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I am thrilled readers enjoyed the 25th Anniversary edition of Special Insights on the health secrets of post-Viking, Iceland, and their exciting legacy.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  Click this link to read it.

The Icelandic Magic story and development took 200 YEARS to come together!

It’s a great story with priceless, information you will find nowhere, else!  Information that will make your life better and help you avoid involvement with sick-care, medicine.  Learn, more.

Here are a few topics covered in the, report: cellphone radiation, drug resistance, medical misdiagnosis, gene expression, vaccinations, wasting syndrome, statin drugs, heart disease [arrhythmia, A-fib, blood pressure and mitral valve], dementia, brain tumors, cholesterol, heart attack, diabetes, Lyme disease, fatty liver, Alzheimer’s, MTHFR, epigenetics, DNA, methylation and a lot, more.  Read the whole story, here.


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P.S.  Bio-active sulfates [to avoid stroke and heart attack and protect against cellphone, router and wi-fi radiation] are now, available.  5G technology is coming, soon and it is going to devastate people’s health.  Sulfates and the ability to get magnesium ions ACROSS the cell membrane and ACROSS both the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes is of critical importance to all health minded people!]  Learn more, here.