain.

Additional issues: Sylviana gets gas and bloat after meals, especially in the evening, she is overweight, has vision issues, a dysfunctional liver, ringing in ears, sinus congestion, bowel dysfunction, tingling [neuropathy] in the limbs, cold bodies and thinning hair, anxiety, poor sleep and food cravings

The Plan: Clear Sylviana’s system of fungal molds and their mycotoxins, restore liver function, resurrect primal immunity, provide the essential elements needed for restoration of vital organ function, purge heavy metals, clear skin toxins, end insulin resistance, settle adrenal, thyroid and female hormones, restore bowel function and sleep cycle, eliminate systemic inflammation, make dietary changes and teach Sylviana how to ferment food in her colon so she can make her own vitamins.

The Problem: Dysfunctional metabolism rules Sylvania’s body and dysfunctional thinking rules her mind.  Sylviana chases after experts and gurus.  She is delusional and in denial of her situation.  Worse, she embraces ideas with no basis in human physiology.  When things get ugly, she will fold under pressure from clinicians who will use chemotherapy, radiation and drugs to “get the cancer!”  Sylviana refuses to invest in herself, opting instead for the insurance/medical model.  She will get her money’s worth and more!  She should be very concerned about, more!  [BTW: cancer is a fungus.]

Observation: Sylviana wants something or someone to blame; she accepts no personal responsibility.  What a sad situation.  Unless her underlying metabolic issues are addressed, Sylvania’s cancer will grow and/or return with a vengeance, that is, if cancer therapy doesn’t kill her first. 

Course of Action:  Nothing!  Sylvania has no idea what she is doing or up against.

Lucy [age 58]:  deterioration of the pelvic floor with bladder and low back complaints.

Overview:  Lucy [a corporate CEO] says she is in top shape and her problem is from an injured piriformis muscle in her groin that occurred while moving.  Lucy is confused, prideful, in denial and does not grasp the nature of her situation.  She has no idea that her connective tissues

[bones, cartilage, gums, muscle, tendon, ligaments and skin]

are in the process of breaking-down.  Her piriformis muscle injury is symptomatic of female aging of the pelvic triangle.

Additional issues: elevated cholesterol, poor sleep, systemic inflammation, hormone issues, thinning hair, deteriorating skin, loss of physical height, peripheral neuropathy in legs, hands and feet, muscle cramps, charley horse and bowel dysfunction.

The Plan:  Deacidify Lucy’s terrain, make lifestyle and dietary changes, rebuild her connective tissues, dissolve scar tissue and atherosclerotic plaque, neutralize systemic inflammation, restore sleep cycle, purge heavy metals and toxins, resurrect hormone and liver functions, boost circulating sulfate levels, restore bowels and assist with fermentation of food in her colon and production of your own vitamins .

The Problem:  Lucy refuses to park her ego, accept guidance and unplug from the internet.  Her knowledge of physiology is shallow, and ignorance rules her thinking.  Lucy goes for physical therapy and chiropractic, but these do not address dysfunctional metabolism.  If she persists, she will be taken captive by sick-care industry.  

Observation: Lucy is squandering her only opportunity to recover.  By the time she wakes up, it will be too late.  She says she enjoyed good health until her pelvic issues erupted; her body went south long ago.  Low-grade inflammation haunts her body.  The practitioners she is seeing don’t have a clue what behind her issues.  Lucy is suffering from wasting syndrome!  

Course of Action: Nothing!  Lucy embraced backward thinking practitioners and internet no nothings.  Like so many stories, Lucy’s is a real-time story in the making.  Her future will not be pleasant.

Mitch [age 64]:  Prostate issues, peripheral neuropathy, poor energy and low back trouble.

Overview: Mitch, a retired practitioner, is proud of his credentials, but does not understand what is happening to his body.  He is an example of medical ignorance and arrogance.  Mitch knows human anatomy but doesn’t know squat about physiology.  Mitch suffers from professional tunnel vision.

Additional issues: Mitch’s system is inflamed from head to toe.  He has gut and bowel issues, dental problems and cardiovascular complaints. His eyes and ears and brain are symptomatic of systemic, low-grade inflammation driven by takeover pf fungal yeast and molds.  Neurologic assault early stage mental and decline are in progress.  Mitch’s secondary issues are behind his primary concerns. 

The Plan: Address Mitch’s issues head on while there is still time. 

Course of Action: Nothing!  Mitch says he already knows these things.  Mitch can’t make decisions without approval from higher authority.  He is a prisoner unto himself.

Donna [age 35]: Overweight, stress/anxiety ridden, history of antibiotic usage, hormone issues and sleep deprivation, UTI’s [urinary tract infections], invasion by molds and fungal-yeast, skin issues, bowel dysfunction, cold body and ringing in ears [tinnitus]. 

Overview:  Donna suffers from metabolic syndrome and immune dysfunction dating to her childhood. 

The Plan:  Restore Donna’s upside-down metabolism by addressing the key elements of her story. 

Course of Action: Nothing!  Donna’s will not assume responsibility for herself.  Youth is in her favor, but her attitude is not.  She refuses to address her problems.

Rhoda [age 59]:  Esophageal ulcer, acid reflux, cholesterol, liver and bowel issues, overweight, history of antibiotic usage, brain fog, cold body, hormone dysfunction and cold body. 

Overview: Rhoda is a nurse of THIRTY YEARS!  She has seen plenty and recognizes that sick-care medicine [outside the emergency room] is a disaster.  Rhoda knows she is a mess and her liver function is compromised, but she quotes inconclusive lab tests that say everything is fine!  Rhoda talks out of both sides of her mouth.   Rhoda is confused and a victim her training.

The Plan: Resurrect Rhoda’s metabolism, address insulin resistance, make lifestyle and dietary changes, correct gut, bowel and hormone issues, restore primal immunity, neutralize the effects of stress and anxiety, restore vital organ function and stabilize thyroid, adrenal and hormone issues.

Course of Action: Nothing!  Rhoda’s refusal to accept responsibility will become her epitaph.

Conclusions & Solutions

Health Rule #1:  When you find yourself in a hole with a shovel, stop digging!

Avoid becoming Sylviana, Lucy, Mitch, Donna or Rhoda.   

Life is good when you have good health.  Settle for nothing less!  Call or email for your FREE consultation and be willing to take responsibility for yourself.  Make your consultation, count!

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