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Icelandic Magic [ICE] is a powerful, food-cofactor formulation that BOOSTS immunity with key elements of the traditional Icelandic diet without having to eat dried fish and sour, butter.  The Viking diet gave Icelanders superior health and immunity for over 1,000 YEARS until, they abandoned their heritage and embraced poor dietary habits [like we are doing today!]  [Here’s the whole story in case you missed it.]

Icelandic Magic [ICE] promotes healthy physiology such as: digestion, hormones, heart, brain and bowel function.  Icelandic Magic boosts immunity and protectsagainst disease, especially colon cancer which is cancer #1.  When your colon is messed-up and you are unable to ferment your food and MAKE YOUR OWN VITAMINS!  Polyps are the symptom, not the problem!  Bowel disorders are terrain issues; ICE manages your bowels.

Why subject yourself to colonoscopy and still suffer and die of colon cancer, when you could create healthy colon physiology and enjoy peak health?  The bowel affects EVERYTHING, but bowel regularity will NOT save you from colon cancer.  Icelandic Magic contains unique FOOD cofactors that the body needs to care for itself.

Q.  What does ICE do?  It lets you MAINTAIN your health simply and effectively in a way never before possible.

Q.  How does ICE work?  Colon bacteria use ICE to make your own VITAMINS and short-chain fatty acids [SCFAs] to boost immunity and improve health.  [ICE is taken orally and/or it can be used as a suppository.]

Q.  Does ICE change the conventional/alternative models?  Yes!  ICE is a bottom-up approach to health.  Use it for: weight management, leaky-gut, irritable bowel, gas and bloat, constipation, inflammation, arthritis, bowel disorders, fatty liver, neuropathy, thyroid, sinus and bronchial, support.  ICE is a game changer!

Q.  What do SCFAs do?  The body uses short-chain fatty acids to repair and regenerate brain, heart and kidneys by improving metabolism and down-regulating symptoms such as metabolic syndrome and glucose/insulin resistance.  Also, SCFAs boost mitochondrial production of ATP needed for repair and maintenance and energy. 

Q.  What are some other benefits from regular use of ICE?  Reduced inflammation, better heart/brain function, better digestion, hormone management, weight control and connective tissue repair [muscle, ligaments, tendon, gums and cartilage.]  Short-chain-fatty-acids gave Icelandic Vikings superb health for 1,000 years.

Q.  Does ICE duplicate other supplements?  No!  Icelandic Magic is in a class by, itself!  It is NOT a vitamin, mineral or herbal, but it does address dozens of seemingly unrelated problems.  Icelandic Magic is a winner that changes the rules of engagement for health minded, people.

Q. What is ICE’s nutrient profile?  Icelandic Magic is not a nutrient.  It is a food CATALYST of cofactors and substrates that colon bacteria  [such as Bacteroides fragilis] use to make, SCFAs and ferment food in the colon.

Q.  Is ICE a prebiotic or a probiotic?  Neither!  Icelandic Magic replaces both and helps COLON bacteria ferment food as we were designed to do!  [Tend to your colon and everything else takes care of itself!]

Q.  Can you explain how colon bacteria, functionSure!  Think, facultative anaerobes that can work for you or against you, based on your terrainIcelandic Magic makes sure bacteria are happy and you are healthy.

Q. What’s are the ingredients in ICE?  Fermentable, digestion-resistant fructo-oligo-saccharide substrates with activated metabolites of butanoic acid for catalytic effect.   ICE provides unlimited benefits.  Use ICE to restore colon health, AVOID entanglements with doctors and [if you choose] end dependence on medications.

Q.  How long should you take ICE?  For as long as you want to stay healthy.  And know this: Icelandic Magic helps minimize low-grade inflammation and promotes well-being.  ICE offers a path heretofore, unavailable!

Q.  Will ICE help me?  Find out for yourself!  1,000 years of superb, Icelandic dietary health speaks for itself.


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