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Sooner or later every man will deal with his prostate.  Those who accept guidance early-on will avoid unnecessary suffering and misery.  Neglect and abuse background prostate issues.  Popular, fads, pills and potions ignore cause and subject men to abuse by the medical cartel.  Know this: PROSTATE INTERVENTION DOES NOT END WELL!

Prostate symptoms appear when men are in their forties, but few men understand or recognize them.  Fact is most men are in denial and have no understanding of prostate physiology.  This report is a crash-course to help men care for themselves and avoid medical abuse.  To learn more, read on. 

The target audience of this report is men; however, the information will help women understand what men deal with.  Men DON’T TALK about prostate and men are notorious for neglecting and abusing themselves.  Men need guidance on male issues just like women need guidance on female issues.

[Young Again Club and Special Insights is about understanding body physiology and resolution of symptomatic dis-ease.  Key words used herein are linked to glossary and protocol tabs of website.  To assist understanding, click on the blue, underlined words.]

Prostate Basics

The prostate gland is located immediately beneath the urinary bladder, immediately behind the penis, and a few inches inside the anal canal.  Anatomically speaking, the prostate is isolated and difficult to access, much like women’s ovaries.   

The urethra [urinary bladder tube] passes through the prostate gland which is also the reservoir for semen.  The prostate is the pleasure center of sexual activity, a very complex nerve bundle in the male pelvic triangle, and the equivalent of the nerve bundle of the mouth of the uterus in women. 

When the prostate pumps semen at climax, contraction produces intense pleasure.  But when hardened and inflamed contraction fails, and one important PHYSIOLOGIC ASPECT of male sexuality is forfeited.  Once the prostate loses suppleness, incontinence, ED [erectile dysfunction], low sex drive follow. 

Prostate issues include poor blood flow, sluggish bowel, fungal-yeast invasion, low-grade inflammation, obesity, terrain acidity, and elevated ferritin iron levels.  These symptoms accompany loss of sexual vitality and bladder issues.  [FYI: dysfunctional bladder is the reason men give up golf; meaning, men are embarrassed because they can no longer hold their bladder between trees!]

The prostate suffers from structural issues as the body ages, meaning hardening of the tissues of the gland and swelling/inflammation.  Hormonal issues are also in-play, but structural degradation is foremost.  Contrary to medical myth and urban legend, family history, genes, and PSA [prostate specific antigen] DO NOT precipitate dysfunctional prostate of the symptoms thereof.

Prostate Physiology & Self-Help Solutions

Prostate & The Bowel

Sluggish bowel sets-the-stage for low-grade inflammation of the prostate.  The lower bowel [sigmoid colon] rests directly against the prostate gland and toxins and microbes migrate into the prostate.  Therefore, men need to move their bowels at least three times a day.  And if men are smart, they will do enemas to eliminate acid waste in the colon, prostate, and body.  Men with serious health issues who cooperate, suffer less and heal faster.  [Read about the Enema Protocol here.]

Prostate Self-Intervention

Once upon a time doctors milked men’s prostate by inserting a finger in men’s anus so they could massage inflamed, hardened prostate glands.  Doctors no longer do this procedure, but a much better technique is now available so men can privately care for themselves.  Prostate self-massage stimulates blood flow, eases urination urgency, improves sleep, and restores sexual vitality.  Men who understand prostate physiology AVOID abuse and trauma of the misguided procedure called, prostate biopsy.

Essential Elements & The Prostate

Bioactive, racemized, elemental ions [iodine, selenium, zinc, boron, chromium, vanadium, molybdenum, lithium, and copper] are CRITICALfor healthy prostate and thyroid function.  Males store their reserves of elements in the thyroid, testicles, and prostate, but by age fifty their reserves become depleted, sexual vitality is forfeited, and inflamed prostate becomes the norm.  [The Essential Elements Protocol provides bioactive elements men need to maintain healthy prostate.]

Magnesium & The Prostate

The prostate needs high levels of usable, magnesium ions to be healthy.  Men MUST supplement with bioactive magnesium and a transport to shuttle ions from the bloodstream into cells where they are needed.  Heart attack is caused by magnesium depleted heart cells, NOT lack-of oxygen.  Men with prostate issues suffer magnesium ion insufficiency.  Lab tests for blood magnesium are worthless!

Common forms of magnesium don’t deliver and can’t cross cell membranes and can’t participate in the mitochondrial electron transport chain where hydrogen from food and water are converted to energy for metabolism.  [ATP powers the cell, NOT the body.  Hydrogen is our source of energy.

Common forms of magnesium are oxide, carbonate, malate, citrate, taurate, glycinate, and threonate.  These forms provide -0- to 5% usable magnesium ions.  For example, 200 mgs. of magnesium citrate provides 10 mgs and the balance is lost.  People need 800 mgs/day of usable magnesium ions plus a transport to shuttle ions into the cells.  [Read about Youth Formula here.]

Prostate Blood Supply

Blood supply impacts prostate health and sexual vitality.  Poor supply in the pelvic triangle causes low-grade inflammation.  Stagnant, tissue acids interfere with organ regeneration of the pelvic triangle [waistline to groin].  Excess ferritin iron and fatty-liver are always involved.  Count on it! 

Ferritin Iron, CRP & Prostate Inflammation

Male bodies accumulate ferritin iron which is highly inflammatory to the prostate as is fungal-yeast.  By age 40, men are cursed by excess ferritin iron; there is NO natural mechanism to rid the body of it.  [FYI: iron is ubiquitous to fortified food].  [The solution is FREE!]  Iron is SO DANGEROUS that adult multivitamins come with a childproof cap [pathogenic organisms need iron to grow and spread].  CRP is a measure of extreme low-grade inflammation; NOT where or what, but a snapshot of trouble.

Prostate & Terrain pH

Acidity FUELS aging and dis-ease and aggravates the prostate.  Sluggish bowels, failure to urinate fully and often, inability to make B-vitamins describe the dilemma.  [The Terrain pH Protocol is FREE!

Maldigestion & The Prostate

[By age 24, maldigestion begins.  By age 35, metabolism slows.  By age 50, digestive efficiency is half of age 24 and aging is in full swing.  Beyond age 50, digestive efficiency FALLS BY HALF every five years!  By age 70, digestive efficiency is about 3% of age 24 and degenerative dis-ease is reality.]

Pooping is NOT confirmation of good digestion and regularity is a MEANINGLESS concept.  Men with prostate problems need guidance with bowel and prostate physiology  

Obesity & Metabolism Effects On Prostate

Thin or overweight, metabolism is dominated by insulin/leptin-resistance and Metabolic Syndrome following age fifty.  Maldigestion floods the body with acid waste and causes the body to make fat.  Pounds and inches [ten pounds/two dress sizes of high school status] allows unopposed estrogen dominance to affect male hormones and insulin/leptin resistance to dominate metabolism. 

Prostate, Pre-diabetes & A1c

Insulin/leptin-resistance [aka: pre-diabetes] is THE primary driver of dis-ease and dysfunctional physiology, including the big four [cardiovascular, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer].  Insulin/leptin-resistance is a sleeper condition that flies below medical radar.  A1c [a measure of red blood cell glycation] is NOT understood by patients or practitioners.  Diabetes occurs with perfect A1c labs.

Pre-diabetes affects EVERYONE who is not diabetic.  The condition drags-on for decades because practitioners have no training in Applied Physiology and promote useless A1c lab scores.  [FYI: Applied Physiology is NOT taught at university and does NOT comply with sick-care lab test conclusions.]

BTW: dietary fat [think coconut fat] moderates food’s impact on insulin, pancreas, blood sugar.  Fact is, we need fat to make hormones, and elevated cholesterol extends lifespan.  Think about that!

Prostate issues are CONFIRMATION of insulin/leptin-resistance, magnesium ion insufficiency, and fungal-yeast invasion,  Obesity, bladder issues, fatty-liver, and Metabolic Syndrome follow along.

Fungal-Yeast Invasion Of Prostate

Aging prostates suffer from fungal-yeast invasion.  Symptoms such as belly fat, gas/bloat, erectile dysfunction, and maldigestion fuel the process.  Fungal-yeast love acid waste, alcohol, birth control, poor pelvic blood-flow, antibiotics, medications, and a polluted terrain.  [More on acidity here.]

Prostate Cancer & The Colon

COLON and PROSTATE CANCER give testimony to toxic terrain and inability to ferment food and make B-vitamins.  Fatty-liver says serious B-vitamin deficiency. [Read about Icelandic Magic].  Prostate cancer and polyps have EVERYTHING to do with acid terrain and dysfunctional bowels.  Dis-ease and death begin in the colon!  Maldigestion, Metabolic Syndrome, and insulin/leptin-resistance determine who goes first and who follows and how soon.  Believe it!

Testosterone & Prostate

Sex drive and energy wane as men forfeit the ability to make testosterone.  Testosterone effects libido, muscle and bone, estrogen-dominance, and prostate.  Contrary to medical myth, testosterone is NOT the driver of elevated PSA and prostate cancer.  Fact is practitioners butcher, drug, and kill because of misunderstood prostate physiology and symptoms.  MAKE SURE YOUR NAME AVOIDSTHE ROSTER!  [Orchic Essence helps men make testosterone naturally, and muscle, too!  Check it out.]

Prostate & ED, Peyronie’s Disorder, Infected Teeth & Gums

Erectile issues accompany declining sex drive, inability to orgasm, and failure to empty the prostate of semen.  Men need to release semen 3x/week.  Orgasm requires a highly STIMULATED prostate gland with and good blood supply.  Peyronie’s Disorder affects many men; it is reversible by dissolving scar tissue in the penis, increasing blood flow, and reducing inflammation.  Peryronie’s is a taboo subject among men.  [BTW: infected teeth/gums burden the heart and hurt the prostate. [ Ask for guidance.]


Neglect and abuse precede prostate trouble!  Many factors are involved in dysfunctional prostate and men suffer different issues.  Those who hope to avoid suffering and misery should reach-out and ask for guidance before things get ugly.  It’s as simple as that!

Guidance is available without cost!

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