Premature Aging & Pre-Diabetes Causes, Answers & Solutions Special Report

This Special Insight discusses the side effects of carbohydrate dependence,why people crave carbs, how they affect hormones and how to minimize their effects.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails; and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The medical system is rigged and corrupt.  Long lines and virtual medicine is coming soon and will deprive you of your humanity.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Carbohydrate Dynamics, Hormones & Obesity

People eat fruit and carbohydrates for taste, nourishment and fiber.  But when overdone, consumption of fruit and carbohydrates have side-effects that are not so sweet!

When we are young, our bodies handle carbohydrates reasonably well.  But, once exposed to antibiotics and/or long-term dependence on carbohydrates as our primary food energy source, tolerance diminishes and health challenges emerge.  The question is, why?

Given no choice, the body uses carbohydrates as its primary energy source, but fats are a superior energy source.  Fats are dense food energy, and they are also the basis of many of our regulatory and sexual hormones.

Carbohydrate dependence creates hormonal imbalance because carbs burn, dirty.  By dirty I mean, carbohydrate sugars produce varnish-like deposits [glycation] that interfere with brain receptors that control glucose levels, metabolism, pancreas activity and insulin production.

The condition called obesity says that there is a carbohydrate/metabolism problem and an ongoing condition of pre-diabetes and hormonal dysfunction are in play.  For example, the more body fat you have, the more estrogen you make regardless if you are male or female.

And, the more excess estrogen in your body, the more obese you will become and the more health problems you will suffer.  Behind obesity is a poorly understood condition called unopposed estrogen dominance and it affects females and males, young and old alike.

Faulty carbohydrate metabolism leads to Insulin and leptin resistance and unbalanced regulatory hormones.  Unbalanced hormones is CONFIRMATION of mold and fungus infestation and mycotoxin dominance.  So is excess body fat, skin problems [psoriasis, eczema, acne, dry], poor sleep, sinus issues, ringing ears and eye floaters.

Few people realize that fungal yeast can hijack excess dietary protein, convert it to glucose and raise blood sugar levels.  This explains why people who watch their carbs, but over indulge protein, have difficulty managing inches and pounds.  The unofficial problem here is called pre-diabetes. [In other words, their body metabolism is controlled by FUNGUS.]

Elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance increases body fat levels, fuels fatty liver disease, prostate inflammation, bladder issues and menstrual difficulties.  Blood sugar levels over 90 is a pre-diabetic condition with a yeast connection.

Your A1c number reflects yesterday’s average, glycated, hemoglobin sugar levels.  I consider it a misleading metric; better to address leptin, insulin and pancreas activity.  Overproduction of insulin burns-out the pancreas and insulin resistance says sugar metabolism is dysfunctional.

Excess circulating insulin is a poisonous condition and elevated blood sugar drives inflammation.  Too much of either is dangerous. Be concerned about both.

Using medications to lower blood sugar and A1c instead of addressing why elevated sugar levels and insulin resistance dominate is faulty thinking.  Behind these thorny problems is mycotoxin dominance and fungal manipulation of metabolism.

Insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and lack of available magnesium ions drives inflammation, arthritis, formation of brain plaques and cardiovascular symptoms such as, atrial fibrillation, elevated blood pressure and arrhythmia.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver dis-ease [so-called] is the side-effect of pre-diabetes and fungal mycotoxin toxicity, but you will not hear this from doctor and you won’t solve this issue with risky medications that do serious damage to the body.

Menstrual and menopausal challenges, and prostate and ED problems, have everything to do with insulin resistance [pre-diabetes], unopposed estrogen levels and mycotoxin dominance.  The connection between fungal takeover and metabolic disorders is medically unrecognized. Patients must seek guidance outside the system.  See Mold & Fungus Protocol.

Pancreas, Insulin, Leptin & Leaky-Gut

Your pancreas makes the regulatory hormone insulin to manage your blood sugar levels and maintain energy.  People are told [wrongly] to eat often to maintain their blood sugar. Food cravings are controlled by yeast, but few understand the physiology involved.  Worse, eating too much food and too often [less than 6 hours between meals] exhausts your pancreas.

Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells.  Leptin signals brain receptor response to blood sugar levels and pancreatic production of insulin.  When brain receptors caramelize [glaze-over from blood sugar levels over 90], sugar and insulin management is forfeited and pre-diabetes becomes the new normal in the years prior to becoming, diabetic.  [Low A1c score will not save you!]

Insulin resistance means the cells do not recognize and cannot respond to regulatory hormones insulin and leptin.  Blood sugar level over 90 drives systemic inflammation and growth of fungal yeast throughout the body.  Once the cycle is established, fungi release chemical agents called mycotoxins that seize control of metabolism and promote human and fungal DNA merger.

Leaky-gut is a classic symptom of fungal takeover of the intestinal tract.  It is a condition of inflammation and porosity of the intestinal wall and it affects everyone to some degree.  Bowel disorders [from polyps and cancer to constipation, irritable bowel and colitis/diverticulitis] are classic examples of hyphal invasion and  fungal dominance of the intestinal tract.

Fungi sink their roots [called hypha] into the gut wall, creating leaky-gut syndrome and side effects of gluten intolerance, food allergies and all manner of bowel problems.  Endospheric, master bacteria are required to restore immune function and close the gut wall. [Common, probiotic bacterial formulations do NOT contain endospheres.] See EndoBiotica here.

Fungi need sugar, sweets, carbohydrates and alcohol to grow and spread, and your hormones serve as jet fuel for fungi.  Once fungi establish themselves, they hi-jack your hormones and create a self-perpetuating cycle of systemic inflammation and endocrine dysfunction.  [FYI: antibiotics, medications, birth control pills and steroids of all types accelerate the takeover process. See Jill’s Story for a complete profile.]

Digestion, Cancer Yeast & Blood Sugar

When digestion is compromised, undigested proteins putrefy in the intestinal tract causing gas and bloat and poisoning of the system by bacterial endotoxins.  Absorption of endotoxins and mycotoxins causes hundreds of autoimmune responses in people’s bodies.  [The Young Again Club solution is called EndoBiotica and ProOx.]

Inability to uptake your dietary fats is a widespread problem that fuels carbohydrate dependence, cravings for sweets, hormone dysfunction, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.

Pre-diabetes leads to cognitive dysfunction and neurological disorders.  Pre-diabetes has another, more accurate name: Type 3 diabetes.  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia are examples of Type 3 diabetes.  Inflammatory aging is another way to describe them.

Doctor does not understand inflammatory aging.  People are told Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are neurological diseases when they are nothing more than side effects of pre-diabetic inflammation, ferritin iron overload and fungal control of hormones.

Slow-motion aging [dementia] hints at neurological deterioration, but inflammation of the brain is what is really going on.  Behind the inflammation is insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. Add the short-circuit effect of elevated iron [iron pills!] and it’s easy to understand what is happening in the senior [and not so senior] population, but you won’t hear any of this from doctor.]

[BTW: brain tumors are fungal colonies, not brain cancer.  Fungal DNA and human DNA are twins and oncologists and experts have not a clue what they are looking at because THEY HAVE NO IN-DEPTH TRAINING IN MYCOLOGY [THE STUDY OF FUNGI.]  Perhaps now, you understand the dilemma patients face when given a false diagnosis instead of the Missing Diagnosis.

[FYI: contrary to medical myth, symptoms of hypoglycemia and brain fog have nothing to do with low blood sugar.  Hypoglycemia is the expression of fungal demand for carbohydrate sugars, and it is yeast that triggers depression and low blood sugar symptoms. [Interestingly,  spoonful of coconut oil [fat] with meals helps manage the problem.]

[BTW: dietary fat such as coconut oil mitigates brain fog.  Saturated fat is the perfect food for the brain which itself is composed of 95% fat!  American Indian wisdom said, “Every animal has enough brains to tan its own hide.”

The implication is use of brain-derived fatty acids to preserve leather against growth of mold and fungus.  The white man used mercury and became mad as a hatter. Ditto for modern day dentistry and the criminal use of mercury, amalgam fillings.]

Cancer & Yeast Known Since 1931

In 1931, Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Science for his discovery that cancer is a FUNGUS that feeds on sugar.  [This was covered this in my book, Young Again! 25 years ago.]

Warburg identified fungus and sugar as the causative agents behind cancer, but it was actually their mycotoxins that cause cancer to grow!  Big-Pharma made sure patients [and doctors] would never be informed of the true nature of cancer by removing mycology from medical curriculums and creating an information vacuum.

Instead, medicine and Pharma focused attention on the tumor when the tumor is nothing more than the, effect.  Then, they OBFUSCATED and sliced and diced the fundamental nature of cancer tumors according to location, type and characteristics.  Confusion now rules!

Fundamental to the cancer story is the introduction of antibiotics that debuted in 1950, shifting focus to so-called pathogenic bacteria and viruses and then calling cancer a mysterious infection that is somehow related to genetics and family history, which have NOTHING to do with it.

Instead, medicine promoted  use of antibiotic medications that destroyed endospheric, master bacteria that are independently capable of reversing dysfunctional immunity in cancer, and in immune compromised people.  They purposely [and wrongly] blamed, bacteria.

Medicine did not inform people that antibiotics, birth control pills and steroidal medications escalate growth of fungal yeast and morphing of healthy bacteria into their virulent forms that produce mycotoxins and endotoxins that manipulate hormones and cause cancer to grow. [People are not told today either, because doctor does not know. But now, you know!]

The cancer epidemic affecting the population is NO ACCIDENT!  It was a created epidemic and Big-Pharma’s perfect medical storm to confuse patients and practitioners, alike.  Until now, people had no idea of the mechanism by which cancer occurs or what to do about it.

Sixty-eight years have passed since 1950 and both conventional and alternative medicine continue to stumble in the dark and patients continue to suffer and die NEEDLESSLY for lack of understanding.  The self-help solution to the dilemma is called the Mold & Fungus Protocol.

Inflammatory Aging

Pre-diabetes and inflammatory aging occur simultaneously.  They are behind glaucoma, macular degeneration and tinnitus (ringing in the ears), all of which are side effects of low-grade, systemic inflammation, mycotoxin dominance and insulin resistance.

You will not hear these things from doctor.  Instead, you will be tested using flawed medical models and you will be given false conclusions based on the Cholesterol Theory of [Heart] Disease, the Germ Theory of Disease, mammogram, prostate biopsy, blood, urine and spinal tests.  The list is endless. [Medicine treats test results, not patients.  Avoid false diagnostics!]

When experts tell you everything is fine, know that things are not fine!  Meaning, today your problems are sub-clinical [below medical radar], but add time and stir and little issues take-on clinical status of the Missing Diagnosis!  

Normalization Of Systemic Inflammation

If you suffer from ailments, aches and pains or are aging faster than you like, your primary goal should be elimination of inflammation caused by fungus and their mycotoxins and restoration of your immune system.  Here is a glimpse of how to resurrect your immune system.

Systemic inflammation is an autoimmune response not a cause!  I cannot think of a single autoimmune response that is unrelated to a dysfunctional intestinal tract and immune system.

When doctor blames your problems on inflammation, you have CONFIRMATION that he does not understand fungal invasion of the body or inflammatory influence by their mycotoxins.  Symptoms are clues, never cause and inflammatory aging is a symptom.

Your terrain and your immune system determine how your body copes [or fails to cope] with disruptive metabolic influences.  For example, stress and anxiety intensify everything!  Both are part of life and both are impossible to avoid, but you can neutralize what they do to you.

Low-grade inflammation haunts people for decades before diagnosis is possible.  Worse, what appears on doctor’s radar and given a name is the symptom, not the cause.  For example, the tumor is not the problem, and cancer is not the problem. Mold and fungal yeast cause both!

The cumulative effects of inflammation are always long-term degenerative.  Normalization of health is a process where you assist the body restore itself and correct defective, chronic metabolism.  Things chronic have nothing to do with your genes and DNA regardless of what you have been told.

People’s problems are self-imposed because their understanding of body physiology is incorrect.  Health has everything to do with ending fungal dominance and restoration of immune function.


The Mold & Fungus Protocol is a critical element in slowing premature aging and managing pre-diabetes while the Young Again Club Immune Protocol resurrects immune function.

Try and space your meals by six hours [where possible] and eat only two meals a day that include plenty of fat.  [Read, Eat Fats To Be Healthy & Happy.]

Supplement meals with Pro-Ox to breakdown endotoxins and mycotoxins and avoid absorption of glyphosate and other environmental poisons.  Eat as clean as possible and avoid over indulgence of fruit, carbohydrates and especially alcohol and wine.

Eat a spoonful of coconut fat [oil] at the beginning of each meal to achieve satiety sooner and avoid overeating.   Butter, olives and nuts are good sources of fat and fiber.  Avoid peanuts. Many people prefer two capsules of ReSet instead of spooning coconut oil.  Read about ReSet here.

See Special Insight Food Cravings, The Other Side of the Alcohol Story to better understand digestion and food metabolism as it relates to intestinal leaky-gut.


Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

If you have issues and suffer poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available for FREE!

Ask for guidance.

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