As We Go Marching….. Storms On The Horizon


Relax! Things will be fine!  Dangerous words, these, when people assume technology and science will save them from their medical issues.  Maybe, maybe not?  To learn more, read on.

Today’s Special Insights contrasts misconceptions about the sick-care system with recent weather catastrophes and environmental mess-ups.  Consider it a call to action! 

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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As We Go Marching, lock-stepped and delusional…

Technology and science mesmerize the mind and corrupt our faculties causing us to embrace medical falsehoods. Worse, they cause us to adopt quick-fix remedies instead of correcting false beliefs and dealing with CORE ISSUES. Mold & fungus takeover of the body and mycotoxin toxicity are the most important CORE HEALTH ISSUES facing each of us. Do you understand?

We trust experts in matters of illness and weather only to discover they often don’t have a clue!  We trust that science, technology and the sick-care system will save us from medical crisis only to discover the downside of sick-care.  And yet, we keep on marching…

Why do we suffer?  The experts have not a clue!  Their job is to compile a list of symptoms and conjure a diagnosis.  Our job is to know WHY we suffer!  Why matters!

Ask yourself:  What if modern medicine is mostly a collection of myths?  What if medical theory is just high tech mumbo jumbo?  What if the body is like the City of Houston where water and mold spores overwhelm immune function and destroy metabolism?  What if modern medicine is totally ignorant of fungi as primary agents of disease?  What if people have no concept of human and fungal DNA merging and becoming one?  What if your immune system is already under fungal control?  What if cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes and arthritis have the same origin as thousands of lesser syndromes and disorders haunting us?  What if, indeed?

The Missing Diagnosis

When the body can no longer endure neglect and abuse, symptoms appear and organ function declines until the immune system, collapses!  When hurricane Harvey slammed Houston, things collapsed!  Experts had 100 years to prepare, but they underestimated the disaster they knew would, one day, come their way.

Likewise, reliance on medical science and technology to save us AFTER fungi have compromised immune function is a disaster for which people and experts are TOTALLY UNPREPARED!  Please think in terms of a MISSING DIAGNOSIS because that is exactly what is going on.

Disease has common origins and fungi are PRIMARY agents of disease.  Surgical and hospital infections occur AFTER fungi have weakened immune function.  Medical procedures involve antibiotics which imposes heavy STRESS on the system.  [The Mold & Fungus Protocol minimizes damage from antibiotics and limits fungal complications.]  Do you understand?

IMPORTANT!  Antibiotics put people in harm’s way by exposing them to mold and fungal takeover. Antibiotics carry risk and patients must bear some responsibility for demanding and using them.  Ultimately, it is the patient’s responsibility to maintain a healthy terrain where fungi cannot compound risks associated with use of antibiotics.  Do you understand?

People think good food and supplements will help them avoid health challenges.  Good ideas, these, but totally insufficient to compensate for fungal takeover of immune function.  It is smarter to go on the offensive and neutralize fungal issues, early on.  Do you understand?

In a recent, Special Insights entitled, Confused, Desperate or Both? I said most people simply do not understand!  Then, in Symptoms, Labels & Delusions I offered my thoughts on how we are conditioned to embrace the fake narrative called, sick-care.

People suffer from misconceptions about their state of health and are dumbstruck when the wolf appears on their doorstep.  Everyone has health challenges.  Sometimes they are serious; most are just, problematic.  But sooner or later, little issues morph and become BIG ISSUES!

When the phone rings, my goal to eliminate misconceptions and help callers understand what is happening to them.  I provide perspective and understanding so they can identify the nature of their dilemma and discover solutions.  [Callers are grateful when they learn the truth and find answers they are seeking.]

If you have chronic health issues and you have done everything you thought would prevent or correct your situation, its time to change your thinking, be willing to accept guidance and stop chasing experts, fake science and technology.

The sick-care system DOES NOT HAVE accurate tests for systemic, fungal infestation. Fact is, fungal infections are viewed as secondary infections.  Fungi are NOT seen as primary agents of disease which puts patients at great risk. The public thinks in terms of bacteria, viruses and boogey-men.  Like doctor, they have no understanding mold and fungus.  Do you understand?

False Promises 

Preparation for cataclysmic, geological events is important.  The authorities know when major events are coming and assure the public that they are prepared, even when they know they are not prepared.  Sick-care is the same story!

Reliance on technology and science in medicine can be very dangerous!  [Example: patients voluntarily submitting to contrast dye injection to “check out their kidneys and heart!”  The procedure kills and cripples THOUSANDS every year, but patients are blinded by trust!  Afterwards is too late!  And so, patients just keep on marching, lock-stepped and delusional…]

Look at cancer; what a disaster!  It has been treated the same way for 70 years!  Cut, burn and poison!  Their success rate is a statistical, ZERO!  Worse, chemotherapy and radiation DESTROY what is left of immune function.  Now, you are, toast!

Cancer does not go away; it merely changes form!  The siren song of hope and technology for cancer treatment is sweet, but results are genocidal.  Did you know, there is NO SUCH THING as cancer?  Cancer is just what they call it!  Do you understand?

Cancer treatment as taught and practiced, is fraud!  Cancer is a CONDITION of systemic takeover by fungi.  Tumors and masses are SYMPTOMS, not cause!  Mycology [the study of molds and fungi] was removed from medical curriculums in 1950 [on purpose!]  Physicians lack knowledge and in-depth training in mycology.  The reason you will NEVER see a cure for cancer is because it’s NOT a disease!  People are confused!  Cancer is a FUNGAL CONDITION!  Do you understand?

When we die, fungi ATTACK THE CORPSE!  They are already there, waiting for the soul to exit.  Upon death, immune defense is moot!  The body is dead.  Fungi rule!  Do you understand?

[I suggest everyone read physician Suzanne Humphries illuminating account of medical practices she encountered as a physician, and later as a nephrologist.  Rising From The Dead will change your perspective and help you better understand the Young Again Club message.]

It is common for experts to deny reality and suffer from distorted vision.  Look at Flint Michigan [poisoned water] faltering pension funds [Illinois, Kentucky and Connecticut], over confident cities [Houston] and the sick-care collapse in motion.  Experts are the last people to know; they seldom have a clue, over confidence is their trademark.  Better to rely on yourself!

Most health problems are avoidable and many are reversible if you embrace Young Again Club Principles and AVOID experts [unless you have no choice!]  Do you understand?

Wolves At Your Door?

When wolves knock on your door, challenge your beliefs on all things medical.  How do I know wolves are coming to your door?  Because confusion, faulty perception and bad choices attract wolves.  Wolves have visited my door many times, and they will also visit your door.  Expect them!  [Young Again Club teaches how to deal with wolves when they come knocking.]

The medical arena [both conventional and alternative] is based on a defective model of body physiology.  Medicine is rife with falsehoods and spiked with wolves who spout technology and pseudoscience to confuse, disarm and overwhelm patients.

Medicine is in total and complete DENIAL of mycotoxin induced breakdown of immune function because they do not believe fungi are PRIMARY agents of disease operating in a toxic, terrain.  You will have to decide for yourself.  Read MOLD & FUNGUS PROTOCOL!

Wisdom dictates patients exercise prudence.  In a clinical setting, patients should rely on their GOD CARD [click link to learn more] for distancing themselves from credentialed wolves.  Otherwise, those wolves will drag naïve patients into their snare using fear and uncertainty to manage the patient’s emotions!  Your GOD CARD is your best, defense!

Conclusions & Solutions

The terrain controls, and if you have issues and suffer from poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available for FREE!

Aging and suffering have no place in your story.  How much are you willing to endure?

Ask for guidance here.

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