The Sense Of, Well-being! Examples & Notes From The Field

The sense of well-being is a wonderful thing!  Problem is, few people know well-being on a daily basis and fewer still remember what well-being feels like. Today’s letter provides seven examples of recovery of immune function and regeneration of one’s health.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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I am excited!  After 25 years in this field of work, I was fortunate to identify the elemental driving force behind degenerative illness and disease.  [Yes, a big statement, but true, nevertheless!]

Here is the story.  Behind killer diseases, degenerative diseases and ailments big and small is a medically unrecognized condition that affects everyone, young and old.

The unrecognized threat is fungus that invade and sabotage metabolism by poisoning the body’s life-force and merging their DNA with human DNA, making us hybrid beings; partly human, partly fungal.

Contrary to everything you have ever been told, disease occurs not because of invading foreign agents, such as bacteria and viruses [Germ Theory of Disease], but because antibiotics devastate immune function and ignite growth of fungus.  [The condition of the body’s terrain when exposed to antibiotics determines the speed, severity and incubation period of fungal, invasion.]

Antibiotics are the ultimate, medical, blunder!  They should only be used for medical emergency, period!  Antibiotics awaken resident mold spores causing them to  morph into  pathogenic, adult form that produce an endless supply of poisonous, mycotoxins.

Once antibiotics destroy immune function, yeast [spores] begin completion of their life-cycle, using the body as an incubator and our hormones for, fuel.  Fungal invasion requires mycotoxins [poisons made by fungus] for seizing control of vital organs, such as thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, liver and heart. The invasion process requires mycotoxins [these are powerful poisons make by fungus] for seizing control of vital organs, such as thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, liver and heart.

Modern medicine is every bit as unaware of the fungus threat as the general population.  [mycology [the study of fungi] has not been taught in medical schools for 70 years!

The mechanism that triggers fungal takeover of the immune system is, ANTIBIOTICS [whether prescribed, food derived or exposure by surgery and medical emergency.]  Once fungal invasion occurs, your physiology [how your body functions] and your life are never again the same.  [John Thomas knows; it happened to him, 65 years ago.]

To emphasize the insidious nature of fungus-based disease, think in terms of another condition you will recognize called, CANCER!  Cancer is always, systemic.  Cancer is never localized; it does not need to metastasize because it is a systemic [whole body] condition of fungus infestation.

[A tumor or so-called mass of cancer is nothing but a pocket of adult stage fungus.  Worse, mold and fungus DNA is so close to human DNA that their merger is predictable and antibiotics make it happen!]

So, when you hear the word, cancer, think fungus instead, because cancer is a condition of systemic invasion by fungi and nothing more!  [BTW: there is no such thing as, cancer!  CANCER IS ONE BIG, LIE!  Don’t believe me?  Click here.

Surprisingly, the process by which yeast and fungi seize control of body physiology is not overly complicated, and you don’t need a PHD in the sciences to understand.  But, I want readers to recognize and realize that inflammation, fungus and mycotoxin dominance are central to suffering and disease.

Fungal invasion is reversible.  Simply, follow the Mold & Fungus Protocol.  It is aligned with the Young Again Club concept of terrain management and best of all, the protocol is simple to follow.  Please study the Wheel of Disease & Premature Aging.  It is very easy to understand, and most important!

The Wheel Of Disease & Premature Aging

  1. Exposure to antibiotics [at any time during one’s life] produces sub-clinical illness,
  2. Sub-clinical illness is an ongoing condition of systemic, dysfunctional immunity,
  3. Dysfunctional immunity is confirmation of fungal invasion and low-grade inflammation,
  4. Low-grade inflammation is an ongoing side-effect of mycotoxin dominance,
  5. Mycotoxin dominance and low-grade inflammation contribute to suffering and disease,
  6. Suffering and disease can be eliminated by clearing the body of mycotoxins and fungus.

A Whole New [And Wonderful] Experience

Few people have any idea what it feels like to be 100% human, meaning, without fungal DNA interference; and fewer yet know what a healthy, immune system feels like.

John Thomas knows!  “I cleared my system during 2017 [my 73rd year] and I am here to tell you, it was really something!  Before, I thought I understood what well-being meant, but not really.  Fungus invasion at age seven because of antibiotics, followed by 65 years of suffering!  Yes, now I understand!”

Customer Feedback

John Thomas talks with hundreds of people about their experiences with the Mold & Fungus Protocol.  What you experience depends on your age, sex, history, stress level and how compromised your system.

People think they are different; but when viewed up-close, people suffer from three things: invasion by fungus, mycotoxin dominance and systemic inflammation.

Women can expect improved energy, better sleep and weight/inch response when Candida yeast release control of female hormones [estrogen, progesterone, etc.] and regulatory hormones [thyroid and adrenaline].  BTW: hormone replacement [bioidentical or otherwise] is jet fuel for fungus!  Women suffer because the yeast cycle controls their bodies.  Hormone issues are yeast issues in disguise.  See Mold & Fungus Protocol.

Men: look for more muscle, energy, testosterone and improvement in prostate and ED.  [Ask for help, guys!  Very few men know how to care for themselves!]  See Mold & Fungus Protocol.

When the merger between fungus and human DNA unwinds, yeast go dormant and mycotoxin dominance, ends.  This is when you discover what well-being really means!  Here are some case studies…

Case Studies That Deserve Your Attention

Carlos, age 52, suffered from gout, severe leaky-gut, bowel issues, arthritis and he was borderline diabetic.  He used anti-inflammatory drugs to ease his suffering.  When Carlos finished the M&F Protocol, he was a different Carlos than when he began.

Susan age 49: Menopause was not kind to Susan; she was plagued by brain fog, poor sleep, no energy, sweats, hot flashes, oral thrush and vaginal discharge.  Her hair was thin and she suffered neuropathy in her feet and legs.  Heart flutters were common for Susan.  She suffered from hypothyroid [cold body, dry skin, and low temperature].  Six weeks into the protocol, Susan was feeling the best she had felt in 10 years.  Finally, Susan realized that she had been mistaking mycotoxin manipulation of her hormones for menopause symptoms [they are not the same thing.]  Life for Susan is better now that she is in control of her health, her hormones and her immune system.

Nikki, age 19:  Nikki’s story is very similar to Jill’s Story, except Nikki’s mother had been reading Special Insights, recognized the symptoms going on with Nikki, called guidance and to order the M&F Protocol.  Because Nikki suffered severe Candida yeast infestation, she did the protocol, twice.  Nikki no long suffers from difficult periods, moodiness and brain fog.  Best of all, she feels healthy and normal.

Carol, age, 55: Carol did not have much of anything haunting her; she just wanted to feel good and maintain her appearance, skin, energy, muscles and bones.  She had some belly fat and cellulite on the thighs, dry skin, memory complaints and she was always, cold.  Carol saw her blue eyes brighten, skin improve, energy increase, dress size decrease and, most importantly, she now enjoys deep, uninterrupted, sleep.  Carol warmed-up when yeast [that had been in control of her hormones] no longer controlled her thyroid function.  For Carol, the M&F Protocol was the perfect post menopause, tune-up.

James, age 39:  Moodiness and anxiety haunted, James.  He suffered rollercoaster personality, coldness, brain fog, no energy, gas and bloat, constipation and depression.  His history was spiked with antibiotics; seasonal flu and winter colds [he got flu shots every year, too!]  James also suffered from herpes and acne.  After three months, when the protocol was complete, James finally had control over his health.

Carl, age 78 & Hilda, age 77:  were older and mostly had small issues, such as skin problems, coldness, sluggish bowels, gas and bloat, sore feet, tinnitus [ringing ears] and macular degeneration and glaucoma issues; the things of old age!   By week six of the M&F Protocol, inflammation left their bodies and everything began to improve!  They now know their problems were effects of mold and fungus invasion, not old age.

Bill, age 69: bill had been a Type 2, adult diabetic for nine years, but managed the symptoms by dietary means [no medications.]  He was 40 pounds overweight, took various heart medication, had prostate issues, a waistline of 44 and suffered from glaucoma and macular degeneration, poor hearing and borderline liver and kidney issues.  Bill suffered a gout attack twice in 5 years and had a long history of antibiotics.  All Bill wanted was to simply feel good and have energy to fish and play golf, again.  By the time the M&F Protocol was finished, most of his complaints had greatly diminished.

You Have A Choice

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to endure?  Personal attention is a hallmark of Young Again Club.  The service is offered without fee.

Ask John Thomas for guidance.

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