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Tests have their place, but the results are often either useless metrics or they are misinterpreted by misguided experts who specialize in false diagnoses.

Today, I am asking you to obtain results of one specific test that is vital to your future.  This test has been misunderstood by both practitioners and the public for 100 years. The misunderstanding is driving health challenges, big and small.

Overview: you will be collecting vital information about yourself.  Then, you will learn to interpret and use the test information to avoid the sick-care system and restore your health.  The solution is cost-free and available to everyone.

Why You Should Care

Soon, the sick-care system will become unrecognizable and unavailable for a variety of reasons.

Sick-care as you know it is imploding and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

In fact, sick-care could ‘collapse’ in the very near future—and I am not exaggerating!

Point: You must learn new ways to care for self and family so you will be less vulnerable.  It is imperative that you acquire the knowledge you will need to prosper and not suffer.

Point: Hidden in front of your eyes is the single most disruptive element affecting EVERYONE’S health and longevity.  There are NO exceptions, but there are simple solutions.

Taking Control of Your Future

In the weeks ahead, I will explain how you can improve well-being using your own test results as a guide for solving various health challenges.  Your cost: ZERO!

Point: you must obtain ‘your’ test number mentioned below so you can determine where you are and understand what you must do!  The solution is easy to implement.  You will like it.

What You Need To Do

Obtain the following metric:

  1. Obtain your current level for ferritin. Call your doctor’s office and ask for a verbal ‘score’ from a test in the last 12 months.  You do not need a printed report.

If test result is unavailable, or you have not been tested in the last 12 months, know that some labs will test without a doctor’s order.  You can order the test at: or or a similar service [do a Google search to locate one in your area] without the expense of an office call.  The cost is small.

Understanding Your Test Score

You will need current test results before moving forward, regardless of your present ‘state’ of being [healthy vs. sickly/suffering].

Ignore so-called ‘normal’ test score range supplied with your results.  The range supplied is a bogus metric; it is part of the problem.

Once you have obtained your ferritin score, I will help you ‘personalize’ the information, and make it meaningful.  Then, you will UNDERSTAND why this Alert & Special Request is timely and vitally important.

Critical Information Coming Soon

In an upcoming Special Insights, I will provide background information you will need to understand the true meaning of your blood ferritin level.

It is imperative that you get tested immediately; do NOT delay.

You MUST have your current ferritin level before assistance can be provided.

Pick-up the phone and contact your doctor or try: or or a similar service [do a Google search to locate one in your area] and order the test.  It will only take a moment to initiate.  Your future depends upon it.

If doctor or nurse ask why you want the test, the simplest answer is: “I am curious!”

We will discuss your specifics after you have your test results.

Contact me, immediately, when you have your test score.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Time is of essence!

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To Good Health,

John Thomas, Author
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