Auto-Brewery Syndrome What It Is & How It Influences Cancer Diabetes & Everything Else

Alcohol has two faces.  The face readers know and the face few know anything about.   Non-traditional alcoholism affects everyone; a parallel vortex of sorts.  To learn more, read on.

[Heads up!  5-G technology for TVs, routers, internet and phone systems is coming soon, and there will be consequences for our DNA and microbiome.  Auto-brewery syndrome already burdens people’s immune systems and 5-G technology is going to make maintenance of health ever more challenging.  Please take this month’s message seriously.  We live in challenging times and now is the time to prepare.

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  Virtual medicine is coming soon and you are not going to like it.  The medical system is rigged against the patient and corrupt, too!  Long waiting lines are coming; knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Overview of Auto-Brewery Syndrome & Alcohol

This Special Insight explores auto-brewery syndrome and the production of alcohol within the human body.  Auto-brewery syndrome haunts most people.  It haunted John Thomas most of his life.  Here is what you need to know about auto-brewery syndrome and its effects on health.

Usually, alcoholism refers to over consumption of commercial alcohol in the traditional sense.  But, a different type of alcoholism is fueling the surge in autoimmune disorders in addition to the big four autoimmune challenges called: CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES and ARTHRITIS.

Most people depend on carbohydrates for energy and for keeping their alcohol still, going.  Alcohol made in the body is the product of auto-brewery syndrome and the only difference between it and commercially produced alcohol is the name on the label and the alcohol content.

Alcohol is pure mycotoxin made by fungal yeast, and people are infested with candida yeast because they used ANTIBIOTICS earlier in their lives, setting the devil loose!  When antibiotics were used DOES NOT matter; everyone is in the home brewery business whether they realize it or not.

Fungal yeast seize-control of the body by merging their DNA with our DNA and by secreting mycotoxins to manipulate body metabolism and insure completion of their lifecycle within the human body.

In the process, the body MORPHS and we become hybrid creatures, part human and part fungus with dysfunctional immune systems UNABLE TO DETECT fungal invasion.  Once fungus achieve Trojan Horse status, they beguile immune function and give new definition to the word, normal!

Alcohol is converted carbohydrate; energy fuel that metabolizes easily compared to proteins, and at the same time, results in less output of mg-ATP [our basic energy unit].  Given no alternative, the body automatically takes the easy path of burning carbs and operating in the pre-diabetic state.  Meaning, blood glucose levels above 90.  [Blood sugar levels between 100 and 120 are the rule, not the exception.]

Doctor was taught that blood glucose between 90 and 120 is normal and fine.  Wrong!  Above 90 is NOT fine, but it is very common in the population!  These days, medicine focuses on the patient’s A1c score which is another useless, medical metric on the path to clinical diabetes.  Here’s more on the topic.

When blood sugar is maintained above 90 over many years, the body becomes carbohydrate dependent and brain receptors that regulate insulin production become, glycated.

Officially, alcoholism affects only a small demographic of people.  Unofficially, sugarholicism affects all of the rest of us; partly because we consume too much carbohydrate and partly because auto-brewery syndrome causes the food we eat to FERMENT and make alcohol.  Gas, bloating, obesity and bowel disorders are symptomatic examples of INTESTINAL FERMENTATION.  There are many examples.

Fermentation of glucose is the ESSENCE OF CANCER at the cellular level!  When the body is unable to process excess glucose and protein, it converts them to FRUCTOSE which yeast use to control and disrupt immune function and create chaos in the body.  We are describing Trojan Horse Warfare orchestrated by fungal yeast!

Those of us not diabetic or alcoholic, unknowingly struggle with sub-clinical pre-diabetes and insulin resistance.  Auto-brewery syndrome fuels the process on an ongoing basis.

Intestinal challenges and autoimmune disruptions are SYMPTOMS of trouble in the making.  Thankfully, these problems can be mediated with the Young Again Club Immune Protocol [for restoration of primal immunity and restoration of dysfunctional metabolism.]

A Few Simple [But Important] Definitions

STILL: equipment for making alcohol from carbohydrates [grain, sweets, potatoes, etc.].  In the human body, auto-brewery syndrome sees to it that fungal yeast make mycotoxins to perpetuate their lifecycle.  [BTW: mycotoxins are behind elevated blood pressure, A-fib, arrhythmia, thyroid problems and more.]

ALCOHOL: converted carbohydrate usually created commercially, but in the digestive tract, the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle orchestrates the FERMENTATION process  For this discussion, carbohydrate (carbs), sugar, glucose and alcohol are used interchangeably, as are alcoholic and sugarholic.

CARBOHYDRATE:  starches and sugars made by plants from solar energy through photosynthesis.  For this discussion, carbohydrate (carbs), sugar, glucose and alcohol are used interchangeably, as are alcoholic and sugarholic.

Carbohydrate conversion to body fat is a problem shared by protein.  For example, protein intake over 6% is CONVERTED to glucose, then to FRUCTOSE and finally to BODY FAT.   [These facts should help the reader understand the forces driving the obesity epidemic happening all around us.]

Carbohydrates Burn Dirty & Confuse The Body

Whether you imbibe alcohol or make-your-own within your body is not important.  What is important is this: if you force your body to survive on carbohydrates, it will become dependent on them as its primary energy source and will choose to burn carbs over the preferred energy source: FAT!

Carbohydrates CONF– USE the body because they BURN DIRTY, leaving sugar residues that COAT BRAIN RECEPTORS responsible for monitoring the hormone, leptin.  Leptin tells the brain to turn-on or turn-off the pancreas.  Unregulated, the pancreas overproduces insulin and exhausts itself, and we become insulin RESISTANT.  With insulin resistance comes systemic inflammation and ARTHRITIS!  [If you are arthritic, know that you are systemically inflamed, insulin resistant and pre-diabetic.  It’s that simple!]

Insulin shuttles blood sugars from the blood into cells where mitochondria burn glucose and make energy.  Insulin resistance means cells WILL NOT accept sugars from the blood, and, therefore, glucose levels rise.  Pre-diabetes sets the stage for insulin resistance and degenerative disease.  Aging and disease DO NOT cause inflammation, but pre-diabetes and insulin resistance sure does.  Don’t forget it!]

Unlike carbs, FATS DO NOT DEPOSIT sugar residues on brain receptors, but they yield endurance without food cravings or the need to eat often.  Contrary to medical myth, eating small meals often is DESTRUCTIVE because when you eat, the pancreas makes insulin.  Snacks are a bad idea because they trigger insulin production and pancreatic burnout.  [Separate meals by six hours.  Fats make it possible.]

When islet cells of the pancreas [that are responsible for insulin production] are overworked, they shut-down and you become a clinical diabetic.  If you require synthetic insulin to live, you are INSULIN DEPENDENT.  Some diabetics [and people] are both insulin resistant and insulin dependent.

INSULIN RESISTANCE and INFLAMMATION are birds of a feather.  Most normal people are insulin resistant [with blood glucose levels over 90], living their lives in as pre-diabetics for YEARS before doctor pronounces diagnosis of diabetes.  In other words, it just a matter of time before trouble manifests.

PRE-DIABETES IS A SLEEPER CONDITION!  That is why it is so insidious and dangerous.    Unlike clinical diabetes [diabetes mellitus], pre-diabetes [glucose 90-120] DOES NOT REGISTER as a problem on lab tests or doctor’s radar.  Officially, pre-diabetes DOES NOT EXIST until you reach glucose 130.  Elevated blood sugar levels inflame the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and pancreas and behind the inflammation you will discover auto-brewery syndrome, fungal infestation and the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle in-play.

There are three kinds of diabetes: I, II and III.  Type III goes by names like dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Most neurological disorders, are BLOOD SUGAR ISSUES in disguise!  Genetics is irrelevant!  Mental deterioration is not what people think it is, or what it appears.  SOLUTION: keep your blood glucose levels below 90, restore primal immunity and implement THIS novel idea.]

Carbohydrate dependent bodies burn carbs BEFORE they burn fats.  But, if trained, the body will burn fats BEFORE it will burn carbs.  When fats are burned, waste clears from the blood and glycated [sugar coated] brain receptors clear and assume proper regulation of insulin and the pancreas.

Eat plenty of saturated fats and you will NOT become [or stay] obese and you will NOT develop belly flap, either.  And, if you already suffer from them, they will go-away!  Most importantly, you will NOT age pre-maturely and you will NOT suffer degenerative disease.  All this from SATURATED FAT!

Traditionally, carbohydrates are the food of the poor.  Yet, today most people [rich and poor] depend on them for energy.  If you follow the government’s idiotic, dietary, food pyramid and listen to air-headed dieticians, DIABETES IS IN YOUR FUTURE along with lots of other medical issues.  Count on it!

[In ancient Rome, soldiers were fed grain, instead of meat and fats when Rome’s money was debased and the empire could not afford to feed its soldiers, foods of substance.]

Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Conservation of Energy says: “Energy is never lost, it merely changes form.”  Make sure the food you eat works in your favor and your metabolism can handle the burden food imposes upon your body.  Read more here. 

Food Cravings & More

FAT satiates appetite better than carbs, and carbs burn-off quickly!  Constant hunger and need to eat is the symptom.  Worse, carbs spike sugar, encourage over-eating and fuel overgrowth of yeast.

Carbs are used to fatten cattle and pigs in the months prior to slaughter when they are less active.  People who exercise daily process carbs better because they MOVE THEIR BODIES, not because they burn more calories.  Burning calories to lose weight is urban myth, while exercise speeds metabolism.

Belly fat and cellulite are VISIBLE SIGNS of metabolic dysfunction; tissue acidity and hormone manipulation by fungal yeast are below radar symptoms undetectable by lab test until patients reach crisis level, as in cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular events.

Waste [stored in the tissues] is what gives cellulite its strange, jello-like appearance.  When you see it, know that glycated brain receptors and elevated blood glucose levels are at-play.  [Cellulite is the bane of women!  Getting rid of it is not difficult if you have guidance.]  Ask for help, here.

Alcoholics and sugarholics crave carbs because they need a SUGAR FIX!  Cravings are classic symptoms of candida overgrowth and auto-brewery syndrome.  Generally, you will also discover tissue acidity [which is NOT the same as acid pH] is part of that person’s profile.

A healthy microbiome and a vibrant epigenome are central to a strong immune system.  However, eating healthy food, and avoiding junk food, sweets and alcohol WILL NOT [by themselves] restore primal immunity.  [See, Young Again Club Immune Protocol and Mold & Fungus Protocol.]

Digestion and gut issues automatically follow use of ANTIBIOTICS, and contrary to urban myth, probiotics DO NOT restore the intestinal wall, nor gut microflora after antibiotics have devasted the system.  Regeneration of the gut wall and restoration of primal immunity requires introduction of bacterial endospheres [which have nothing to do with probiotics.]  Learn more here. 

Gas, bloat, bowel issues, and symptoms of MAJOR DISEASE confirm existence of fungal dominance, leaky-gut syndrome and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle at work.

Add glyphosate poisoning [from Roundup in the food supply] and the reader should have a new understanding of gluten intolerance, allergies and autoimmune responses epidemic in the population.  Restore immune function and end yeast overgrowth and there will be no need for alternative modalities.  [Alternative practitioners have UNSUCCESSFULLY wrestled with fungal issues for over 30 years!]

Alcohol acidifies the tissues, and fruit-based alcohol [wine, tequila, brandy, and rum] are the WORST because they are fruit based!  Fructose is inflammatory regardless if it comes from fruit, table sugar or made by the liver from excess protein and glucose.  Fructose goes 100% to body fat!  Table sugar is 50% fructose.  Agave, 100% fructose.  Yeast infested bodies make lots of FRUCTOSE!

You can consume sugar and fruit until your body can tolerate no more!  When that day comes, doctor will utter, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or cardiovascular disease.  Now you know why!  And, if you remember this article, you will know why and how your issues came to be.

Arthritics, Alcoholics & Everyone Else

Arthritis is the most common complaint, worldwide.  Heart disease is the biggest killer.  Diabetes and cancer follow.  Behind them is fungal yeast!  And, while inflammation is made worse by reactive foods, leaky-gut and poor digestion, the controlling factor is mycotoxin dominance caused by fungal yeast!

Alcoholics Anonymous [God bless them!] helps people who suffer from alcohol dependency.  Yet, AA members eat sweets after their meetings, perpetuating carbohydrate dependency, the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle and auto-brewery syndrome.  Few people recognize how much sugarholics and alcoholics have in common.  The difference, however, is one of perception only.

Sweets are a part of social and business gatherings everywhere.  The populace is addicted to them.  Know, it is fungal yeast that CREATE THE CRAVINGS that force us to stoke our stills and make alcohol. [FYI: it is ANTIBIOTICS that we used YEARS AGO that allow fungal yeast to control our metabolism.

In the 18th century, sugar and rum fueled the slave trade.  In those days, sugar was referred to as “That old devil, sugar!”  The devil was in the details.  Carbohydrate loading is another dumb idea promoted by so-called nutritionists and exercise buffs in the nineteen eighties.  Those who followed this practice paid dearly as metabolic dysfunctions manifested and diabetes came home to roost!

Alcohol destroys the liver because alcohol is pure mycotoxin.  Notice the word toxic in intoxication and toxin in mycotoxin?  Candida albicans [a fungal yeast] make TOXINS that bring on things like fatty liver, cirrhosis, cardiovascular issues and thyroid problems, just to name a few.

Did you know, it is the mycotoxins [made by fungal yeast] that are responsible for those ELEVATED LIVER ENZYMES PRECEDING CANCER DIAGNOSIS?  So, is it cancer or mold and fungus?

Want to know a secret?  Big medicine and Big-Pharma tell lots of big, fat lies and cancer is one of them.  Cancer is NOT A DISEASE!  We have known this since 1931 when Otto Warburg got the Nobel Prize for science and his discovery and documentation that CANCER IS A FUNGUS!  Don’t believe me?  Click here and here to solve the riddle.  [And, it was introduction of ANTIBITOTICS in 1950 that ignited the cancer epidemic, along with removal of mycology from medical curriculums to cover the medical, charade.]

Ask yourself why non-drinkers suffer like drinkers?  And, why non-smokers suffer COPD?  And, what if asbestos has nothing to do with mesothelioma[?] and cigarettes and alcohol are just distractions and scape goats that provide cover for bigger issues?  And, why [in the last 10 years] are kidney clinics popping-up everywhere?  [Read, Mysterious Diseases & Infections to understand the riddle.]

Know, your liver is the ONLY organ capable of REGENERATION following 75% surgical removal.  Restoration of health is easy once you regenerate your liver and immune system.  The liver regenerates in less than one year with help.  Ditto for kidney function!  But, you must seek guidance before the white-coat experts kill you!  Check out the Tissue & Liver Protocol.  Also, here is a cost-free tip of great value.

Shutting-Down Your “Still” Within

Shutting-down your still and understanding how the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle affects your health are important issues if you wish to resurrect primal immunity and restore your health.

If you suffer from ANYTHING, know that systemic inflammation rules your body and carbohydrate dependence is a factor in your story.  And, if you fail to eat saturated FAT or you can’t process fats you do eat, INFLAMMATION WILL RULE YOUR BODY.  [Inflammation is the symptom, not the cause!

SATURATED FATS control food cravings, but their assimilation requires a healthy liver and plenty of bio-active bile.  [Saturated fats include: butter and coconut oil.]  Coconut oil capsules [with lauric acid] are convenient for work or outings to curve food cravings, maintain energy and clear brain fog and sharpen memory.  If you don’t like spooning coconut oil, try these unique capsules from Young Again Club.

Saturated fat function as a BRAKE on both the Sugar/alcohol Cycle and auto-brewery syndrome because they are hostile to molds and yeast.  And, so is the Terrain pH Protocol.  Check it out; it’s FREE!

Know, long before doctor utters the diagnosis, your glucose levels have been HIGH NORMAL [above 90] for a long time, and auto brewery syndrome was a factor in your story.  [Diabetes Type I and autism are notable exceptions.  They follow VACCINATION INDUCED TRAUMA on the body.]

Auto-brewery syndrome and pre-diabetes are INFLAMMATORY BLOOD SUGAR ISSUES that forerun cancer and degenerative disease.  Disease is merely the symptom.  Don’t forget it!

Conclusions & Solutions

Now, you understand auto-brewery syndrome and alcohol’s effects on immune function.  You also understand what you need to do to keep control of your health and your life.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

If you have issues and suffer from poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is provided without cost.   Ask for guidance here.

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