Home Hot & Cold-Water Therapy For Respiratory Circulation & Sinus Congestion

Respiratory infections are dangerous.  Do not ignore them.  Here’s a simple, cost-free procedure to help your body naturally heal and avoid involvement in sick-care medicine, especially during times of crisis. 

1.  Cover upper chest with two double-folded towels (four layers of toweling over chest area).

2.  Bring large pan of water to a boil and place near area where you will do procedure.

3.  Fill another small pan with cold water and ice cubes and place near pan of hot water.

4.  Using tongs to dip one double folded towel in hot water; lift and drain excess water; and place the wet/hot ‘folded’ towel over four layers of toweling covering chest [unfold hot wet towel so that it covers chest-area that is protected by the layers of dry towels.

5.  Use two additional dry towels to cover the hot wet towels.  Leave the towel assembly on chest UNTIL it becomes too “hot” for person being treated. When that time comes, FLIP all of the towels onto belly area to uncover chest.

6.  Quickly, apply wet, ice-cold [pre-folded] towel in ice water to heated, chest.

7.  Then, repeat entire procedure.  You will need to re-dip towel in hot water from time to time.

8.  The procedure is: HOT, followed by cold; HOT, then cold.  Always end with HOT! [five steps in total]

9.  When possible, place patient’s feet in a plastic foot basin of very HOT water during procedure and apply a wet, ice cube filled towel over bridge of nose and forehead.  Or, wrap feet in hot towel [works well for children/infants].

10. Procedure is very effective for breaking up mucous/sinus congestion and grid-locked areas by speeding/slowing blood and lymph flow into and out of congested areas.

11.  R/MgO [liquid magnesium with boron] applied liberally to chest followed by 3-5 drops of DMSO increases blood flow in chest/bronchioles and relaxes inflamed tissues.  Use spray before or after hot/cold therapy and daily, as you wish.  [NOTE: DMSO turns skin bright pink and flushed from increased blood flow.  Redness is a sign of blood flow, not burn.  Follow with a bit of olive oil to soothe skin.  [Link for DMSO information.]

12.  Hysoppus Balm improves circulation, tames inflamed tissues and speeds healing.  Use it with gua-sha.

Additional Information:

Exercise caution when handling pan of hot water, being extra careful to NOT drip hot water on patient when applying hot/wet towels.  Do procedure 2-3 times/day until congestion eases and breathing is fully restored.  Use a Navage nasal device [available from Wal-Mart/Amazon] with 5 drops of liquid DMSO and warm water to dissolve waste, clear congestion and flush sinus waste. 

Hot/cold therapy clears lung/chest congestion and dislodges mucous from respiratory tract.  The procedure works especially well on infants/children and seniors.  After therapy, the patient should return to bed away and avoid drafts! Patient should drink plenty of water with sea mineral sulfates before and after procedure.  Blood is 90% water; thick, blood circulates poorly and is unable to transfer cellular waste.

Keep bowels open and moving with coffee enemas to boost/restore liver function.  Do enemas 2-3 times/day.  High Enema Therapy [colonics] are highly effective if you can find a colon hydro-therapist in your area.  Click this link to learn more.  [BTW: enemas are cleaner, faster and easier than usual toilet protocol and you only use a bit of toilet paper to dry yourself.  Think of a do-it-yourself, home version, bidet.  You will come to love them.]

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