ReVive/ReNew Dietary Protocol Guidelines & Overview

  1. For most people, carbohydrates are their primary source of energy, but fats are a superior energy source. Reducing dependence on carbohydrates minimizes risk of insulin-resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes.  The ReVive/ReNew Protocol [with additional support of Youthing Formula, Sugar Blues and Essential Elements] reverses many of the symptoms of aging and reduces inflammation levels in the body.
  2. During the first month of the ReVive/ReNew Protocol, body metabolism shifts away from pre-diabetic, carbohydrate dependence and embraces dietary fat and excess body fat as the primary energy source.  The shift occurs regardless if you are insulin-resistant, diabetic or pre-diabetic.  [Everyone is or becomes one of these whether they realize it or not.  Refined carbohydrates burn, dirty; fat burns, clean.
  3. SLOWLY REDUCE YOUR INTAKE OF CARBOHYDRATES over several weeks to allow your body to adapt.  The more the body is dependent on carbohydrates, the greater the energy loss if you stop eating carbs all at once, which is unnecessary.  [Sugar Blues supports glucose management, while the Essential Elements & Thyroid Protocol make restoration of health possible.  Everyone is depleted of essential elements; healthy metabolism is impossible without them.  Ask for guidance as needed.]
  4. Eating refined carbohydrates SABOTAGES the ReVive/ReNew Protocol and causes the body to REVERT to carbohydrate-dependence, insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes.  Snacking does the very same thing.
  5. Avoid over consumption of the following: sugar, dates, honey, agave, bread, potatoes, grains, rice, beans/legumes, flour, yogurt, milk, fresh or dried fruit, bananas, juices, alcohol, beer, wine and excess protein.  Excess protein converts to glucose, interferes with insulin regulation and builds body/belly fat.  Protein should comprise LESS THAN 10% of your total caloric intake.  [You can enjoy most of these carbohydrates later on after metabolism has settled down and you are in modified, ketosis.]
  6. The transition from carbohydrate dependence to improved fat metabolism can be challenging.  Food cravings disappears as fat metabolism improves.  This is where coconut oil [a fat] and Re/Set come to the rescue.  [Re/Set contains racemized lauric acid and MCT (medium-chain-triglycerides) for settling the gut, making more energy and reducing inflammation. 
  7. Take ReVive and ReNew without food  [but with water] in a.m. and mid-afternoon; avoid after five p.m.  We want to reduce dependence on carbohydrates and proteins as our PRIMARY energy sources.  Try and maintain blood sugar levels between 75-90 which is the ketosis window.
  8. Space meals at least SIX HOURS apart.  Water, coconut oil and ReSet capsules are the ONLY things allowed between meals. Less carbs and more fats combined with six-hour spacing of meals greatly reduces stress on the pancreas, as does use of Sugar Blues and Youthing Formula.
  9. If you suffer cravings or lack energy between meals, take a teaspoon of coconut oil or two ReSet capsules with water and wait fifteen minutes for cravings to ease and energy to improve.  If you cannot survive six hours without food, try four-hour spacing and increase as you can.  [If you are a food grazer, follow recommendations mentioned in number eight directly, above.]
  10. If you are concerned about the effect of dietary fat on coronary health, relax!  What you may have been told about cholesterol and cardiovascular health is not true.  Fact is, the Cholesterol Theory of Heart Disease is a sixty-year old, bald-face, medical lie.  Also, avoid statin drugs if you want to avoid neurologic disorders, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  [See, Icelandic Magic, here.]
  11. The ReVive/ReNew Protocol supports the pancreas and eases:insulin and leptin-resistance, brain fog, low energy, overweight [THINK BELLY FAT AND CELLULITE], obesity, appetite, sleep and adrenal/thyroid dysfunction.  The Essential Elements & Thyroid Protocol provides the body with the spark plugs it needs to operate and support vital organ functions.  Use them to speed the regeneration process.]
  12. You may experience a some light-headedness, brain fog, edema and low energy in the first weeks of this ReVive/ReNew Protocol. [EnergyUp solves this issue, fast!  It can take a year or more to polish and clear leptin and insulin receptors in the brain to end insulin-resistance and diabetes.  It’s a process; please give your body time to adjust.  Gas, bloating, loose bowel and constipation are not uncommon.  Enemas speed waste removal and learning to do the is a real life-saver.  [Learn more here.]
  13. Absorption and assimilation of dietary fat requires bile AND LOTS OF IT! Fats do not process like proteins and carbs.  First, they must be emulsified, then they go to the liver for processing and conversion into, hormones.  Pro-Ox is racemized bile in capsule form.  It is taken at the BEGINNING of every meal along with DiSorb Aid #3 and R/BHCI.  [These very specialized digestive products help digest food.  Digestion is a MAJOR problem, especially beyond age 35. [See the YAC Digestive Protocol, here.]
  14. Support of healthy metabolism and restoration of vital organ function requires a daily supply of the essential elements.  [Read about the Essential Elements Protocol, here.]
  15. It’s okay to use apple cider vinegar in water am, pm and between meals to maintain energy and mental alertness that sometimes suffers as insulin-resistance corrects.  Try and eat only 2 meals a day [with a minimum of six hours between them] to REST THE PANCREAS AND AVOID OVERPRODUCTION OF INSULIN.  People with sluggish/fatty livers will get added benefit from  Sugar Blues and Youthing Formula.
  16. Dietary fat, modest intake of complex carbohydrates and good digestion helps the body to benefit from intermittent fasting [aka: controlled starvation; ketosis].  Diet is a powerful way to limit inflammatory disorders of every kind.  Carbohydrates in general, and refined carbs in particular,  glycate brain receptors and red blood cells and promotes, glycation.  Never, forget it! 
  17. Glycation of brain receptors and dysfunctional leptin-metabolism drives diabetes.  Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells; it tells the body to STOP OVEREATING and the pancreas to STOP OVERPRODUCING INSULIN.  Glycation is driving the neurologic epidemics of dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Escape pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance and you will see inflammation moderate, greatly.  Also, check this out. It’s FREE.  [Call or email as needed.  John Thomas is happy to assist; there is no cost for guidance.]

Food & Junk Food:

Coconut oil: one large teaspoon at the BEGINNING of each meal.  If you do not like coconut oil [taste or texture], take 2 capsules of ReSetat beginning of meals and between meals to curb appetite and allow you to get six hours between meals.

Avocado: eat as often as you like with or between meals; excellent fat profile.

Salt: use any kind of healthy salt [Redmond, Celtic or Himalayan] and plenty of it. 

Water: drink 1-2 large glasses of water upon rising and a glass each time you urinate.  The GOAL is tourinate every 2 hours.  Water is CRITICAL to for health and an important aspect of the ReVive/ReNew Protocol. 

Protein: eat meat, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts (walnuts, pecans, sunflower, pecans, cashews).  No protein powders; they are loaded with heavy metals.  Protein consumption should be modest.  [Excess protein converts to glucose, promotes insulin-resistance, hammers the pancreas and raises blood sugar

Meat/Fish: beef, pork, lamb and wild caught salmon are fine.  Eat organic where possible and go easy on tuna. Olives: are an excellent source of fat and fiber.  Eat olives of any variety at every meal.  Sliced black olives are inexpensive if bought by the gallon [they keep well.]  Olives are filling and curb appetite and help bowel function.

Fats & Oils:  Coconut oil, butter, olive oil, raw nuts and animal fat.  All other liquid oils should be avoided; they are inflammatory.  About 60-70% of your total caloric intake should derive from FAT.  [Coconut oil subdues appetite, damps fungal yeast and provides sterols the body needs for hormone production].

Vegetables: eat all the veggies you want, such as salads, green beans, summer squash, turnips, kale, collards, broccoli, celery, cucumber and olives.  Avoid starchy vegetables.  Crucifers like kale, collards and broccoli should be cooked gently.  Asparagus MUST be cooked; raw asparagus damages the kidneys.

Coffee: is fine, but no creamer or sweetener [artificial or natural].  Stevia is fine if you use liquid stevia [Sweet Leaf brand].  Avoid powdered stevia with additives and fillers.

Junk Food: avoid anything artificial, fried, and sweet.  Fruit smoothies are OUT especially in the a.m. [they trigger your pancreas and put you into the pre-diabetic state of elevated blood glucose.]

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