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Readers ask me to share my secrets of physical regeneration.  Today, I share a closely held secret.  But first, let’s review key aspects of the Young Again Club Lifestyle, concepts of fundamental importance, and some of which cost little or nothing to implement!   To learn more, read on.

Today’s Special Insight is about exchanging old, worn-out muscle for healthy, new muscle.  Young, healthy muscle says youth and vibrancy, while old, lost muscle is the price paid for neglect and abuse of the terrain.  Formatted protein, and the ability to PROCESS IT affects muscle profile, but it also affects skin, hair/nails, how often you sick, and how quickly your recover when you do.

Cachexia is the official name for wasting syndrome and age-related muscle loss.  Sadly, practitioners misdiagnose and misconstrue cachexia the same way they misdiagnose and misconstrue osteoporosis.  

Males maintain bone mass into their 60’s, while females suffer documentable bone loss by age 45, twenty years, early!  Practitioners wrongly blame estrogen and mal-define osteoporosis as loss of bone density, when the problem is terrain acidity and INABILITY TO GROW BONE!  Please read again!

Bone density has NOTHING to do with osteoporosis, and calcium has NOTHING to do with osteoporosis, and lost muscle has NOTHING to do with calendar age.  These issues are AVOIDABLE and REVERSSIBLE.  [BTW: calcium supplements drive breast cancer, yet practitioners blame estrogen and push calcium on unsuspecting women.  This report offers solutions for bone and muscle issues.]

This report discusses Applied Physiology, which is NOT taught at university.  Practitioners have no exposure and little understanding of it.  Instead, they are taught to chase symptoms and misdiagnose based on Germ Theory and The Standard of Care.  [BTW: Virology is the latest scam and Germ Theory knock-off.]

Young Again Club is about understanding and resolving symptomatic dis-ease, which is NOT the same as medical disease.  Key words herein are linked to glossary and protocol tabs of website to assist reader comprehension.  For better understanding, click on blue underlined words.

Wasting Syndrome: Why You Should Care

Wasting Syndrome [cachexia] is a 100% predictable, age-related side-effect of dysfunctional metabolism, maldigestion, loss of vital organ lifeforce and inability regenerate the connective tissues that make up 99% of body structure, meaning bone, muscle, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, skin and gums.

Cachexia is a SIGN and a SYMPTOM of aging and degeneration, and always involves ongoing, systemic, low-grade inflammation, Metabolic Syndrome and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Dis-ease!  These issues PRECEDE and ACCOMPANY cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular dis-ease, and arthritis.  Please read again!

Wasting Syndrome accelerates around age 35, but clinical signs don’t appear until age fifty and beyond.  Prior to clinical onset, muscle loss goes UNNOTICED because excess body fat hides muscle loss.

In the elderly, cachexia presents as skin-on-bone, accompanied by many symptoms of degenerative dis-ease.  Eventually, aging bodies are forced to cannibalize fat for energy.  Changes in fat levels accompany wasting syndrome; excess body fat IS confirmation of malnourishment, ongoing maldigestion, and inability to convert hydrogen into usable energy.  Hydrogen metabolism is universal to body physiology.

Alkalinity vs. The Acidic Body

TERRAIN PH IS EVERYTHING!  Meaning, the more acidic your terrain, the faster you will age and the more you will suffer with symptoms of degenerative dis-ease.  [Use the Terrain pH Protocol to manage your terrain.  It’s FREE!  ‘Woe be unto anyone who ignores their terrain! 

Good health demands reduction of acidity.  However, acidity is NOT about alkalinityTerrain management is about hydrogen management.  [BTW: dental issues are acidity issues.]

Urine pH measures circulating hydrogen ions, NOT hydrogen bound in tissues!  Urine pH is ONLY a guide and measure of unburned hydrogen.  ALKALINITY IS NOT THE GOAL.  Please read again!

Terrain acidification causes urine pH to rise on the acid side.  pH stands for POTENTIAL hydrogen.  Unburned hydrogen is terrain, acidic.  Acidification affects 99.9% of the populace!  Maldigestion fuels acidification; it’s why bodies age and dis-ease triumphs.  [The Terrain pH Protocol and Digestion Trio address terrain de-acidification.  Aging and dis-ease are proof of acid-waste filled bodies.]  Don’t ignore!

Hydrogen powers the Sun, and it powers the body.  ATP only powers cells.  Inability to [non-thermally] burn hydrogen limits energy production from food, and spikes hydrogen ion levels.  Post age-fifty maldigestion drives acidity and premature aging.  Please read again! 

The better your digestion, the less acidic the terrain.  The Terrain pH Protocol and Digestion Trio manage both issues; urine pH and tissue-bound hydrogen levels.  Read about HydrogenMagic, here.]

Applied Physiology [AP] challenges academic physiology as taught at university, which explains why practitioners have poor understanding of metabolism.  AP helps people understand bodily functions. 

The Autoimmune/Digestion Wild-Goose-Chase

Food is important, but the ABILITY TO FULLY DIGEST FOOD IS MORE IMPORTANT!  Food and digestion free’s hydrogen ions so the body can non-thermally burn those protons.  Know food is consumed for the hydrogen it contains, NOT for calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  BTW: you CANNOT eat-your-way-back-to-health without youthful digestion; the kind you once had.  Read on to understand why!

Digestion determines the USABLE ENERGY food delivers.  Said plainly, failure to fully digest food limits hydrogen released and how much energy TURNS TO FAT OR IS BURNED. Maldigestion sabotages immune function, fuels inflammation, and feeds the misery index known as insulin-leptin resistance.

Credentialed experts are wrong about many things, and weight-gain and obesity are two of them.  Lack of exercise is NOT why people gain weight, but maldigestion and insulin/leptin resistance most certainly describe the problem for what it is.  [FYI: A1c is a very, misleading medical metric!]  Ask for guidance.

So-called autoimmune symptoms are SIDE-EFFECTS of maldigestion and Leaky-gut and neither has anything to do with the body attacking itself!  Instead, think invasion of blood by undigested proteins that assault immune function and lead to slow-motion starvation and premature aging.

Peak digestion is the opposite of malnutrition, and the key to avoidance of acidity and low-grade inflammation.  People wrongly assume their digestion is “Just fine!” if they don’t suffer excess gas and bloating and poop regularly [whatever that means].  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

Know digestive insufficiency accelerates as vital organs deplete of essential elements.  By age fifty, digestion is HALF of what it was at age 24 and it continues to fall 50% every five years, thereafter.  By age 70, digestion is less than 3% of age 24 and the symptoms of degenerative dis-ease, appear!

Youthful digestion releases hydrogen ions bound in food and water so they can be non-thermally burned for the energy the protons contain.   Hydrogen deficit and terrain acidity manifest as waning energy, excess body fat, loss of muscle, and premature aging.  Aging, however, is NOT about calendar age!

Blood invasion by undigested protein and medications triggers what is wrongly called, allergy.  Allergy is CONFIRMATION of maldigestion and Leaky-gutAllergy Theory is a medical wild-goose-chase, and so is Autoimmune Theory Big-Pharma cooked-up to mesmerize and confuse practitioners and patients alike.

Food Reactions, Allergy & Maldigestion

Autoimmune reactions are immune OVERREACTIONS to undigested protein and drug invasion of blood. Autoimmunity is NOT the body turning on itself, and it’s NOT disease, either!  It’s pharma-speak designed to confuse patients and practitioners and milk money from the sick-care system.  Please read again!

Maldigestion is failure to fully digest food, and particularly food proteins.  Faulty digestion of protein provokes low-grade inflammation after 35 years of age.  Point: the older you are, the more acidic and more inflamed the body, and the more pronounced and elusive will be the symptoms of dis-ease.

For example, gluten-intolerance] is maldigestion NOT allergy!  CRP [C-reactive protein] flags allergy-driven, low-grade inflammation, but NOT where fires are smoldering.  CRP scores above zero is sub-clinical inflammation that is BELOW MEDICAL RADAR.  Above -0- says dis-ease-in-progress, but practitioners routinely tell patients CRP scores under 1.0 is normal.  It’s NOT normal and it’s NOT fine!

Make [Your Own] B-Vitamins & Healthy Hormones

The last six feet of the large intestine is called, the colon.  This is where your body is supposed to make B-vitamins.  The Bs are vital for health and well-being.  However, due to antibiotics, drugs, nutrient depleted food and maldigestion, humans have lost the ability to make B-vitamins.  Now you can!

The Story of Iceland is the story of Icelandic Magic and RESTORATION of the ability to ferment food and make B-vitamins.  Use ICE to boost your health and immunity and AVOID colon-driven dis-ease.

Dietary fat [and the ability to metabolize it] is critical for balanced hormones, no matter your age or sex.  Fats are process by the liver, NOT in the stomach or gut.  Here is a quick look at the dietary fat story.

Flexible, Inflammation-Free Body

Do you remember what it was like to feel young and limber?  Would you like to be as limber and loose as wet spaghetti?  Would you like to break-down old scar tissue in your not-so-young body and improve blood-flow to your eyes, ears, brain, joints, and vital organs?  [For details, contact John Thomas.]

Flexible bodies are healthy bodies; bodies that don’t injure easily and heal fast!  Old injuries and surgical sites that refuse to heal are ANGRY TISSUE lacking oxygen; tissues that suffer from poor blood-flow and ongoing, low-grade inflammation.  Correct these issues and healing follows.

Essential, Elemental Spark Plugs

Essential Elements are the spark plugs of the vital organs.  Without them, the body slowly dies.  The elements are central to degenerative dis-ease in its many misunderstood costumes!  Please read again!

Soils are severely depleted of essential elements, and so is food.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to supply your body’s with essential elements from food [organic or otherwise] and common food supplements.  Worse, maldigestion and glyphosate residues sabotage nutrient uptake.  Here’s how to reverse the dilemma

By age 35, body reserves of essential elements are in serious decline!  By no later than age 45, vital organ activity wanes and old age begins.  Menopause and andropause are symptoms of premature aging and metabolic decline!  To manage and reverse metabolic decline, check-out the remedy.]

Insulin & Leptin-Resistance

CANCER IS BETTER THAN DIABETES!  Meaning, by the time people grasp the significance of insulin/leptin resistance, serious damage has already occurred to kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, prostate, testicles, breasts, and ovaries.  All dis-ease is underwritten by ongoing insulin/leptin-resistance!  Believe it!

Metabolic Syndrome is a slow-motion morbidity…and so is obesity.  Know that more than 10 lbs. over your high school weight says Metabolic Syndrome and insulin-leptin is in-progress!  Both are SLEEPER SYMPTOMS that haunt 99% of the populace, young and old, alike.  Please don’t ignore them!

Insulin-resistance and Metabolic Syndrome are reversible!  Eat only two meals/day; maintain a six-hour no food window between meals [boost energy and curb appetite with coconut fat/lauric acid to avoid triggering, insulin-resistance]; take 600-800 mgs/day of 100% bio-active magnesium ions PLUS transporter to move ions across cell membranes to where they are needed; avoid sweets, alcohol and junk-carbs, make sure to consume the Essential Elements; and lastly, have at least three bowel movements/day.  [FYI: blood sugar over 90 is the state of  pre-diabetes, regardless of your A1c!]


[Regenerate Muscle & Settle Angry Tissue So Your Body Can Heal

Regeneration of muscle and vital organ function requires the daily intake of high-grade, bio-available, energy-formatted aminos that easily assimilate for maximum physiologic effect. 

AminoMagic supplies energy-formatted aminos and the Digestion Trio and Essential Elements fill the gap so the body can regenerate, no matter your age.

AminoMagic grows muscle, restores joints, and causes ANGRY TISSUE to settle down.  Formatted aminos and essential elements load collagen substrates of the connective tissues [ligaments, cartilage, muscle, tendon, gums, skin, and bone].  Collagen is overrated; collagen requires bio-active aminos to work.

The cachexia/collagen story mimics the osteoporosis/calcium story, meaning calcium does NOT prevent bone loss and collagen does NOT regenerate connective tissue.  Calcium supplementation is INFLAMMATORY and long-term deadly! 

When calcium settles-out-of-solution, it forms cardiovascular and brain plaques that clog blood vessels, forms bone spurs, spikes CRP, and creates hot spots in breast tissue.  Now, you can DISOLVE calcium hot spots!  [BTW: osteopenia is a statistical, medical FRAUD!  No such condition exists!  [BTW: read New Bones for Old Bones! and solve the bone dilemma with Bone Magic.]

John Thomas used AminoMagic to regenerate his 77-year-body and he follows the Terrain pH Protocol to keep inflammation levels down and his CRP score [C-reactive protein] at ZERO!  Use AminoMagic and the terrain pH protocol to deacidify your body and grow healthy, new muscle!

Credentialed experts don’t understand the Young Again! message or life-stye.  They attack while making reservations with the reaper, so they don’t miss their date with self-imposed destiny.  [FYI: people schooled in Applied Physiology don’t sucker for credentialed hyperbole.]

The Young Again lifestyle is real and it’s worth the discipline required to live it.  Sick-care medicine is the 2.0, knock-off version of the 1600-year-old fraud called Germ Theory.  Never forget it!


Order your 3-month supply of AminoMagic and get the fourth month FREE!  For greater benefits, order the Digestion Trio at the same time and receive a FREE bottle of Icelandic Magic.

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