Inflammation & Your Future [Special Edition!]

Inflammation is a side-effect and a forerunner of aging and degenerative dis-ease.  And behind inflammation is a condition unknown to the public and medicine, alike.  To learn more, read on.

Everyone is subject to invasion by fungus; no one is exempt, regardless of age.  Fungal infestation drives dis-ease and aging.  The solution is called the Mold & Fungus Protocol. 

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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A Critically Important Story 

This case study is a partial overview of a woman’s life journey, but it APPLIES TO MEN, EQUALLY!  This story may seem incredible; yet, it is widespread.  Why people suffer needlessly is important to identify; what can be done about it is even more important.

From the time Jill was a child, she suffered recurring sinus infections, earache, colds and flu.  Doctor’s prescription was always the same: antibiotics!

Sugar, soda and sweets played a significant role in Jill’s diet along with cereal grains, rice and potatoes.  Jill craved sweets, snacked constantly and ate often.  She was always, cold, as well.

Constipation, gas and bloat were common for Jill.  As puberty approached [age 12], asthma-like symptoms began to present, but the trigger(s) were never identified.  Instead, Jill was told to use an inhaler and was given steroids.

When Jill’s menstrual cycle began, she suffered amenorrhea [irregular periods] sometimes skipping several months.  When they did occur, heavy cramping and severe pain were accompanied by extended bleeding of 7-14 days.

At age 15, Jill had a bad flu and was given broad spectrum antibiotics.   This time, however, acne erupted on her face, back and chest.  Mood swings, depression and migraine headache followed, along with bladder infections, allergies and chemical sensitivities. [Jill’s system was under siege!]

The dermatologist put Jill on the usual treatment of tetracycline for acne.  Jill saw improvement, but after a few months, the problem returned followed by a persistent bronchial cough low energy and weight gain.  Soon thereafter, Jill’s menstrual cycle included problematic, tender, lumpy breasts [fibroid tumors] and occasionally, cysts on her ovaries.

It should be noted that Jill’s test results were within range; nothing abnormal.  Doctor told her, “It’s all in your head!” and recommended psychiatric care to address her mental confusion, depression and emotional anxiety [roller-coaster temperament.]

In her senior year of high school, Jill lost interest in school and her grades tumbled.  Also, she suffered from explosive anger and did NOT get along with her parents.  Instead, she found comfort among those with similar problems.

Jill’s behavior became a serious problem made worse by unpredictable anxiety attacks.  Her mother took Jill to a psychiatrist who diagnosed her, schizophrenic and bi-polar and put her on psychotropic drugs.  Now, Jill suffered the social stigma of being a mental case.

At age 18, Jill became sexually active and began using birth control pills.  She attended community college for a while, did poorly, was unhappy and drank regularly.

Birth control pills caused Jill’s menstrual and hormonal issues to compound in the form of chronic bladder and vaginal infections [so-called], heavy depression, imaginary voices and intense anxiety.  Jill was given more antibiotics and additional drugs for her problems.

Jill married at age 20 and became pregnant soon after.  The pregnancy was difficult.  [When her daughter was born, the child suffered from oral thrush, colic, and earache.  The child was given antibiotics.  Vaccinations made matters worse.  Like Jill, the little girl had learning problems at school and suffered from so-called, attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Jill’s diet was heavy in carbohydrates and sugar; sodas and fruit juice were staples.  Both Jill and her husband drank.  Jill favored wine; she had been told [wrongly!] that it was healthier.

Jill’s husband had his own share of health problems, and he had no idea how to help Jill who was difficult most of the time.  [The marriage suffered accordingly.]

Doctor prescribed corticosteroid medications to ease Jill’s arthritis-like symptoms.  Birth control pills were prescribed to help manage Jill’s hormones.  [Things got worse.]

Jill miscarried twice during her twenties.  Endometriosis followed and she underwent hysterectomy at age 35.  Doctor prescribed hormone therapy.  [Bladder and vaginal infections worsened, becoming chronic!]

By age 40, Jill was overweight, depressed and on occasion, suicidal.  She was always sick, her energy was poor and she suffered from constant brain fog and poor memory.  Ringing ears [tinnitus] was ongoing and nighttime urination interfered with Jill’s sleep.

By age 48, Jill’s health was in shambles.  Jill had been betrayed!

Women will identify with Jill’s story.  Men should identify because hormone issues affect boys and men, as well.  [Fungal infestation and mycotoxin interfere with male hormones is common!]

Symptoms NOT recognized for what they are become THE MISSING DIAGNOSIS.  Jill’s story is a classic example of defective medical models that are based on symptoms instead of cause!

Had Jill’s UNDERLYING issues been correctly diagnosed, her life could have been VERY different.  Jill suffered from misdiagnosis and lack of guidance.  FUNGAL INFLAMMATION ruled Jill’s life!

Let’s Review Jill’s History

  1. A recurring theme in Jill’s story is systemic inflammation and antibiotics.
  2. Sugar and sodas antagonized Jill’s problems. [Sweets and alcohol are inflammatory!]
  3. Bowel disorders, gas and bloat are side effects of yeast infestation and leaky-gut.
  4. Jill’s asthma and respiratory issues are side effects of mycotoxin produced by fungus. [Persistent bronchial cough is confirmation of mold infestation.]
  5. Jill’s Candida issues worsened at puberty because her ovaries were making hormones [fungus needs fuel to grow and spread; acne and difficult periods are two side effects.]
  6. Jill made the mistake of seeking professional skin care for her teenage acne. The tetracycline she was given literally set the stage for Jill’s health and life to spin out of control.  [Jill already had a history of antibiotic usage; now tetracycline completely destroyed her system, allowing mold and fungus to GROW and SPREAD producing mycotoxin interference with normal, healthy body functions.  Side effects include: thyroid, depression, body fat, anger, brain fog [poor memory] and ovarian dysfunction.]
  7. Psychiatric drugs turned Jill’s system upside down. Sleep became difficult; night was day and day was night.  [Jill had been betrayed by well-meaning professionals; first by her doctor, then by the psychiatrist.]
  8. Jill’s use of alcohol exaggerated her Candida problem. [Alcohol is a powerful mycotoxin that feeds fungal growth second only to hormones, and Jill had plenty of both!]
  9. Jill’s difficult pregnancy and her miscarriages were side effects of fungal manipulation of her hormones. [Perhaps the reader now understands why these problems are epidemic!]
  10. Birth control pills were the final straw needed for MASSIVE mold and fungus invasion.
  11. Jill’s childhood exposure to antibiotics took its toll by age of 20. She was acidic.  Candida yeast had merged with her DNA.  Jill had become a hybrid being.  Fungi were using Jill’s body to complete their lifecycle.  [This condition is common in the population.]

Jill’s Betrayal Is Our Betrayal, as well!

  1. The medical system betrayed Jill [and the rest of us!] Their model is defective partly because of “standards of care” that shackle practitioners and limit freedom of choice.
  2. Mycology [study of mold and fungus] was dropped from medical curriculums almost 70 years ago. Practitioners do not think beyond ring worm, toe nail fungus, bladder and vaginal infections [so-called!]; they have not been trained in,
  3. Sadly, molds and fungi are viewed as a nuisance only, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are they recognized as primary agents of dis-ease and inflammation. [Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth!  If you suffer ongoing, chronic health challenges, you can bet mold and fungus invaded your system long ago.  No one escapes fungal infestation.]
  4. Jill’s problematic pregnancy and miscarriages were predictable given her history of early and ongoing exposure to antibiotics. [Jill’s problems had their origin in childhood, but it was her teen years that completed her metamorphosis.]
  5. Jill’s struggle with weight and acne, depression, acid reflux, brain fog [poor memory], mental confusion, allergies, hair loss, chemical sensitivities and low energy were driven by systemic take-over by molds and fungi; particularly, Candida albicans.
  6. Without knowledge and guidance and a valid medical model, Jill could not help herself. Her betrayal is an example of sick-care at its best.  The mold dilemma confronts all of us. Either, we self-educate or we get in line.  You must choose.

Announcing!  The Case Study Model

The Case Study Model is a great way to learn.  I will be using this model extensively in future issues of Special Insights on various topics of interest to readers.  Each case will profile, identify and analyze the controlling factors behind people’s health issues and needless suffering. 

Most health problems manifest over time; some present all at once.  Regardless, when they announce, the ability to identify and understand the contributing factors is invaluable.

Most health challenges are preventable and reversible.  What is missing is a valid model of body physiology [how the body actually works!] along with the ability to analyze symptoms and determine, cause.  [To avoid more of the same, you must change the way you think.]

First: identify the controlling factors.  Second: understand how the problem came to be [trauma, iatrogenic [doctor/medication induced], progressive degeneration, etc.]  Third: stop the problem from progressing further.  Fourth: reverse the process.

You will need ASSISTANCE with the Case Study approach whether a layman or a practitioner.  The medical model is incomplete and problems cannot be solved when CA– USE [etiology] is misunderstood.

Health issues that repeat over and over in a population, translate, Cause Unknown!  Proof is all around us.  Diagnosis based on symptoms [arthritis, gout, cancer, kidney and liver issues, asthma, fibroids, thyroid, etc.] is useless because symptoms are effects, NOT cause.

The Case Study Model requires your active involvement.  Self-help is one of few remaining freedoms we have left.  I trust the reader will exercise this freedom, as opposed to getting in line for more of the same, otherwise known as, sick-care. 

Observations & Musings

Fungi were the causative agents behind most, if not all, of Jill’s symptoms.  And, behind them are the pharmaceutical drugs that promote fungal growth and take-over.

Fungal invasion of the body’s vital organs is predictable considering the ubiquitous nature of CHEMICAL TRIGGERS such as antibiotics, birth control pills, hormone replacement and corticosteroids.  Mold spores are in water, food and air.  While unavoidable, they only pose a threat when they activate, hatch and reproduce.  Otherwise, spores are DORMANT.

Alcohol is a mycotoxin activator.  Alcohol [including wine!] feeds growth of fungal spores in the body.  Autoimmune symptoms are side-effects of mycotoxin made inside the body by fungi.  Autoimmune problems are confirmation of fungal infestation and mycotoxin activity.

[Antibiotics should ONLY be used for legitimate medical crises; and few are! You have NO CHOICE during surgical procedures, but you can implement the Mold & Fungus Protocol to avoid fungal infestation BEFORE, DURING and AFTER antibiotic usage.]

The delay between exposure to biologic TRIGGERS and manifestation of systemic, fungal take-over can be weeks or decades.  A fungal crisis only occurs AFTER spores have hatched, grown and spread throughout the body.  [Biologic triggers are the match that lights the fire.]

Fungi [and their mycotoxin] compromise immune function via merger of their DNA with human DNA.  Once merged, the immune system sees fungi as YOU, not as a foreign agents.  Mycotoxin-induced inflammation signals trouble, with hundreds of different responses!  [Patients MUST realize sick-care only categorizes: bacterial, viral or unknown.  Fungi are NEVER identified as causative agents of infection; rather, they are considered harmless, opportunistic life forms!]

Intestinal leakage occurs when fungi sink their roots (hyphae) into the intestinal wall.  [Gluten intolerance and chemical sensitivity are side effects; so are bowel disorders of every stripe.  Once fungi dominate, autoimmune problems multiply as mycotoxin take control of the system.

Would probiotics have solved Jill’s intestinal issues? No!  Her gas and bloat issues, allergies, chemical sensitivities and leaky-gut problems have their origin in hyphae invasion of the mucous membrane lining of Jill’s intestinal, gut wall.

Would a better diet have benefited, Jill?  Yes, but diet will NOT reverse fungal invasion of the system; diet DO NOT restore a compromised immune system, and neither do probiotics.  [Candida diets manage misery, but they do not address, cause.  You must address, CA– USE!]

What about diagnostics, such as: mammogram, prostate biopsy, colonoscopy and physicals unsuspecting patients volunteer for?  Sick-care treats test results, NOT PATIENTS!  Defective tests are behind the word, misdiagnosis.  Without identifying cause, cure is impossible.

[It appears modern medicine is designed to produce a false sense of health.  Misdirection cannot be blamed on ignorance, doctor or science.  People are being gamed to ensure there is enough dis-ease to treat with a parade of nasty, medications.  Emergency care is the exception.]

Review & Perspective

Mold and fungal invasion of the body must be reversed or problems grow progressively with age.  Once fungus and human DNA merge, humans assume a hybrid existence in a perpetual state of autoimmune crisis.  A compromised immune system is a side effect of fungal infestation.  Molds and fungi destroy healthy body physiology.  [Consider them causative agents in every way.]

Your author cannot think of a single condition of dis-ease that is untouched by fungal take-over and mycotoxin control of vital organs and hormones.  To put these thoughts in perspective, know that fungal infestation of the body is called, CANCERRead it again!

Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in science in 1931 for his discovery that the fungus called, cancer thrives on sugar [both dietary and metabolic] in an acidic, terrain environment.

Warburg’s discovery preceded antibiotics, steroids, hormone replacement and birth control pills by 20-30 years.  Cancer is a drug induced crisis that is unrelated to your genes.  Medications and poor lifestyle choices compound fungal disruption of body metabolism.

Sugar and alcohol played a role in Warburg’s era just as they do, today.  However, it was ANTIBIOTICS that created the GROWTH INDUSTRY CALLED, CANCER!  And, it happened in only 10 years (1950-1960).  [FYI: the crisis did not occur by happenstance; it was orchestrated.]

To better understand our fungal dilemma, review Special Insights, Cause Unknown!, as well as, Cancer, Acidity, Fermentation & pH and the Mold & Fungus Protocol.

Suggestions & Solutions

The MOLD & FUNGUS PROTOCOL is a novel way of addressing mold and fungus.  Use it to invigorate immune function and avoid secondary fungal take-over when antibiotic usage is unavoidable [as in emergencies or necessary restorative surgery.]

Reversion of fungi to their dormant, [non-active!] spore forms, requires understanding of the dynamics involved.  Fungal infestation is a component of everyone’s life.  Do not ignore it!

You must ask for guidance! 

Woe be unto anyone who cannot discern symptoms from cause.  Ignorance is the basis of fear, and understanding is the basis of health and happiness.

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