Belly Fat Phenomenon Causes, Answers & Solutions

It seems belly fat is now, epidemic!  But I can assure you, people are growing flaps [and pouches] for all the wrong reasons and don’t know, why.  Do you?  To learn more, read on.

Today’s Special Insights looks at the factors behind the belly fat phenomenon, how to avoid it and how to rid yourself of your flap or pouch naturally, without surgery. 

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Not long ago, people did not have belly flaps!  Today, they are epidemic!  Behind the phenomenon is manipulation of our hormones by chemical mycotoxins made by fungi, yeast and molds.

It appears Young Again Club is the first to make the connection between belly fat and control of the hormones by fungi.  This is important information because obesity and belly fat issues are epidemic and forerunners of, trouble!  Please consider the following.

Once upon a time, the population was flat-bellied and pouches and flaps were not an issue.  Back then, diet and exercise were the obesity industry’s mantra.  Today, new dynamics have changed body chemistry and metabolism and obesity, pouches and flaps are, proof!

The question isWhat is driving obesity, pouches and flaps, and what can be done about it?

Our Bodies Are Morphing!

Human metabolism is morphing!  Medications and lifestyle are taking their toll, but it is defective sugar metabolism of alcohol, carbohydrates and sweets [such as, fructose] that is changing our chemistry, while fungal mycotoxins are manipulating our hormones.  As usual, the sick-care folks have no idea why pouches and flaps are epidemic!  Now, an important definition…

Mycotoxin: poisons made by fungus that destroy immune function, disrupt hormone balance and produce hundreds of symptoms that mimic, disease!  Now, the story…

Women call about their, pouches and flaps!  They ask why they suffer so much gas and bloat.  Men suffer as well, but their focus is ED, bladder and prostate issues, balding, loss of muscle and low sex drive.  Hormone disruption is a now big problem and it is very common.

Once fungal mycotoxins dominate metabolism, vital organ functions, morph!  Merger of fungal and human DNA is a new dynamic, but people have no reference for the changes they experience.  Medical experts are in total denial of this phenomenon, and therefore, don’t have a clue!

Triggers:  growth of fungus in the body is activated by exposure and use of antibiotics at any time [even pre-birth!], vaccination overload, birth control pills, hormone replacement and steroidal medications [including inhalers for asthma!]  Sugar, alcohol, fruit and fruit juice are dietary triggers that provoke mycotoxin release!  Wild card triggers are stress and a generally unknown and very misunderstood condition called, unopposed estrogen dominance

Diabetes & Body Fat

When I grew up, rare was anyone with sugar diabetes.  Some were brittle, type I, childhood diabetics, but they were few.  [Type I diabetes is very different than adult onset, type II diabetes.  Type I is an artificial creation and 100% an autoimmune response.]  About 35% of the population are diagnosed diabetics.  The other 65% [+ -] are pre-diabetics.

Understand, diet influences blood sugar and hormone response, but it is invasion by fungus and their mycotoxins is the dynamic that is causing people to grow pouches and belly flaps.  [Read, Prediabetes and Premature Aging]

Poor digestion of dietary fats is another factor driving diabetes and belly issues.  Hormones are made from fat.  By age 35, fat assimilation is a problem, and behind the problem is an inflamed liver and insufficient production of bile [bile is needed to absorb dietary fats.]  Poorly digested dietary protein is another issue, and a big contributor to intestinal and bowel disorders and acidification of the terrain.  [See DIGESTIVE PROTOCOL.]

Fungi are primary contributors of acids that interfere with kidney functions and pH management.  Yeast makes acid waste that drives body pH, down.  [See TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL; it is, FREE!]

Insulin & Metabolism

Belly fat issues are confirmation your metabolism and hormones are upside down, no matter how well you eat or feel.  Pouches and flaps say the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle rules, and carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source.  Read, Blood Sugar, Inflammation & Hormones.

Few people realize fungi and mycotoxins CONTROL blood sugar metabolism and conversion of proteins to carbohydrate.  At 90+ blood sugar, you are in pre-diabetes, regardless of what doctor says!  Perpetually elevated blood sugar of 90+ causes brain receptors to caramelize leading to dementia, Alzheimer’s and pancreatic dysfunction.]  Do you understand?

Insulin and leptin resistance and mycotoxin toxicity are flip sides of the coin.  Contrary to medical myth, diabetes is not a pancreas/insulin problem.  Rather, it is the side effect of dysfunctional metabolism and fungus.  [If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, you now know why!]

Mycotoxins inflame the pancreas, liver and heart.  Arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation and elevated blood pressure are side effects of fungal infestation and mycotoxin poisoning.  Mycotoxins cause symptoms that mimic hundreds of so-called, dis-eases.  Perhaps the reader understands the futility of chasing, symptoms.  The Missing Diagnosis says it best!  Do you understand?

Certain biological triggers [see above] cause yeast and fungus to grow and make mycotoxins that control women’s hormones [think fibroids, polycystic ovaries, menstrual and menopausal complaints,] and men’s hormones [think inflamed prostate and ED.]  Mycotoxins are powerful enough to alter thyroid, liver and kidney functions.  Do you understand?

Thyroid issues, brain fog, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and anxiety/depression are classic side effects of fungus infestation.  Bladder infections, incontinence, sagging skin, thin hair, loss of muscle and osteoporosis are additional side effects of fungal dominanceDo you understand?

Mycotoxins cause kidney stones to form in seconds and minutes, which puzzles nephrologists, but without in-depth schooling in mycology, they have no idea because they are not schooled in it.  Mitochondrial dis-ease is a side effect of mycotoxin activity.  [Bio-active iodine, magnesium and selenium ions (Ion Trio) mediate mycotoxin control of metabolic problems, such as heart issues and diabetes, as well as mental confusion and dementia.  All of these issues involve inflammation created by mycotoxins from fungal infestation.  Do you understand?

Hormones, Fungus & Cancer

Belly fat says fungal mycotoxins have taken control of your metabolism and hormones.  Doctor knows belly fat is the forerunner of big problems in the making.  [Don’t forget it!]

Mycotoxins cause your immune system to turn, dysfunctional.  For example, when mold and human DNA merge, your immune system only sees you while the invading agents [fungi] are allowed to grow and spread [candidiasis.]  Once DNAs merge, we become hybrid creatures; part human, part fungi [think, chronic, autoimmune problems.]  Do you understand?

Hormone driven inflammation accelerates around age 35.  But for many young people of either sex, the early and teen years are a roller coaster of inflammatory responses, such as, asthma, depression, menstrual difficulties, acne, earache and temper tantrums.  [You can end this vicious cycle with the Mold & Fungus Protocol.]

Teenage girls and younger women are extremely vulnerable to fungal interference.  Birth control pills sabotage female hormones [think, growth of candida yeast and cognitive issues.]  Mycotoxin dominance is a component of all things hormonal from menopause and andropause to explosive emotional outbursts in teens and adults, alike.  Do you understand?

Bladder infections and male prostate issues are confirmation of candida yeast in bloom, fueled by sugar, alcohol and antibiotics.  Contrary to urban legend, female bladder infections are not of male hygiene origin.  Yeast blooms follow high stress, sugar/alcohol consumption and insufficient sleep in females who use [or have used] antibiotics and birth control pills.  Sex is coincidental to, but not the cause of infection.   Do you understand?  [Read Jill’s Story.]

Antibiotics put humans in harm’s way because they fuel mold and fungal growth and kill protective organisms that block the spread of fungi.  Antibiotics carry risk and patients must bear some responsibility for demanding and using them.  Do you understand?

Mycotoxins are central to belly fat issues and cancer, alike.  People are confused!  They think cancer is a disease.  It is not!  Cancer is a condition caused and orchestrated by fungal mycotoxins.  Tumors and masses are FUNGAL COLONIES that don’t need to metastasize because fungi are already systemic!  Cancer never goes away; it changes form and location.  Control body acidity and mycotoxins to control cancer.  [Read, Cancer, Acidity & Fermentation.]  Do you understand?

Ladies, belly fat and breast cancer are linked; both are hormone issues caused by fungal mycotoxins.  Why torture yourself with mammograms and false conclusions?  After 20 years, experts now admit mammograms don’t prevent cancer and are as useless as pink ribbons!

Men, belly flap and prostate cancer are linked; both are hormone issues caused by fungal mycotoxins.  Why torture yourself with worthless, high risk prostate biopsies and false conclusions?  False treatment for misdiagnosis is, insane!  Do you understand?

Candida albicans is a yeast, a fungus and a mold, and is the controlling element behind bladder infections, oral thrush, vaginal issues and difficult periods, ladies.  Breast and prostate cancer occur because of mycotoxin manipulation of your very own, hormones.  Cancer is not a disease; it is a condition.  [Read, Diagnostic Roulette.]  Do you understand?

Fat & Carbohydrate Metabolism

Dietary fat is very important!  Hormones are made from fats and it is your hormones that control your metabolism and formation of belly fat.  Read about fats, here.

People use carbohydrates as their primary source of, energy.  Lack of dietary fat is one reason pre-diabetes is rampant and bellies are growing.  Carbohydrates metabolize, differently.  Fructose, for example, goes 100% to body fat and the food chain is LOADED with fructose in many forms.  Fructose and fungus are two new dynamics driving obesity and belly fat.

Alcohol is PURE MYCOTOXIN and fungi crave it!  Wine is a metabolic disaster for women’s hormones and a very big contributor to female cancers and formation of, belly flap!

Fats curb food cravings and satiate because they are dense, food energy sources.  Fats should be your body’s PRIMARY energy source, but you must train it to burn them, instead of carbohydrates.   Mitochondria require fat for 80% of their energy output.  Do you understand?

People fear fat!  I wrote on this important topic in Eats Fats To Be Healthy & Happy.  Read it and you will realize cardiovascular problems are not about fats and cholesterol [or statin drugs, thank you!]  The Cholesterol Theory of Disease and statin medications are fraudulent representations.  Both PROMOTE HEART DISEASE, not prevent it!  Do you understand?

The more body fat you have, the more estrogen you make.  Estrogen is jet fuel for mycotoxin production by fungi, such as candida yeast.  As mycotoxin levels rise, breast size, increases!  It is no coincidence that overweight men grow modified breasts and women’s breast size increase with age.  Mycotoxin levels automatically increase, unless you intervene!  Do you understand?

Clear Your Vocabulary of Ugly Medical Words

Words are powerful!  Some words are more powerful than others!  If you would like to remove words such as, CANCER, MAMMOGRAM, BIOPSY and COLONOSCOPY from your vocabulary, rid your body of fungus and mycotoxins!  Misdiagnosis is rampant and a false diagnosis is a Missing Diagnosis!  Do you understand?  

Answers & Solutions

Ask John Thomas for guidance and follow the MOLD & FUNGUS PROTOCOL.

Your terrain controls!  So, if you have issues and suffer from poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available for FREE!

Aging and suffering have no place in your story.  How much are you willing to endure?

Ask for guidance here.

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