Missing Diagnosis Series: Case Study #10 – Alzheimer’s, Blood Sugar & Hormones – A Review of Dysfunctional Metabolism

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s are epidemic!  Yet, we are we told, “Blood sugar between 90 and 120 is normal and fine?”  Normal [as in, common] yes; fine, no!  Blood sugar over 90 is a pre-diabetic state that has everything to do with suffering and disease.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails; and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and the medical system is rigged and corrupt!  Virtual medicine is coming, and you are not going to like it.  In the near future, personal knowledge and guidance will serve you well.  Prepare to care for yourself and your loved ones.

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The Pre-Diabetes/Alzheimer’s Connection

Pre-diabetes is a diabetes-like, sub-clinical state that is medically UNRECOGNIZED, yet epidemic.  Pre-diabetes affects 65% of the population, young and old alike!   Most of the remaining 35% suffer from so-called, adult onset, diabetes mellitus, type 2.  Pre-diabetes has EVERYTHING to do with general demise and neurological disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and the tangles that compromise and destroy brain neurons.

Here’s how to avoid and correct the downward spiral associated with cognitive loss, blood-sugar driven inflammation and glycation of hemoglobin.  Please take this message seriously.

Diet, exercise and lifestyle manage some symptoms of type 2 diabetes, but they DO NOT prevent its progression regardless of your A1c test score.  A1c is a misleading, blood sugar metric.

Type 2 diabetes is very different than type 1 which is sometimes called early-onset, childhood diabetes because children are the usual victims.  Type 1 has some symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus [insulin resistance/dependence], but the CA– USE behind it is utterly, shameful.

Diabetes type 1 presents in minutes, days and months following assault from bogus medical practices forced upon children.  Type 1 is an artificially-orchestrated EVENT where pancreatic islet cells [that make insulin] are destroyed by disruptive, medical tampering.

The autoimmune storm called diabetes type 1 cripples and kills thousands of innocents every year.  Children that survive medical trauma are the ones that develop type 1 diabetes and/or autism and live compromised lives.  Some die of medical assault in their mother’s arms.

Type 2, insulin-resistant, diabetes mellitus is slow-motion diabetes that develops over many years while living in the pre-diabetic state.  Type 2 will be discussed following diabetes type 3 [below.]

Diabetes type 3 is not recognized by practitioners, yet, it is epidemic among the population.  Clinicians are functionally illiterate about diabetes and school curriculums are woefully, antiquated.  Worse, medical personal have ZERO understanding of clinical mycology which is the active element in every diabetes case.

Where type 1 diabetes is a rapid, medically orchestrated event, type 3 is the EXACT OPPOSITE!  Type 3 takes years to manifest while living in the pre-diabetic state [blood sugar between 90-120] accompanied by yeast infestation, human/fungal DNA merger and instability of the regulatory hormones adrenalin, thyroid, insulin, leptin, glucagon, serotonin and dopamine.]

The best name for diabetes type 3 is diabetes of the brain.  Readers know it by neurological names such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vascular dementia; all inflammatory brain disorders fueled by elevated NORMAL blood sugar levels [90-120] and regulatory takeover of the body by fungal mycotoxins.  Clinical symptoms of type 3 diabetes are different than types 1 & 2.

You DO NOT want normal blood sugar levels!  Normal is a state of sub-clinical diabetes; a condition affecting 65% [+ -] of the population.  Normal blood sugar levels present as low-grade inflammation and slow-motion, degenerative diseases, such as asthma, arthritis, neuropathy, thyroid, cardiovascular, liver, gout, kidney, obesity and neurological demise.  Normal blood sugar levels are abnormal!  To repeat, you DO NOT want normal blood sugar levels!

Premature Aging, Inflammation & Diagnosis

Pre-diabetes and low-grade inflammation go together.  Fact is, inflammation is central to all degenerative disease no matter how you spell the ailment.  So, when you hear the words: disorder, syndrome or disease, ignore doctor’s diagnosis and instead think, INFLAMMATION!

Practitioners are well aware of the burden inflammation imposes on the body and the vital organs.  Fact is, you can’t experience pain, misery or loss of function without the presence of inflammation.  Secondly, inflammation is the effect, NOT the cause of suffering.

Question! What do clinicians do when patients describe their ailments?  First, they wrongly blame inflammation.  Then, they conjure a diagnostic label, such as: arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, gout, cancer, neuropathy, fibrosis, polycystic ovaries, etc.

Next, they order a panel of [worthless] tests to justify medical assault.  Then, they misinterpret test results and render fraudulent misdiagnosis in lieu of the Missing Diagnosis.  Finally, they prescribe drugs as required per insurance, Big-Pharma, patient demand and sick-care system guidelines according to what the sick-care industry calls, “standards of care!”

Sick-care is about mumbo-jumbo, confusion and keeping the lines full; it has nothing to do with health and wellness.  Emergency room medicine is the ONLY EXCEPTION to the sick-care racket.

Important Questions & A Few Examples

Exactly what are medical symptoms symptomatic of?

What if 50,000 people a year [women 10:1 over men] who undergo gallbladder surgery actually suffer false diagnosis, misinterpreted symptoms and misleading test results?  [Many suffer the same symptoms after surgery.]  What are gallbladder symptoms symptomatic of?

What if blaming people’s genetics [genes and DNA] is a diversion [a perfect boogieman?]  What then are so-called genetic symptom, symptomatic of?

What if mitochondrial disease [a serious condition affecting the population of all ages] is the low-grade, side-effect of dysfunctional metabolism and compromised immunity, and therefore, NOT disease at all, but cellular poisoning?  What then is mitochondrial dysfunction symptomatic of?

And, what if the obesity and diabetes epidemics plaguing modern societies are urban myths and invalid medical theory, and instead just side-effects of dysfunctional immunity and intestinal dysbiosis?  What then are obesity and diabetes symptomatic of?

Answers!  Symptoms blamed on so-called, disease are autoimmune reactions resulting from normal blood sugar levels [pre-diabetes] and systemic, sub-clinical inflammation.  Behind both you will find fungal-yeast invasion and loss of vital organ function from mycotoxin poisoning.

Add, the ubiquitous presence of glyphosate [Roundup] in the food chain and its ability to shut-down cellular mitochondria and corrupt primal immunity and perhaps readers can understand why so many people are so compromised and in denial.  [If you wish to better understand the barrage of illness and disease everywhere, click the glyphosate link above.]

[The Young Again Club lifestyle, along with the Immune and Mold & Fungus Protocols, were developed to address issues related to loss of control of the body’s regulatory systems.]

Hormone Resistance, Herpes, Shingles & Elevated Iron

Loss of muscle and obesity are effects of hormone resistance where food energy goes to fat and/or is lost for inability to convert it into energy that the mitochondria can use [assuming the Krebs Cycle and electron transport chains within the mitochondria are viable.]

Hormone resistance means the body does not recognize and cannot respond to the regulatory hormones insulin and leptin and, therefore, cannot correct and regenerate as it should.  Hormone resistance becomes everyone’s problem sooner or later!  Insulin resistance describes adult-onset, diabetes type 2 that is epidemic in populations.

Hormone resistance and inflammation go together!  Osteoporosis is the skeletal version; loss of muscle mass is the soft tissue version.   Osteoporosis occurs regardless if one is thin or obese, female or male.  Osteocalcin dysfunction, mycotoxin influence of hormones and mineral displacement are medically UNRECOGNIZED ailments, but they are real, just the same.

Pre-diabetes and low-grade inflammation are shadow issues that eventually morph into killers, such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Interestingly, cold sores (herpes simplex) and shingles are marker conditions of pre-diabetes and fungal dominance of hormones.

Those with histories of cold sores and shingles [or who have been vaccinated for them] do not realize these ailments are neurological disorders of pre-diabetic inflammation.  Vaccinations dramatically increase patient vulnerability, but doctor is not free to comment for fear of reprisal and disciplinary action, assuming doctor knows or cares.

Inflammation of the brain [aka diabetes type 3] is a DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC of neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Pre-diabetes causes brain receptors to caramelize, like onions sautéed in a skillet, and lose sensitivity to insulin and leptin and eventual exhaustion of pancreatic cells that makes insulin.  Leptin is made by fat cells.

False diagnosis is often preceded by misleading tests and biopsies that confuse patients and clinicians, alike.  To protest yourself, play your GOD CARD and distance yourself from medical wolves so you can think and seek guidance in the absence of fear!  NEVER FORGET, the only thing worse than false diagnosis is treatment for false diagnosis!  Got it?

One day, shingles [the curse of the elderly] will be recognized for what it is: pre-diabetic, glycation, NOT residual, chicken pox virus.  Blaming a virus is backward thinking based on the Germ Theory of Disease.  Shingles is triggered by stress, peanut butter and chocolate, but has little to do with so-called, allergies.  Instead, think porous junctions of the gut wall [leaky-gut] and autoimmune reactions.  Shingles is a symptom.

And when that day in the future arrives, I wonder what fairy tales the Bernie Madoffs of herpes and shingles vaccinations will conjure in defense of their fraudulent Germ Theory of Disease and the hell they imposed upon people who foolishly trusted them?  Do you understand?

Elevated blood iron is highly inflammatory and very involved in hypertension [high blood pressure].  Iron toxicity affects men over age 35 and menopausal women who are menopausal or who underwent hysterectomy, early.  Practitioners and the public are confused! They wrongly equate elemental iron with hemoglobin, anemia and low energy.  [BTW: avoid iron pills. To better understand ferritin iron and what you can do about it, click here and here.

Excess Body Fat & Estrogen

Obesity is a marker condition that plagues the population.  The reason? People are infested with YEAST, a fungus that controls regulatory hormones with mycotoxins they secrete.

Yeast cause the body to make fat, and fat makes estrogen, and the more estrogen you have the more fat you make.  Hormones fuel growth of yeast which interferes with healthy metabolism and disrupts hormone balance. Female thyroid issues are a good example.

Doctor knows excess body fat and diabetes go hand-in-hand.  Doctor also knows obesity foreruns metabolic syndrome, a serious disorder of upside-down metabolism and fungal infestation, but you will NEVER hear these words from doctor because doctor is not schooled in mycology [and neither are naturopaths, chiropractors and surgeons.  Mycology is a medical vacuum.]

Doctor does not understand the link between so-called normal blood sugar and the slow-motion version of diabetes called diabetes type 3 [diabetes of the brain].   Doctor also does not understand the link between kidney stone formation, yeast [candidiasis] and mycotoxin dominance of hormones needed to manage our vital organs and body functions.

In fairness to doctor, Big-Pharma made sure mycology [the in-depth study of mold, fungus and yeast] was removed from medical curriculums in 1950, the year antibiotics debuted.  Therefore, doctors [of all types] are not schooled in mycology, leaving patients to fend for themselves.

Blood sugar between 90-130 forms amyloid plaque, tangles in the brain and scar tissue in the body, reduces blood flow and increases inflammation.  If people understood the connection between glycaytion, inflammation, loss of hearing and vision and cognitive disorders, they would ask for guidance and learn how to care for themselves.  Unfortunately, few people ask.

[The concepts discussed herein apply equally to loss of sexual vitality, renal dysfunction, bladder issues and prostate problems, all of which are indicative of a dysfunctional terrain.]

How Stress & Yeast Affect Body Metabolism

Stress is unavoidable!  Worse, stress disrupts blood sugar metabolism and tampers with regulatory hormones [thyroid, adrenaline, glucagon, serotonin, dopamine, insulin and leptin.]  Stress scrambles the sexual hormones [estrogen, progesterone, testosterone.]  Elevated adrenaline causes junctions of the intestinal wall to OPEN WIDE, creating leaky-gut syndrome.

When under stress, the body cannot make the neurotransmitter hormones, serotonin and dopamine [which are calming] and instead makes adrenaline which is highly inflammatory.  Irritable, grumpy people suffer from adrenal overload. Hormone imbalances cause autoimmune reactions by opening gut wall junctions that allow food proteins access to the blood stream.

Food cravings intensify when yeasts are hungry, and stress is elevated.  Alcohol and sweets cause yeast to bloom, flooding the body with highly disruptive, mycotoxins.  Addictions and allergies [such as gluten] are yeast/gut/microbiome issues.  These adjectives are descriptive, but wrong.

Yeast drives behavioral issues creating alcoholics, druggies and social derelicts.  The riddle of behavioral problems can be greatly improved with the Mold & Fungal Protocol, the Immune Protocol and MetaBolic Complex.  Check them out.]

[BTW: Wine is a problem, especially for females.  Eating before bed interferes with sleep and sugar metabolism.  Bladder issues and brain fog are side effects of yeast dominance which alternative modalities have failed to correct because practitioners don’t understand, mycology.]

Hormone challenges are terrain issues in disguise.  Lack of estrogen and testosterone is not the issue and never was.  Fact is, if you load your system with replacement hormones [synthetic or bio-identical based on “tests”], yeast will overrun your body and you will lose the ability to self-regulate.  Hormone imbalance is reversible, but you will need guidance to correct the problem.

Hypothyroidism affects 75-90% of women over age 35 and many younger women, as well.  Ditto for adrenal burn-out from stress and poor sleep.  These dysfunctional issues are autoimmune responses of upside-down metabolism, hormone imbalance and systemic inflammation.

Body pH and acidity levels affect everything, but they are NOT the same thing.  Check out the Terrain pH Protocol and learn how to add some balance to your system.

The Enema Protocol trains the body to release waste.  Those who follow this protocol have more control of their health and digestion and sleep better, as well.

Diabetics suffer diabetic nerve pain, but NOT for the reasons they are told.  Pre-diabetics age and suffer cancer, liver disease, asthma, joint problems, gout, sexual dysfunction, arthritis, chronic fatigue, neuropathy, Gullian-Barre, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  All of these are avoidable and all of them can be corrected naturally with guidance and understanding.

Conclusions & Solutions

Everyone should understand their A1c blood sugar score and its relationship to neurologic deterioration.  No one should allow their blood sugar levels above 90 on an ongoing basis.

Systemic inflammation goes hand-in-hand with elevated blood sugar and elevated ferritin iron.  Pre-diabetes and elevated blood sugar can be addressed with the ReVive Protocol.  Restore your brain receptors and your body will regain the ability to read and respond to leptin signals and manage your insulin levels better.

The Mold & Fungus Protocol addresses fungus and hormone issues.  Common yeast approaches are futile! Use the Immune Protocol to resurrect  PRIMAL IMMUNITY.  Restore your regulatory mechanisms with MetaBolic Complex.  Check them out by clinking hyperlinks.

I trust the reader will take this message seriously.  Guidance is provided without fee for those who, ask.  BTW: please put-away your preconceived notions; they are why you have issues!

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