How [Poor] Digestion Destroys Health Why You Age & What You Can Do About it [Wake-Up Call For Those Over Age 50!]

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Digestion affects everything, especially after 50 years of age. In many ways, digestion is more important than the food we choose to eat! To learn how digestion improved health, read on.
Misunderstood Symptoms of Poor Digestion

  • Inflammation and suffering that begin no later than age 35 worsen with age.
  • Sluggish or temperamental bowels that move less than three times/day.
  • Old skin [crepe, thin, tags, fatty tumors, age spots, eczema/ psoriasis, flab].
  • Thin hair, eye floaters, buzzing ears, poor hearing and deteriorating vision.
  • Loss of taste/smell; runny nose, sneezing, stoppy ear and sinus issues.
  • Cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, fatty liver and pre-diabetes.
  • Gas, bloat, acid reflux, poor sleep, brain fog, gum/teeth issues and fatigue.
  • Neuropathy, obesity, gout, twisted feet and toes, arthritis, loss of flexibility.
  • Irritable bowel, ED, bladder, diverticulitis, colitis, PCOS, polyps and hemorrhoids.
  • Cravings, drugs & alcohol, anger & depression, osteoporosis, muscle wasting.

Poor digestion has everything to do with poor health.
Food Related Facts

  • Your ability to process food and food supplements plummets after age 50.
  • Popular digestive aids have serious limitations and lack physiologic activity.  
  • Absorption and utilization of food nutrients and supplements is controlled by digestion.
  • Nutritionally depleted food cannot supply nutrients it does not contain.
  • Essential Elements are missing from the food chain; depleted calories do not nourish.
  • People grow old on full bellies and empty calories for lack of essential elements.
  • Overweight says: pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome in the making.
  • Overeating, cravings and snacking says: digestive compromise and nutritional starvation.
  • Two meals[that include fat, 6 hours apart] rests the pancreas and eases insulin metabolism. 
  • Food & food supplements need good digestive capacity to deliver their benefits. 

Nourishment is what is supposed to occur in between eating and pooping.Pre-mature Aging: Causes & Consequences

Hunger drives overeating and the urge to eat three meals/day. Behind hunger is malnourishment driven by inability to digest and process food and extract nutrients.  Poor digestion aggravates the liver, pancreas, bowels, leaky-gut, sex drive, female issues, ED, prostate, bladder, cardiovascular issues, brain/memory deterioration, autoimmune challenges, insulin, obesity and metabolic syndrome. The list of digestion-associated ailments is endless, and so is suffering that comes with it. Compromised digestion translates as, dis-ease.

Loss & Restoration Of Digestion Efficiency

Popular digestive supplements DO NOT GET THE JOB DONE! All are compromised. Because you cannot get everything needed in one supplement; three very different YAC formulas are required. Absent potent, full-spectrum formulas, the body suffers slow-motion-starvation on a full belly.  

NOTE: by age 50, digestive capacity is HALF of what it was at age 24. For each additional 5 years, digestive efficiency drops fifty percent <50%>. By age 70, efficiency is less than 3% of age fifty. [NOTE: when sewage workers pump septic tanks, they find thousands of UNDIGESTED medications and supplements. People over age fifty suffer from nutrient depletion and don’t even know it!]

The Young Again Club Digestive Protocol deals with, digestion and maintenance of vital organs [liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and brain]. Poorly functioning organs says, compromised digestion.  
Icelandic Magic helps your colon FERMENT FOOD so you can make your own vitamins and restore your terrain so you can avoid polyps, bowel disorders, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and arthritis. Fermentation is your body does ongoing, self-help maintenance. [Learn more here.]  

Depletion of your body’s reserves of Essential Elements cripples your ability to process food and maintain vigor. And regardless of your dietary habits, meaning meat, vegetarian, paleo, etc., digestion determines how you age, how you look and your score on the misery index.  

Modern-day food adds insult to injury! Non-organic food is problematic, while organic food lacks lifeforce, vitamins and mineral ions. To ensure an generous supply, you need the YAC Digestive Trio and racemized supplements with high-energy footprints. [Read more here.]

Dis-ease Is NOT The Same As Disease

Symptoms of digestion-driven, subclinical dis-ease manifest as allergy, gluten intolerance and dairy sensitivity, and 70% of the populace suffer accordingly. To end the misery, you MUST restore digestive efficiency and restore vibrational frequency to your cells and mitochondria.
Nutrient absorption is different than nutrient assimilation! Absorption gets nutrients into the blood stream; assimilation gets nutrient ions across cell and mitochondrial membranes. Ions that fail to traverse these critical membranes are useless! Eating well and taking supplements is futile when digestion is compromised….…and it is if you are over fifty years of age.

For example, magnesium ions fuel over one-thousand metabolic reactions. Popular magnesium supplements deliver approximately 10% absorption and 1% assimilation. And the higher your stress level, the greater your need for all fifteen essential ions [magnesium being just one of them].  

Young Again Club Sea Sulfates offer 100% absorption. Youth Formula assures ion assimilation across membranes. Assimilation at the cell/mitochondrial level boosts physiology and slows aging.  
The body needs bio-active ions and carbon to function and maintain homeostasis. Without all Essential Elements and Jurassic Carbon, vital organ function suffers and wi-fi and 5G electrical signals assault our cells. [Read, The Invisible Rainbow, Firstenberg.]

inability to metabolize food nutrient ions is the basis of pre-mature aging. 

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vascular dementia are blatant examples of cholesterol starvation [statin drugs], poor circulation, element depletion and oxygen starvation. Add cellular waste and ferritin iron and you have the recipe for senility and neurologic decline affecting a majority of those over age 50. Dysfunctional bowels accelerates the process as terrain physiology gives way.  

Cardiovascular dis-ease [arrythmia, stroke, atrial fibrillation, aneurism (brain/aortic), blood pressure and plaque] are inexcusable and correctable. All are symptoms of poor digestion and loss of Essential Elements. Symptoms of dis-ease are about epigenetics not genes.  

What Say You?

The body is designed to live; neglect it and abuse it and it will die! Medications only treat symptoms. To be classified a medication, a drug must be able to kill you; supplements cannot kill you.

All aging is pre-mature aging, and all prescriptions and all drugs ACCELERATE AGING, destroy digestion and speed magnesium ion depletion. Our choices determine when the reaper, knocks!  

The Digestion Trio improves quality of life, regardless of your age. Q. Do you want to feel better? Q. Do you remember what it felt like to feel young? Q. Do you want to enjoy peak health? Are you willing to accept guidance? Guidance is available without cost.

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